Christmas Celebrity Looks To Replicate This Holiday Weekend

Christmas Celebrity Looks To Replicate This Holiday Weekend


hat’s worth doing is worth doing well. After RSVPing for a host of events this Christmas weekend, having cold feet at the last minute isn’t an option. Worst of all, showing up looking drab is a no-no. To fix this, take a peek into festive-appropriate outfits celebrities rendered all week long. Thanks to the season’s event surge, there’s a look that can be replicated to fit your event and personal style. If your closet has a few sneaky leaks, rummage through these celeb looks to seal up any broken hedge that may threaten to rain on your parade this weekend.

Check out Christmas celebrity looks to replicate this weekend…

#1. Bey in Alaia

Photo: @beyonce/Instagram

Beyoncé has been outside all year long without a single fashion fail. Posing for the Gram, she opted for a black $5,360 cropped Alaia jacket, with a cut-out in the midriff, which she paired with a black hooded top and pin-detailed high-waisted leggings. Rock this for a city girl night out with the girls this weekend. Don’t forget the chunky silver earrings and bold red lippies.

#2. Sabrina Elba in winter whites

Photo: @sabrinaelba/Instagram

Wearing all white with a touch of black is a classic fashion win. Once the hues are settled, juggle up the silhouette for an interesting feel. Sabrina Elba got the assignment, opting for an asymmetric framed jumpsuit that was undeniably chic. The black belt and matching shoes added a hint of contrast to the coordination. If you have a semi-formal brunch this weekend, wear this outfit to be taken seriously.


#3. Stephanie Hsu in Thom Browne

Photo: @mandelkorn/Instagram

This weekend, try on creative Christmas celebrity outfits that kick you out of your comfort zone. Just like Stephanie Hsu, opt for a quirky coordination like this preppy set for a fashion show. If the look is off your style, pick one or two quirky pieces and rock it to the max.

#4. Ashanti fluent in boujee

Photo: @styledbytimb/Instagram

Here’s a loud reminder that we are deep in winter, so staying warm and stylish remains the number one style code. Ashanti swooned in a white Daniels Leather Mongolian lamb coat and NBD dress styled with matching boots. This is the revenge outfit you wear this weekend to that party your ex would be at.

#5. Taraji in fluid fashion

Christmas Celebrity Looks
Photo: @waymanandmicah/Instagram

Androgynous fashion has taken on varying expressions, and Taraji P. Henson comes correct in a variation. She was recently spotted in a tailored offering featuring a blush satin blouse paired with a sequin midi skirt and corresponding tie for a girly twist. She completed it with a black blazer and matching pumps for a polished take. Wear this to a business meeting this weekend, and seal deals in style.

#6. Tracee in classic chic

Photo: @traceeellisross/Instagram

A long ribbed dress is a versatile piece that can be worn to several destinations –from an art museum to a product launch. Like a blank canvas, it’s a stand-alone piece that only needs accessories to shine. Style it with a red moto jacket to a rock concert or with statement jewelry and an eccentric hairstyle for poetry or art-viewing show.


#7. Rachel Brosnahan in Michael Korrs

Christmas Celebrity Looks
Photo: @mandelkorn/Instagram

It’s boots season and thigh-high boots are the front-row baddies who know their worth plus tax. Rachel Brosnahan slid into a tweed set consisting of a cape blazer with split sleeves and shorts that gave what they were made to give. She paired this with a matching turtleneck sweater and thigh-high boots to up the ante. This Christmas celebrity outfit works if you’re an extra fashion girl ready for a college reunion.

#8. Jessica Biel is quiet in luxury

Photo: @robzangardi/Instagram

Save for the deep neckline and high slit, this dress on Jessica Biel would have been a pristine Christmas service number. But fear not as it can still work for that elite dinner you have this weekend. The crisp, white, effortless number exudes old money and should be worn to events where champagne and noble wines are served.

#9. Taraji in holiday texture clash

Christmas Celebrity Looks
Photo: @waymanandmicah/Instagram

For The Color Purple press rounds, Taraji P. Henson was spied in a snakeskin coat on a ruched dress. The number flaunted an emerald-green metallic fabric underneath, shining against the black sheer texture. Throw on the coat for an outdoor Christmas activity, and take it off when it’s time for a movie date with bae. Happy holidays.

#10. Kahlana Barfield in elevated denim

Photo: @kahlanabarfield/Instagram

Kahlana Barfield Brown spun this Wild Fable jacket from Target into a spruced-up casual look for a stylish rendering at a kid’s event. If you’re heading out with the kids this Christmas weekend, refrain from a basic denim and t-shirt combo. Instead, grab a white crop top and oversized denim, and add a cool leather jacket, sunglasses, and comfortable heels. It doesn’t get cooler than this.


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