Creating Community – Beth Millner Jewelry

Creating Community – Beth Millner Jewelry

What a busy fall and holiday season it’s been here in Marquette. I’ve had so many wonderful opportunities to represent Beth Millner Jewelry and support our local community in the process. One of the many benefits and unexpected joys of being an Ambassador is the people I’ve met through sharing (and wearing!) Beth Millner’s art — so many people have asked me about my necklace or shown me their own Beth Millner earrings or rings they have on, the fandom runs deep! Being able to share these moments and hear about what certain pieces represent for people has reiterated just how art can bring people together.

Creating CommunityCreating Community

Speaking of art, I also had the opportunity to showcase a couple of my paintings at Graci Gallery’s 7×7 community show and attend the opening reception. It was such a fun evening, and it was an honor to share my art and support our creative community. Plus, what a perfect occasion to represent Beth Millner Jewelry!

Creating Community

In December, I also had an opportunity to represent Beth Millner while supporting our local trails at the NTN Snowbike Fundraiser event. As an NTN member, it’s always great to see the community come together and support their trails and share a love of the outdoors. One of the many things I appreciate about Beth’s company is how they create special fundraiser pieces and give back to different nonprofit organizations. And if I had to sum up my Ambassador experience, it would all come back to the idea of community: Showing up, giving back, supporting local businesses and events, and taking an active part in creating community in big and small ways. I’m incredibly grateful for this opportunity, what a fun season it’s been!