Best Shoes and Boots with Bootcut Jeans

Best Shoes and Boots with Bootcut Jeans

Best Shoes and Boots with Bootcut Jeans

Boots with Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans are versatile and considered a wardrobe staple for so many people! But what are the best pairs of shoes and boots with bootcut jeans? This post has 15 footwear options that look great with bootcut jeans.

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15 Best Shoes and Boots to Wear with Bootcut Jeans


Let’s take a look at what defines bootcut jeans and also the most popular footwear styles to pair with them.

What are bootcut jeans?

Bootcut jeans are a fit of jean (for both men & women) that flare out gradually at the knee and through the hem. They are generally snug & straight through the hips and thighs. It is believed this style originally became popular due to the effortless fit over work-boots and other chucky style footwear, thus the name “bootcut”.

Bootcut jeans have been around for a long time and, like most styles, rise and decline in popularity over the years. While straight and slim leg jeans are currently top denim styles, bootcut jeans never really went out of style. 


Another defining characteristic about bootcut jeans is that they often are more widely available in elevated fabric. This makes bootcut jeans easy to dress up or down and versatile with many footwear options.


Bootcut jeans are a classic wardrobe staple that most women have in their closet. They can easily be worn in a business casual setting at the office or for an informal everyday look. Here are the best shoes and boots to wear with your bootcut jeans.

1. Sneakers


Both low profile, high tops, and athletic style sneakers can be worn with bootcut jeans. This is a great shoe style for casual outfits. Simply wear a basic t-shirt, simple tank top, or graphic t-shirt with jeans and sneakers for an easy everyday outfit.

Most bootcut lengths can be worn with sneakers. This is my favorite sneaker that I wear with everything. These high tops are bestsellers and these platform sneakers would be great if your the jean inseam is long enough.

2. Strappy Heel Sandals

For a slightly elevated, but still casual, outfit strappy sandals are a must! flat or low heel strappy sandals are super trendy right now and can be worn with bootcut jeans for a chic, warm weather, outfit. 

Need a date night outfit with bootcut jeans? Try a silky top, bootcut jeans, and black strappy sandals. This is an effortless and polished bootcut jeans outfit.


3. Kitten Heels

I love to wear kitten heels with jeans! Like high heels, kitten heels will add an upscale vibe to your bootcut jeans outfit. Show off your heels by wearing jeans that are cropped or right above the ankle.

Kitten heels are easy tow ear and comfortable, therefore they are a great option to wear to the office with bootcut jeans.


4. Wedges

Wedges are available in so many variations, from boots to sandals. They are also extremely versatile and look great with bootcut jeans.

Some of my favorite wedges to wear with bootcut jeans include a standard wedge, sandal wedge, or boot wedge. Since wedges generally add height to you leg line, consider wearing wedges with slightly longer bootcut jeans for an ideal fit.

Boots with Bootcut Jeans


5. Slide Sandals

When deciding which to shoes to wear with bootcut jeans outfits, slide sandals are another versatile and stylish option you should consider. They are easy to dress up or down, making them an excellent option for many types of outfits and personal style.

These rubber slides are great for casual wear, while simple leather slides are dressier. SHOP  MORE BELOW!


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6. High Heels

Heels with bootcut jeans creates an fashionable and glamorous look. When wearing these two together, make sure that the hemline of the jeans falls an inch above the ground to avoid dragging. 

I especially love a clean dark wash of bootcut jeans with high heels. Though, you could also pair destroyed bootcut jeans with a crisp white button down and heels for and edgy but classy bootcut jeans outfit.


7. Ballet Flats

Can you wear flat shoes with bootcut jeans? Yes! 

Ballet flats are such a versatile shoe they can be worn with several types of jeans, including bootcut! Just make sure your jeans are the proper length with your flats. Need to know the best inseam length for you? Check out this post!


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8. Loafers

It can be tricky to find pants to wear with loafers. Fortunately, bootcut jeans pair perfectly! The slightly flared opening of bootcut jeans pairs so well with loafer. Whether you have classic oxford loafers or trendy chunky loafers, you can rest assured that bootcut jeans go with any type of loafer.

The low profile and minimal heel height make loafers and excellent shoe choice to wear with bootcut jeans.

Boots with Bootcut Jeans


9. Platform Shoes

Platforms are another versatile shoe, available in several styles. From sneakers, to heels, to boots, platforms are everywhere. I have a pair of platform sandals and I absolutely love to wear them with bootcut jeans! 

Have a pair of platform boots? Wear chunky boots with bootcut jeans, a rocker tee, and a blazer for an edgy, on trend, look. SHOP PLATFORM SHOES AND BOOTS BELOW!


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Boots to Wear with Bootcut Jeans

Let’s continue on with the best boots to wear. As the name implies, bootcut jeans are made for boots. Most boot style are ok to wear with these jeans. Below are my top recommendations.

10. Ankle boots with Bootcut Jeans

Ankle boots are the perfect boot to wear with bootcut jeans! The jeans can lay nicely over top the low rise boot shaft. Just make sure your jeans are long enough to touch the top of your foot. If the jeans are too short, they may not look the best with ankle boots, especially boots with a short shaft. 

Boots with Bootcut Jeans


11. Chelsea Boots

Can you wear chelsea boots with bootcut jeans? Yes!

Chelsea boots are a great option because they often sit snug against the ankle, making them easy to wear with longer style bootcut jeans. SHOP MY TOP CHELSEA BOOT PICKS BELOW!


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12. Western Boots with Bootcut Jeans

Western boots are another boot to wear with bootcut jeans. For narrow jean openings, simply tuck the jeans into the boots. If your bootcut is wide enough to cover the boot without bunching, try wearing the jean over your boots. Most western boots are made for showing off, though, so I recommend tucking if you can.

Boots with Bootcut Jeans


13. Riding Boots

Riding boots are another boot style that look best with bootcut jeans tucked in to the shaft. Generally, riding boots have wide calf openings, so its best to tuck in jeans for this type of boot.

How do you style riding boots with bootcut jeans? Try a sweater with high rise bootcut jeans tucked into the boots. Opt for chic black or cognac color boots for an elevated bootcut jeans outfit.


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14. Pointy Toe Boots with Bootcut Jeans

Wear pointy toe boots with bootcut jeans to elongate your leg line. The pointy toe draws attention down the leg line to the tips of the boot. This trick works best with very long bootcut jeans and pointy toe boots with a heel. 

Pair point toe boots with a crisp whit button down and bootcut jeans. Utilize the french tuck to create and instantly chic look.

Boots with Bootcut Jeans


15. Rain Boots with Bootcut Jeans

Looking for shoes to wear on wet and dreary days? Wear rain boots with bootcut jeans! Rain boots usually have a wide calf which makes them a great option for tucking jeans in!


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Can you wear boots with bootcut jeans?

Most boot styles go with bootcut jeans. It is important to consider the fit and length of the jeans with your boots. The jeans should lay nicely over top, or tuck in easily to the boots. 

I would personally avoid boots that are knee high or over-the-knee with bootcut jeans.

How are bootcut jeans supposed to fit with boots?

Bootcut pants should lay seamlessly over boots, without bunching at the bottom. Therefore, the boot shaft should always be more narrow than the leg opening.

Depending on the leg opening width of the jeans, wide calf boots may not work with bootcut jeans. 

Is bootcut back in style 2023?

Honestly, I believe bootcut jeans never really went out of style. They were simply minimized by the latest trends.

It is clear that 90s and early 2000s fashion is, and will be, making a comeback. That time period saw a good share of bootcut and relaxed denim style, so now is the perfect time to incorporate these into your wardrobe!


Can you wear any shoes with bootcut jeans?

Nearly any type of footwear goes with bootcut jeans. I would avoid thigh high or over-the-knee boots as bootcut jeans are difficult to tuck into slim fitting boots like this.




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