Feminist Friends with @francescabeauman
– Tatty Devine

Feminist Friends with @francescabeauman – Tatty Devine

Meet Francesca, the owner of @persephonebooks, a bookstore and publisher of neglected fiction and non-fiction by women writers from the mid-20th century and the face of our Gifts for Feminist Friends guide! We caught up with Francesca after a busy day of posing to chat top tips for perfect presents, her love for literature and photoshoot fun!

TD: Describe yourself in five words…

Book Lover Feminist Inquisitive FUN 

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TD: Tell us a bit about yourself… 

I sell books at Persephone Books and I’m the author of seven books, including the history of the pineapple and personal ads. Just to clarify, those are two separate books ha!

TD: So Francesca, you modelled our Feminist Friends Gift Guide category: how did wearing our Liberty Pearl Pendant make you feel?

As a writer myself, wearing the words of writer and poet Lady Mary Wortley Montagu made me feel about 10% cleverer!

TD: What do you love most about all things books? 

How else is one supposed to be able to understand why we do what we do, why humans behave how they behave, without entering into other people’s worlds in the way reading a novel allows us to do?

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TD: Favourite piece you wore on shoot day? 

It has to be the necklace with my name on it – the blue colour was perfect!

TD: Fave part of shoot day? 

F: Definitely the clothes! I love bright, bold colours, preferably clashing ones too, so in this respect I was in HEAVEN.


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TD: Picture this: you’ve just unwrapped your Christmas gifts. What makes a good present to you? 

F: Something that’s both beautiful AND useful, as William Morris would say.

TD: Without giving too much away, which Tatty Devine piece would you gift to your BFF? 

F: A ‘Hamnet’ pendant necklace: we both love that book with a passion. I’ve never cried so much turning a final page ever! 

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