Elopement Planning — unbridely

Elopement Planning — unbridely

If you’ve started to wonder what the point of the big white wedding is, you’re definitely not alone.

Over the last few years in particular an increasing number of engaged couples are now contemplating how financially viable, and ultimately how much they still want, a traditional wedding.

There are many unseen social pressures, family expectations and let’s face it, huge costs, that some people just aren’t interested in indulging in, preferring to save their time and money for other life goals like travel, buying a house, a family, investments or starting a business.

But even though it’s a romantic throwaway line (“we should just elope”) it’s the compromise factor is where many couples come unstuck.

It’s when the unending questions, both internal and external, and the FOMO gets real as you play out the real-life consequences of eloping.

You might find yourself thinking:

  • Will our family and friends really be okay with us eloping?

  • Is not having a wedding something that we’ll regret in the future?

  • Is there a middle ground, which would mean that we don’t have to choose between our family and friends’ feelings and our emotional, financial and practical needs?

At Unbridely, we believe, with some forethought, clever planning and choosing the best wedding vendors for you, your elopement can absolutely be everything you need it to be and more.

And for your nearest and dearest, you can reveal your news to them in a way that makes them feel respected as well. We call it: elopement without compromise.

If you need any extra convincing, the advantages of eloping includes:

Stunning Natural Backdrop: Mother Nature becomes your decorator. The beach, ocean, and sunset offer a picturesque canvas that needs little embellishment. Every snapshot becomes a natural work of art.

Flexibility and Personalization: When you elope, you can tailor every aspect to your liking. With a beachside Airbnb, you have control over the décor, ceremony setup, and reception arrangements and the timing too because without dozens of guests to keep fed, watered and entertained, your comfort and needs become the centre of attention again.

Intimate Guest List: Elopements are about celebrating with just two legal witnesses, whereas a micro wedding may have up to 20 guests. By opting for an Airbnb, you can have a small, meaningful guest list without worrying about accommodating a large crowd.

Extended Celebration: Unlike traditional weddings, where the festivities might be limited to a few hours, an Airbnb stay allows you to extend the celebration over a weekend or more.