Easy Decoupage Wood Earrings Tutorial

Easy Decoupage Wood Earrings Tutorial

It’s been a while since I last wrote about decoupage wood jewelry – see this past post, Easy Decoupage Pendant Tutorial Using Rectangular and Other Wood Shapes. This time round, I wanted to demonstrate how to use furniture repair markers together with Mod Podge and origami paper for earrings. Easy peasy but note, there is one other way to make it even easier – and that is with a laser cutter. I will leave that for another time. 
I find that tear drop wood blanks tend to be rather large so this mini-tutorial also shows how the same technique can be used for small teardrop earrings.  The small blanks are available here

The main reason for doing this short tutorial is to work out the process of doing a voiced over tutorial.  My previous short videos were all with text and music over on my Youtube channel. I find it more time consuming to produce a video tutorial as opposed to writing a blog post tutorial. But practice will probably shorten the process so I plan to work on more. 
All the video and voice memo clips were recorded using my iPhone 14 Pro in natural light. The sound is not perfect but reasonably acceptable without me splurging on pro equipment. I used Canva to edit and put together the whole presentation. 

I did Powerpoint voice-overs for my jewelry photography lesson but most of you probably would not have heard my voice before.  

In case you are wondering about my accent – it is mostly received pronunciation or standard English. Depending on which side of the pond they are from, people who know me think I also have a Canadian accent or a British accent – especially when I forget and slip into British slang. The trunk of a car vs the boot for example.  A few people with good hearing can also detect a slight anomaly which they cannot pinpoint. I can only guess that they are detecting vestiges of my Malaysian accent. I have been known to pronounce certain English words the Malaysian way especially when I am tired.

Please let me know in the comments below if you prefer written or video tutorials or both!

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