How to Support Your Jewish Friends Right Now: A Guide for Non-Jews – Smashing the Glass

How to Support Your Jewish Friends Right Now: A Guide for Non-Jews – Smashing the Glass

How to Support Your Jewish Friends Right Now: A Guide for Non-Jews – Smashing the Glass

Photo by Suhyeon Choi via Unsplash

Right now, in light of Hamas’s horrific massacre, a lot of us Jews are having a hard time. We’re reeling from the largest loss of Jewish life on a single day since the Holocaust, and all too often we’re feeling alone and wondering why the rest of the world isn’t more outraged and devastated.   

If you’re a non-Jew with Jewish friends, family, or colleagues, your support right now would mean so much to the Jews in your life. I know it can be hard to know what to say or do at times like this, and so I’ve put together a list of some ways can help. 

Check In

This is an incredibly hard and scary time for us as Jews, and checking in to see how we’re holding up is so appreciated.

So many of us have family and friends living in Israel – and even if not, in a sense all Jews are really one big family. A quick text is all it takes. Just let us know you’re thinking of us, or ask how we’re doing. 

Use Your Voice

From silence to Israel-bashing, by and large the responses we’re from non-Jews seeing online and on social platforms are making us feel isolated, vulnerable, and afraid.

If you feel able to speak up for Israel to those in your circle, either on social media or offline, that would be so, so appreciated. It can be as simple as sharing a couple posts on your Instagram feed.

As much as I hate having to mention this, I also want to make it clear that supporting Israel’s right to exist, and its people’s right to life, doesn’t mean you back the current government – and it also doesn’t mean you don’t care about innocent Palestinian lives being lost right now. 

Some great Instagram accounts creating shareable content are @henmazzig, @rootsmetals, and, of course @yourjewishlife.

Educate Yourself about the Conflict 

Donate to Support Israel

From displaced families to orphaned children to soldiers in need of protective gear, there are so many people in Israel who need financial support right now.

If you’re in a position to do so, one of the biggest ways you can make an impact is by donating to an Israeli charity like Magen David Adom, Israel’s national medical emergency, disaster, ambulance and blood service, or Latet, Israel’s largest NGO targeting food insecurity, who are currently sending food and hygiene supplies to regular and reserve soldiers, evacuees from the Gaza border, and families forced to stay in shelters and protected spaces.

You can find a list containing lots more reputable charities helping in Israel right now here.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading – and caring. However you decide to offer your support, I know it will be so, so valued.