Fashion and Music at the forefront of Old Spanish Days celebration

Fashion and Music at the forefront of Old Spanish Days celebration

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.— From the food to the show stopping performances Fiesta is a celebration that tantalizes all 5 senses.

Fashion and music are at the forefront of the Old Spanish Days celebration.

Songs like “Cielito Lindo” spark warm feelings of nostalgia for many listeners.

One listener said, “My dad would play that song and for some reason I thought of him today.”

The lyrics “Canta y no Llores,” or “Sing and Don’t Cry” captures the joy and celebration that is fiesta.

“It really hits close to home. Just hearing all the songs that you grew up listening to. I think just the overall feeling of the violins the trumpets,” said Mariachi singer Andrea Ochoa.

Fashion and music are closely intertwined here.

“Every state has its own separate dance style and music, so every folklórico group, depending on the outfit and dance, are running back to state that they’re representing,” said folklórico dancer Yitzi Acosta.

The fashion throughout Fiesta is a mosaic of Spanish, Mexican, native American, and other Latin influence.

“We get to broaden our horizons on the Spanish culture, same way maybe Spanish people get to broaden their horizons on the Mexican culture. I think it’s really important to just kind of bring everyone together. It’s a beautiful,” said Mariachi musician Andrea Mendez Lopez.

It’s not just the dancers who are adorning themselves in intricate gowns. visitors get into the spirit of fiesta by bringing out their inner fashionista.

“Starting with the carriage museum sale, right? I mean, the Fiesta fashion just comes out and it’s truly a way to embrace personality and color and celebrate all of the different traditions that come together during Fiesta,” said Gabriella Garcia, who lives in Santa Barbara.

Everywhere you look you’ll see pops of vibrant reds, yellows, and greens.

Shoppers can still snag some last minute fiesta looks at Mercado de la Playa and Mercado de la Guerra throughout the weekend.