Common Questions About the R6 – Virginia Wedding Photographer

Common Questions About the R6 – Virginia Wedding Photographer

The quantity of photographers who have switched in excess of since of our youtube series on the R6 is head-blowing and we get SO a lot of issues about this digital camera!! 


I get it, it’s a Significant change!! It reminds me of the change from the Canon Mark III to the Canon Mark IV! Some photographers are promptly in enjoy when it will take other folks some time to get utilized to this new system. 


So what variety of difficulties have men and women been asking about?! Below are some of the concerns that I’m answering : 


Are low megapixels an concern with the R6?

This has not been an difficulty for me! I have blown up canvases for shoppers and have not experienced any troubles.. But if you’re building an image into a billboard, this could possibly be one thing to think about!


Why are my R6 images so noisy? 

I see this problem in KJ Training, and it’s usually when the photographer has zoomed in to 800% to demonstrate the sound that they’re chatting about! No just one is blowing up an graphic to print it that significant for a loved ones print, and this is typical with most cameras!


Why are my Raw images SO flat?    

I have heard various people say this and I wish I experienced the answer for you!! I have not expert this but I want you to submit your Raw data files Right here so that I can see what is diverse and then I’ll make a different video and permit you know what I have observed!!


Most significant alter when shifting from 5DMKIV to R6?    

Fingers down- emphasis! My approach to emphasis has improved totally, no far more concentrating and recomposing. 


If you want to listen to far more of my solutions to these thoughts and some others head to Youtube to observe the full movie! at?v=Wm59NK80MsQ

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