Deobra Redden, Nevada man seen on video attacking judge, charged with attempted murder

Deobra Redden, Nevada man seen on video attacking judge, charged with attempted murder


A man who was seen on video leaping over a court table and attacking a Nevada judge while in court last week has been charged with attempted murder, according to a criminal complaint.

Deobra Redden, 30, also faces counts of battery on a protected person, battery of an officer, battery by a prisoner, intimidating a public officer, extortion and other charges in connection with the January 3 attack on Judge Mary Kay Holthus during his sentencing in another case, the court document says.

“Once he knew she was about to sentence him to prison, (Redden) did leap over defense counsel table into the well of the courtroom, thereafter rushing towards the judicial bench and jumping over it ‘superman’ style directly into Judge Mary Kay Holthus’s judicial space, landing directly on top of her and immediately attacking Judge Mary Kay Holthus by grabbing her, pulling her hair, placing his hands around her throat and/or hitting her on the head,” the criminal complaint details.

Several of the battery charges allege Redden fought with a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officer, a clerk and a marshal, and spit on an officer, according to the complaint.

On Tuesday, he appeared in court before a different judge and a preliminary hearing on the new charges was set for February 14.

On Monday, Redden had appeared before Holthus again to resume the sentencing in the first battery case, for which he was ordered to serve 19 months to four years in prison. His hands, mouth and face were covered during his court appearance.

Redden’s attorney in the original battery case declined to comment through his law firm’s receptionist Tuesday.

An attorney on the more recent case has yet to be appointed.

Defendant Deobra Redden was captured on video violently attacking Judge Mary Kay Holthus during a hearing on Wednesday, January 3, in Nevada.

The incident unfolded last Wednesday after Redden and his attorney asked the judge for probation rather than time behind bars, saying the 30-year-old is getting his life back on track with a new job and plans to resume his education.

Holthus then read the defendant’s criminal history aloud in court, which included “three felonies … misdemeanors, multiple DVs (domestic violence) … robberies, attempted home invasion.”

Redden’s attorney told the judge he believed his client could complete probation successfully.

“I appreciate that,” the judge replied, “but I think it’s time that he get a taste of something else because – I just can’t, with that history.”

Seconds later, Redden shouted, “F**k that b*tch!” and ran toward the judge, leaping over the bench and attacking her. Redden tackled Holthus to the ground, and both disappeared from the camera’s view behind the bench, the video shows.

As others in the courtroom tried to restrain him, Redden screamed, “F**k you both!” and threw several punches.

The judge stayed on the ground for several minutes before standing up, appearing to say she hit her head. Holthus “experienced some injuries,” a statement from Clark County Courts read.

By Thursday, she was back at work, but remained “sore and stiff,” Chief Judge Jerry Wiese told reporters.