Born Pretty Super Shine Silver Metal Painting Gel

Born Pretty Super Shine Silver Metal Painting Gel

 Chrome mirror nails – This trend never seems to go out of style. Whenever you are in doubt, go with the mirror finish and that is it. However, it is not always easy to get that perfect finish. And using those chrome powders you don’t always get the clear mirror-like finish, right! So what If I tell you that there is one product, just one which is enough to give you that one-stroke mirror-like silver finish on your nails. 

Born Pretty Super Silver Metal Painting gel is the product that gives you effortless silver mirror-like chrome nails. It is one single product which you can use for creating line art, solid chrome mirror nails accent nails, 3D chrome art nails or just as a base for stamping. 

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Super Shine Silver Metal Painting Gel

Perfect Chrome mirror-like Silver Finish

When I opened the packaging, I was not expecting it to look like mercury in a liquid state. It was Molten silver and I could see my reflection in it. I mean I have tried mirror chrome powders and polishes that claim mirror finish, but this is next level. You can literally see your reflection in it. 

Over here I have applied a single coat of this product without any base or top coat. So you can see how beautiful it looks. 

Easy to use

Born Pretty Super Shine Silver metal painting gel is very easy to use. All you need is the right brush. For applying it as a polish, go with a flat brush. For detailing and fine lines, a detailing or liner brush is perfect. and if you want to create flowers with it, angled or nail art petal brushes are something you can try. It is highly pigmented and gives coverage in one coat. Moreover, you need a small quantity. 

The curing time for complete single-coat coverage was about 120 seconds. It can vary with different lamps. Mine is a 24 LED bulb 48 watt one. 

Great for Nail Art

I created this beautiful animal print nail art using this painting gel as a base. I think it is great for tiger, snake or crocodile prints. And you can use it for adding details to your nail art design or simply to add metallic accents to any nail art. 

Do try this amazing product and let me know how you like it. I love it. I hope the brand brings it out in copper, gold, champagne gold and rose gold shades as well. 

Lots of Love!!!