Complete Guide to Jumping Castles for Your Wedding

Complete Guide to Jumping Castles for Your Wedding

Complete Guide to Jumping Castles for Your Wedding

Your wedding is the grand celebration of a lifetime. You deserve for your special day to be both fun and unforgettable, and a jumping castle at your wedding will elevate it to a higher level of fun. It is the ultimate ice breaker for weddings and other occasions.

The best way to thank your guests is to show them a fantastic time. And a jumping castle will make them feel like a kid again. They’ll never forget it, and neither will you.

Read more about why countless couples jump at the chance to ramp up their wedding entrainment. Everything you need to know about having a jumping castle at your wedding is in this article.

Jumping Castles: The Back Story

People haven’t had jumping castles at their weddings for very long. This may seem like the jumping castle is a relatively new invention. The truth is that more than 60 years have passed since its inception. However, it was not originally intended for entertainment purposes.

In 1959, a NASA engineer was creating plastic enclosures for tennis courts. One day he saw his friends jumping on the cover. The bounce house was born in that lightbulb moment. Actually, the jumping castle is the grandchild of that invention, and it has delighted kids and adults all over the world since then.

The movement to have jumping castles at weddings started in the United Kingdom less than 10 years ago. A wedding vendor asked a merchant for an all-white bouncy castle. The company only rented multicolor bouncy castles; however, the owner decided to grant the request. He purchased a white jumping house and made it available for rent.

Instantly, jumping castle weddings took off like wildfire. Brides all over the United Kingdom scrambled for one to make their wedding party pop. White bouncy castles were only available in the U.K. for a few years. But it did not take long for social media to expose the wedding entertainment sensation to the world.

The pictures of giddy beaming brides, grooms, and wedding guests were irresistible. The demand for white jumping castles quickly spread, and so did the number of white bouncy houses that were manufactured. Practically anyone in the world can have a jumping house at their wedding today.

The Bouncy House Grows Up

Names for jumping castles in other regions include bouncy houses and moon bounces. But by any name, they conjure up great memories from childhood. Millions of kids looked forward to jumping and flipping in gigantic, bright inflated rooms at birthday parties. Maybe you remember bouncing around in them at parks or carnivals as a child.

People don’t want the fun to stop just because they’re adults. Old and young people will have a ball jumping up and down at your wedding party. The grown-up jumping castle is superior in looks to the kids’ version. However, the fun factor is equally over-the-top.

You won’t have to worry that your guests will be cramped with a tight floor and low ceilings. There’s also no need to worry that loud primary colors will give your wedding an amusement park feel. Jumping houses made for adults are tastefully equipped but include bangs and whistles for your special day.

Jumping Castle Decorations

“Fun” is only half of the equation because looks are important too. Picture a white jumping castle at your wedding that has been embellished with your wedding colors. Wedding bounce houses come with rings and hooks attached. You can hang flowers, balloons, and signage. Or install LED lighting and draped tulle to add magic to the castle. Use your imagination to create a stunning backdrop for your wedding pictures.

You will find an assortment of jumping castle designs to choose from. White is a common color, but you might like the cheeriness of a multicolored house. If the princess motif suits you, pick one that looks like a castle with turrets or a gazebo-shaped castle to give your wedding a garden vibe. Your focus is to create a lovely setting while giving your guests the gift of a few childlike giggles.

Jumping Castle Rental Costs

The cost to rent a bouncy castle varies depending on several factors. The amount increases with the castle size, and you will pay more for larger castles. Additionally, your location affects the price because of the cost of transportation. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to find a merchant close to your wedding venue if possible.

A rental deposit is a part of the jumping castle budget, but the cost varies by merchant. Renting a white bouncy house is pricier during the bridal season, and the demand for them is highest during warmer weather when the castle will be outdoors. Also, prepare yourself for other add-on costs specific to your venue.

White castles are more challenging to clean. Therefore, an extra cleaning charge will be added to your rental. Expect to pay more if you request a staff member. A generator is also an added expense. However, if you combine the services in a package, your overall price will be lower.

Buying a Jumping Castle

Jumping castles are also available for purchase. You might question why you need a big white plastic castle after your wedding. Truthfully, there’s always a reason to embrace your inner child. You could decorate the castle for other occasions like bridal showers and graduations. Or keep it around for a friend or relative to borrow for their wedding.

A jumping castle may not be as expensive as you think. For instance, let’s say the average size for a wedding bounce castle is 17-by-17 (5181.6 x 5181.6mm). A castle this size in the U.S. can cost $1,900 to $2,600. However, a white bouncy house in the U.K. may cost £979 to £1,495.

These prices are estimates only. Contact sellers in your region for actual prices, but give yourself enough time to shop for a high-quality castle at a fair price.

Staying Safe

Make safety a priority to ensure your day is filled with fun and joy. We’ve included some safety reminders and tips below.

Licensed jumping castle rental merchants must follow safety precautions by mandate. Consequently, your rental contract will include a list of their rental rules and regulations. Putting everything in writing protects you and the company. Avoid misunderstandings by addressing any concerns you have before you sign the contract.

It is important to abide by its safety rules once the bounce house is used. Have someone in place to make sure your guests do the same because there are a few safety issues to keep in mind throughout the event.

For example, everyone should take off their shoes before entering the castle. Jumping castles are sturdy enough to hold the weight of several adults at one time. The castles are constructed with thick PVC, nylon, or vinyl materials. Still, shoes can puncture the structure or cause injury despite their toughness. But as you know, stocking and bare feet are more comfortable anyway.

Usually, the jumping castles need to be re-inflated using petroleum or electric heaters. This equipment is potentially flammable. A responsible adult must be designated to watch outside the castle as a safety precaution. You can choose someone you know or pay for a staff member to stand guard.

Keep your wedding day free from accidents or incidents. Ask your guests to eat and drink outside of the castle. Spills on the plastic can result in someone slipping. Also, guests who’ve had a little too much to drink should not use the bouncy house. And watch out for small children underfoot because they may get stepped on.

Health Precautions

Ask your venue whether they provide first aid kits for your event. Keep items you may need for minor scrapes outside near the bouncy house. For instance, have things like Band-Aids and insect repellant handy for guests enjoying the castle outdoors.

Lastly, all reputable jumping castle dealers enforce Covid-19 safety precautions. They monitor updates from the World Health Organization and their local Department of Health. Merchants maintain cleaning protocols of the highest standards, including not allowing employees who feel ill inside the workplace. Feel free to ask any questions about this matter before you sign the rental agreement.

Benefits of a Bounce House

Wedding planning and preparation are stressful for everyone involved. The actual day of the ceremony can bring on an anxiety attack. You want everything to go perfectly. Once you say the words “I do,” you’ll be ready to exhale. The bounce house is the ideal place to let loose and let go.

Another advantage of having a jumping castle is entertaining bored or fidgety kids. A romp in the bounce house is an excellent way for children and adults to have fun together. Getting outdoors for some fresh air exercise is a bonus.

“Laughter is the best medicine,” as the saying goes. A hearty belly laugh is also contagious, and a bunch of jumping, hopping, and flipping people in a bouncy house is irresistibly funny. Not one of your guests will be able to keep a straight face. You’ll look back on the day with a smile that will last for many years.

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