Friends Are Warning Theresa Nist to Think Twice About Marrying Gerry Turner

Friends Are Warning Theresa Nist to Think Twice About Marrying Gerry Turner

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Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner.

A new report says that people close to Theresa Nist are warning the “Golden Bachelor” finalist to think twice about marrying Gerry Turner.

The report in Life & Style, which is based on a source, says that Nist was “shocked” by some of the last-minute revelations about Turner, and friends are urging her to get a prenuptial agreement if she goes ahead with the marriage.

Turner was rocked by revelations from a former girlfriend, who described their relationship to The Hollywood Reporter right before the final aired. The accusations by the woman given the name “Carolyn” ran counter to the storyline that Turner used on the show. On the show, Turner made it sound like he was a grieving widower who had barely dated, whereas Carolyn told THR that they started dating very soon after Turner’s wife Toni died.

Here’s what you need to know:

People Close to Theresa Nist Are Telling Her to Think Twice, Reports Say

theresa nist, gerry turner

ABCTheresa Nist and Gerry Turner.

According to Life & Style, Nist was “shocked” because Turner was “caught lying, and people are telling Theresa to think twice.”

“Now Gerry’s having to explain himself, and Theresa is questioning everything he’s ever said,” the source told Life & Style. “Theresa’s friends are stressing the importance of having a prenup.”

In the comment thread, some fans agreed. “I think she should. He’s clearly not someone that is totally honest,” wrote one. “Be a smart lady and get a prenup or get out, once a liar always a liar,” another person wrote.

However, the couple are set to be married on January 4 on live television.

Theresa Nist & Gerry Turner Spent the Christmas Holiday Apart

Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner

Heavy/ABCTheresa Nist and Gerry Turner hit their first red carpet together.

The new report comes as Nist and Turner have spent the Christmas holiday apart and haven’t posted much about each other in recent days, sparking some fan concern.

Gerry Turner hadn’t posted a photo of Nist since December 11, as of December 26, on his Instagram page, although he did make a comment about buying jewelry for his “sweetheart.” On Christmas Day, Turner posted a photo of his daughters and granddaughters.

On her Instagram page, Nist revealed that she and Turner were spending Christmas apart because they were each spending the holiday with their respective families instead. This led some fans to wonder why a new couple would not want to spend their first Christmas together. Nist did make it clear, however, that the couple had already celebrated Christmas together before the holiday and that they were going to be back together soon.

In THR expose, the woman known as “Carolyn” also made other troubling accusations against Turner, accusing him of not wanting to take her to his high school reunion because she had gained weight and accusing him of not being willing to pick up the tab for dinner. Carolyn said she would give him her half for the bill so he could look like he was paying the check. The article also revealed that the man pitched as a retired restaurateur by ABC had worked several odd jobs, including as a maintenance man. The article also indicated that Carolyn was significantly younger than Turner.

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