How Haus of Dizzy uses bold and bright jewellery to advocate and inspire

How Haus of Dizzy uses bold and bright jewellery to advocate and inspire

Kristy Dickinson is a jewellery designer and founded Haus of Dizzy, to amplify the voices of those who have been silenced. Haus of Dizzy was featured as one of the 20 Coolest Retailers in Australia, in the November issue of Inside Retail magazine.  Inside Retail: Tell me about your career journey – as a jewellery designer and the founder of Haus of Dizzy. What was the intention and vision behind the business, and how has it evolved over the years? Kristy Dickinson: I have been making jewe

g jewellery for the past 20 years. Haus of Dizzy began when I was between jobs and pondering whether traditional work life was really for me.

I began taking all my old clothes to the Bondi markets to sell them and save up enough to start my own business. A few months later, I bought jewellery-making tools and materials – beading jewels and started selling my creations alongside her clothes at the markets. 

Haus of Dizzy was born after recognising a lack of representation within the world of jewellery and fashion accessories. “I created the Indigenous pride collection so Mob could show their pride in a cool, fun way and allies could support and open a dialogue around Indigenous issues.”

IR: Where does your focus on colour and vibrancy come from, and why do you think Haus of Dizzy pieces resonate so strongly with people?

KD: The motivation behind Haus of Dizzy products is to amplify the voice of people who may not feel seen and heard and to shine a light on issues affecting these groups, particularly First Nations People, LGBTQIA+ people and Women. 

My focus on colour and vibrancy comes from my love of all things bling and is an overflow of my own self-expression. I want people to be able to celebrate and love who they are and there is no better way to do that than with bold colours and lots of bling!

IR: How has your work helped to bring social, political and environmental issues to the forefront, and inspire both dialogue and meaningful action? 

KD: Haus of Dizzy actively participates in social and political action. Collaborations with non-profit organisations such as AYCC (Stop Adani Movement), SEED MOB (Water is life), Sydney Mardi Gras, Djirra, NAIDOC, and the YWCA demonstrate our commitment to supporting Indigenous cultures and causes.

Our jewellery serves as a catalyst for meaningful conversations and draws attention for all the right reasons. The extensive range of designs appeals to a diverse audience, bridging the gap between fashion and advocacy. Haus of Dizzy invites potential clients to experience the essence of Indigenous culture through our empowering and vibrant designs. Through collaborations, partnerships, and inquiries, the brand seeks to celebrate, support, and drive positive change in the world. 

We can’t speak for other brands but what we do believe is that when a brand uses its platform as a catalyst for positive social impact, it goes a long way and that is something we believe in. 

IR: Tell me about opening your first store, in Fitzroy, as well as your upcoming children’s and accessories clothing range, Haus of Ziggy Lee. 

KD: Our flagship store is an achievement I am really proud of, as it’s always been a dream of mine to have a bricks and mortar store. We are nestled on George Street, just off the well-known shopping strip of Gertrude Street. This area is meaningful to me as it holds a significant amount of First Nations history, especially around the area of Charcoal Lane. 

Our store is designed to make you feel good – stacked top to bottom with Haus of Dizzy bling, art and trinkets from other artists. We aim to support First Nations and female-led small businesses by stocking them in our store. We have a stunning shimmer-wall by our friends at Electric Confetti. We believe in supporting local!

Haus of Ziggy Lee is an Aboriginal-owned kids’ fashion brand, named after my son, Ziggy Lee. The brand aims to celebrate First Nations cultures and empower these communities and their allies. This premium children’s clothing line is inspired by First Nations themes, fostering cultural pride for the next generation and has a meaningful mission to paint the world with vibrant colours of Indigenous pride, where love for culture and creativity reign supreme. 

Haus of Ziggy Lee envisions a future where fashion embodies identity and supports the dreams of generations to come.

The first drop is a collection of locally screen-printed tees, hoodies, beanies, caps and bucket hats with iconic characters and cheeky slogans. We currently have 13 designs including slogans such as ‘Rat Bag’, ‘Stay Deadly’,  ‘Lil Beauty’ and characters Maali the Quokka and Sonny Boy the Kangaroo. All apparel is printed on AS Colour and we also have a great collection of stickers with all the characters and cute slogans such as ‘Deadly Kids Club’.

We also have a couple of adult tees available – we all know everyone loves a good matching moment with their little besties! 

IR: What are you most excited about moving forward?

KD: We can’t give too much away for now but my motto is bigger and better! The goal is to keep growing our platform and impact!