Converse just launched kids spring slip-on shoes that are so much cuter than Crocs

Converse just launched kids spring slip-on shoes that are so much cuter than Crocs

If you’re looking for new shoes for your kids that are comfy like Crocs, but iconic like classic Chucks, Converse’s brand-new All Star Play Lite CX designs have come to play!

Converse has been cool since day one, bringing rebellious energy and timeless style to retro and contemporary shoe games alike. With their legendary designs, Converse sneakers make you feel like you can conquer anything while expressing your unique personality — all at the same time.

That’s the ethos behind the new All Star Play Lites for kids, and as a mom who has fangirled over Converse since my middle and high school days, I am truly pumped to get pairs for my little ones.

Spring break will be here in only a matter of weeks and having just signed my son and daughter (ages 7 and 4) up for summer camp, I know we’ll need everyday shoes that aren’t just cute, but functional, too.

Here’s what I love about these new kid-centric Chucks and their appropriateness for spring and summer adventuring:

  • The easy-on, easy-off silhouette can take the pressure off rushed mornings. My daughter still hasn’t completely mastered shoe tying, so she’ll be proud to slip into these without having to ask for help.
  • The full-foot coverage silhouette equipped with circular vent holes for flexibility and breathability is on-point for playtime — whether my kids are playing outside with their water table come spring break time or in need of a durable, non-flip flop or sandal shoe for extracurriculars and camp.
  • The fun colorways. I love the Dandy Lion yellow for my baby boy, the Chaos Fuchsia for my daughter and the Obsidian blue for my son. And brand insiders have confirmed additional colors, including marbleized patterns will be available later this spring.

Like nearly every new Converse shoe release, these novel styles likely won’t stick around for long.

If you see them available in your kids’ sizes, and they come in Little Kids Low Top Shoes for $40, sizes 11C to 3Y, and Toddler Low Top Shoes for $35, sizes 4C to 10C, grab them right away.

Shop the shoes that are way cuter than Crocs and cheaper than most Native Shoes for kids.