Does Fox News’ Sean Hannity get talking points from Trump via carrier pigeon? Yes sir!

Does Fox News’ Sean Hannity get talking points from Trump via carrier pigeon? Yes sir!

As a enormous supporter of Fox News host Sean Hannity, I was delighted to learn that on Election Working day 2020 he was in close touch with then-President Donald Trump’s main of staff, finding way on how finest to assistance the reelection effort.

CNN to start with noted on the Nov. 3, 2020, text messages in between Hannity and chief of team Mark Meadows, in which Meadows explained to the host to “stress each individual vote matters” and Hannity, in accurate journalistic style, responded: “Yes sir.” He then requested Meadows: “Any spot in particular we require a drive.”

I saw a slew of folks reacting to this information with comments together the strains of “How does Sean Hannity continue to have a career?” and “This goes from every single rule of journalism, and then some.”

What a bunch of baloney! If a lot more information pundits and journalists marched in lockstep with the Trump administration, I wouldn’t have to shout the phrase “FAKE News!” 450 instances a day and our democracy would be a clean-operating monarchy, as the Founding Fathers meant.

President Donald Trump and Sean Hannity during a 2018 rally in Missouri.

President Donald Trump and Sean Hannity in the course of a 2018 rally in Missouri.

The authenticity of toadyism

Hannity, as Fox News described him in an April 21 push release, is “the longest-running primetime cable news host in tv history” and “one of the most notable and influential voices in the nation.”

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Fox Information Media CEO Suzanne Scott was quoted in the launch: “Sean’s authenticity and insightful commentary have developed one particular of the most enduring connections with our audience and it’s been an honor to view him above the a long time.”

There are couple purer symptoms of media authenticity than a commonly watched information network host comforting the troubled and afflicting the comfy by asking people in the maximum seats of American electrical power how they could be of assistance and, following obtaining certain way, stating, “Yes sir.”

Just like Cronkite utilized to do

It’s like the time CBS Information anchor Walter Cronkite texted President Richard Nixon and asked: “Yo Dick, how you want me to perform this Watergate things LOL.” Nixon texted, “Keep on the DL, pls,” and Cronkite replied, “Yes sir” with a coronary heart emoji.

Walter Cronkite

Walter Cronkite

I reached out to my mates at Fox Information to see if they had a response to the launch of Hannity’s texts with Meadows. I assumed that response would be, “Nice task, Sean, way to be a team player,” but I couldn’t be positive.

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I also asked: “Is it standard for a person of the Fox Information network’s primary voices to operate in conjunction with political leaders in the White Residence?”

Considering the fact that no one responded, I’ll think the response is, “Yes, as long as it is a Republican in the White Property.” Tends to make fantastic feeling to me.

Hannity the maverick

Further more cementing Hannity’s name as a maverick in the entire world of lickspittle journalism, I’ve however to see a one text from a left-leaning, higher-profile pundit that reveals these self-certain sycophancy. Guaranteed, CNN contributor and Democratic operative Donna Brazile after slipped discussion concerns to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in advance of a city corridor party. But she was a mere contributor at CNN, not a significant-name host, and instead than possessing the courage to applaud Brazile’s esprit de corps, the network swiftly slice ties with her.

Former head of the Democratic National Committee Donna Brazile.

Former head of the Democratic Nationwide Committee Donna Brazile.

They just really do not have an understanding of fantastic apple-sprucing journalism. Aside from, if very similar texts from a big liberal Tv set figure like Rachel Maddow arrived out, people like Meadows and Hannity would have to obtain a way to frame it as unspeakably negative actions, and that would take in up a excellent seven months that could be spent yelling about issues Trump desires them to yell about.

Special interview with a pigeon

Considering that the Fox News folks had been unavailable, I was in a position to score a temporary, unique interview with the carrier pigeon that now transports speaking points from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida to Hannity’s office in New York City. (It was made a decision this system is much more safe than texting.)

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Here’s a transcript of our dialogue.

Me: Hi, what is your name, be sure to?

Pigeon: Perfectly, Mr. Hannity often claims “Yes sir” when I arrive, so I guess my title is “Yes sir.” Or possibly it is “Yessir.”

Me: Wonderful, Yessir. How frequently do you supply former President Trump’s talking details to Mr. Hannity?

Pigeon: Each day. It’s fairly a flight, but I’m delighted recognizing I’m performing my element.

Me: That’s terrific. You are a real patriot. Does Mr. Hannity at any time request questions about the talking factors?

Pigeon: Nope. He just takes them, reads them and spits them again out into the microphone. Sort of reminds me of when I feed my kids in the nest. Just chew some things up and regurgitate it into their mouths.

Me: Gross.

Pigeon: Hey, I really do not choose your parenting, do I?

Me: Sorry. So Mr. Hannity just parrots what Trump tells him … Oops, sorry I explained “parrot,” did not indicate that as a joke.

Pigeon: It is Ok.

Me: So Mr. Hannity just repeats this stuff each day? How extended do you assume this will go on?

Pigeon: As very long as it normally takes to Make The usa Excellent Once again, I suppose.

Me: Great. Many thanks for speaking to me currently, Yessir.

Pigeon: You wager. Gotta fly.

Me: Godspeed. And check out out for subpoenas!

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