Do you know how to choose Valentine’s Day jewelry for your girlfriend? – Fashion Accessories, wedding rings and fashion jewellery

Do you know how to choose Valentine’s Day jewelry for your girlfriend? – Fashion Accessories, wedding rings and fashion jewellery

Do you know how to choose Valentine’s Day jewelry for your girlfriend? – Fashion Accessories, wedding rings and fashion jewellery

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It’s our favorite time of year here, so we’re so excited to tell you some Valentine’s Day jewelry! Whether you’re getting a gift for your wife or girlfriend, or even just yourself, you’re going to find all the lovey-dovey presents you need to make your loved one feel special. In fact, even if you’re getting one of these for somebody else, you might just notice a Valentine’s Day gift you want to give yourself too! Anyone looking for a girlfriend gift for Valentine’s Day can count on us to give you the low-down for V-Day this year.

It’s important to give a Valentine’s Day gift that works for your relationship, so we’ll show you all our favorite jewelry pieces for Valentine’s Day and let you know which are best for which kind of V-Day. For instance, you and your wife might be having a different kind of Valentine’s Day this year than when you were dating! Or you might want to keep the vibe exciting if you just started dating somebody special; we have a girlfriend gift for Valentine’s Day that won’t come on too strong.

Plus, we have all the heart-shaped jewelry you could ask for! If you’re looking for a sweet Valentine’s Day gift that will let your loved one know how you feel, the heart jewelry we have for you here is going to be just the thing for you. A heart-shaped girlfriend gift for Valentine’s Day is one of the sweetest things you can do for your lady. We’ll make it easy for you to pick out the perfect Valentine’s day gift!

Read on to find out exactly how you should play Valentine’s Day this year, from your Valentine’s Day gift to the best way to present your present!

Heart-shaped jewelry

Jewelry is a standard Valentine’s Day gift, and the selection is so gorgeous you’re certainly going to raise the bar for your girlfriend’s social circle. When her friends see the diamonds you got her this year, they might not be so happy with what they got from their dates! A girlfriend gift for Valentine’s Day is always more special when it sparkles, and we’ve gone all out with the sparkles for this year’s Valentine’s Day collection!

We think a double heart pendant that will remind her that your heart is with her wherever she is! A Valentine’s Day gift like this is classic and simple, to make any girl feel like you put a lot of thought into the present. A girlfriend gift for Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion for a heart shape, and two heart shapes are obviously better than one! She’ll feel like she has your heart to keep always when you give her a pendant of your two hearts interlinked.

If you’re looking for something a little more modern, you can go for a waveform pendant in sterling silver! The pendant is shaped like the rhythm of a heartbeat, for fun and an off-beat way to show her you love her. Anyone into minimalist vibes will love this Valentine’s Day gift, especially because the high-quality materials make it a knockout in any season! Your girlfriend’s gift for Valentine’s Day is going to stay with her forever if you choose a waveform pendant.

You could even give your girlfriend heart-shaped body jewelry as a Valentine’s Day gift, though you should take a couple of things into consideration first! We actually have a gift guide for giving your girlfriend body jewelry, with the most important thing being to make sure you’re getting her jewelry that she has a piercing for. With that tip, a girlfriend gift for Valentine’s Day can be extra memorable if you give her a heart belly ring!

Diamonds and More

Everyone knows that diamonds are the standard for luxurious gifts, and we have plenty of diamond jewelry, nose rings, belly rings, and many more pieces. We also have birthstone pieces that will make your Valentine’s Day gift into a personal touch. When it comes to a girlfriend gift for Valentine’s Day, if you can personalize it you can make it much more special. After all, not everyone goes to the trouble of finding out their girlfriend’s birthstone!

Our diamond pieces are a gorgeous way to let your special one know that you care. Diamonds are usually a standard when it comes to the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, and your girlfriend is sure to feel special when you give her one! A diamond girlfriend gift for Valentine’s Day is the best way to show her that your relationship is serious to you, especially if you give her a pair of diamond hoop earrings, a diamond snowflake pendant, or diamond studs!

You can even give your girlfriend a diamond nose ring as a Valentine’s Day gift, to make her whole face sparkle! Like we said above, the thing you’d want to keep in mind when you get your girlfriend’s body jewelry is that you should make sure she has a piercing to wear your gift. Then your girlfriend’s gift for Valentine’s Day can be one of our sweetheart belly rings, a simple captive bead hoop, or an eyebrow ring!

How to choose a gift?

You might be wondering what will make the most sense for the gorgeous woman in your life this Valentine’s Day. If you’ve just started dating her, you’ll still want to make herfeel special with your Valentine’s Day gift, but you might worry about giving too much and making things awkward. We have plenty of smaller diamond pieces and more streamlined designs than our heart pieces, to make your girlfriend’s gift for Valentine’s Day a bit more casual. This way, you can make your first Valentine’s Day with her memorable without coming on too strong.

If you’re married, you might, funnily enough, have the same problem–when it’s your tenth, twentieth, or even thirtieth Valentine’s Day together, it might just be understood that it’s not such a big deal anymore. But when isn’t love a big deal? Your wife might not be expecting anything crazy from your Valentine’s Day gift, but that’s no reason not to give her something special! We have plenty of pieces perfect for long-term relationships–just as valuable, but maybe not as flashy!

All in all, it’s important to take the temperature of a relationship before you go in for a super expensive gift. However, one reason it’s romantic to give gifts to your significant other is that sometimes you don’t know how you’ll be received until you give the Valentine’s Day gift! A girlfriend gift for Valentine’s Day can be a fun way to take the next step as a couple, so a gift that’s a little more serious than your relationship has been so far can be your opportunity to lock it down.

During these times, knowing other people care is one of the most important ways to keep our chins up, so while it’s good to avoid jumping the gun on a new relationship, you shouldn’t keep it a secret if you care about someone! As long as your intent is to be cute and show your person that they’re important to you, we’re sure that things will turn out fine.

Giving the gift

We’ve written before about how important it is to make an impression with your gift’s presentation. When it comes to a girlfriend gift for Valentine’s Day, the moment on your special night when you give her the piece you picked out for her is going to make the present so much more special if you do it right. You can pick out a really nice box or bag for her to open the Valentine’s Day gift, or even pick out a piece from Lavari that comes with its own gift box!

Another way you can make your girlfriend’s gift for Valentine’s Day a special event is to save it for the end of the date. She’ll be waiting for your Valentine’s Day gift the whole time, and it’ll build up her anticipation! This is the perfect way to make her guess about what it is, especially if you show her a box that could have anything in it. Everyone loves a good buildup of suspense, so make that a fun part of your Valentine’s Day!

Take her somewhere dramatic or sweet to give her your Valentine’s Day gift and you’ll have a romantic backdrop to your gift that makes it feel even more thrilling! Your girlfriend gift for Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to make a big deal out of your feelings for your girlfriend, so why not bring her to an impressive restaurant, a gorgeous view, or just light some candles in your apartment for an intimate feel?

And finally, you can make your gift’s presentation special if you include a card that tells her with words what the Valentine’s Day gift tells her without words. A girlfriend gift for Valentine’s Day is even more perfect when she can save a card from you to remember the day she got it. And why not a bouquet of flowers to give her at the same time? Valentine’s Day is only once a year, after all, and you only have one girlfriend!

Now that you’ve seen all the fun we have in store for you this year, why not go in for a really sweet and thoughtful girlfriend gift for Valentine’s Day? Your Valentine’s Day gift is going to be the most memorable one she’s ever gotten when you choose one from our Valentine’s Day Collection, and there’s no reason you can’t shop this collection all year round for something to make her feel special for no reason!

One reason it’s so sweet to give a loved one a Valentine’s Day gift is because it’s an adorable opportunity to show her how much you care. The next year of your relationship will feel more romantic when you have this year’s girlfriend gift for Valentine’s Day to look back on fondly. Whether you’ve been with your loved one for a year or two, or if you’ve been married for a decade, Valentine’s Day is a time to keep things exciting!

This year’s Valentine’s Day might feel a little different, but you can make your love feel just the same with a girlfriend gift for Valentine’s Day that knocks the holiday out of the park. Make your Valentine’s Day gift into a reason to celebrate your relationship all year, and you can chase away any gloom that’s been keeping you down this winter. After all, why do you think one of the brightest days of the year is during the darkest season?