Affordable Friday Everyday Looks for Her and Him!

Affordable Friday Everyday Looks for Her and Him!

An Affordable Friday on Friday! Finally on a Friday. Ha! I shared some holiday outfit options for Affordable Friday’s recently, but I haven’t really done an every day clothes Affordable Friday yet this month, so I wanted to make sure I shared one. Plus, Kevin wrote part of this blog at the end to share some options if you’re looking for gift  ideas for the men in your life!

LOVE These Sneakers

I don’t normally start my Affordable Friday posts with shoes, but today is the exception because I am obsessed! These shoes are so freaking cool looking, comfy, easy to slip on, and affordable at only $36! Plus I just love love love, love the color combo with the white, black and gold! But you can also get them in maroon, pink and white. Also super pretty. It really just depends what your style is. I would say these are my favorite shoes I’ve ever gotten from Walmart. But honestly they’re tied with the white sneakers. I will likely get the sneakers again cause I wear them almost every day and they are like walking on clouds. They’re so comfy. And for under $20 you cannot go wrong.


I wanted to show the sneakers with just an every day casual, running errands type outfit. So I’m linking the Time and True leggings that I’m wearing that I’ve had forever and wear all the time as well as this cream Free Assembly sweater. Really, you can wear any sort of basic top and bottom and the shoes just kind of completely outfit.

Tunic Sweater (Great for Leggings)

I do love the sweater though to wear with leggings. It’s a tunic sweater so it’s long enough to cover your booty which is super important to me with leggings. I’m wearing a size medium, which is my normal size and it fits great. I got the off-white color, but it comes in blue, gray, green, and a pretty blush color. It’s size inclusive with sizes starting in extra small and going to XXXL. Even though I didn’t order them because honestly I didn’t see them until now, there are also these matching straight leg sweater pants would be so so so cute and chic to wear with the top. They have the same colors in the pants so you could get a loungewear suit in any of these colors.


Get This $28 Sweater!

This next sweater is a must get from this blog post! If you only get one piece of clothing from this blog post, make it be the sweater. I got it in both the dark purple color and the goji berry/red color. Both are stunning. The red screams holidays and the purple is just beautiful. Perfect for work, errands, motherhood, pretty much anything! The material is soft and the fit is beautiful. I also really love how the part around the wrist is long and fitted. I just really like that look in a sweater. It comes in some other colors to and is available in size extra small to XXL. Oh, and I forgot to mention one of the best parts. It’s only $28! Get this sweater and thank me later. You will be so so so so so happy with it!

I am also linking a black ballet flat similar to the ones I have on below here!


Super Flattering Denim (size down!)

I’m wearing it with these Free Assembly jeans. Before you buy these check that you haven’t already gotten them in the past because I’ve had these jeans for quite a while and I’ve written about them before. I brought them back for this Affordable Friday post just because they’re quite honestly one of my absolute favorite pairs of jeans in my closet! They’re stretchy, super flattering , high waisted, and only $17! I very highly recommend reading the reviews on these jeans. There’s over 100 of them. I normally go between a size 6 and 8, but I got a size 6 in these and they fit amazing! It looks like based on the reviews other people thought they fit big as well so I would recommend sizing down one in these. It looks like there’s a few negative reviews but honestly, I think it’s just cause people didn’t order one size down.



I wanted to link some workout clothes in this Affordable Friday too because I haven’t done that in quite some time. Plus, Walmart has a new brand called Love and Sports that has the most fun, colorful, activewear! The first thing I saw from them that I had to order was this hot pink sports bra. They also have it in a neon yellow that I just ordered because I love the pink so much. Plus, it’s such a good price at $20. Then I also got this cropped puffer jacket because I just think it’s really cute to wear out when exercising in the cold weather. It’s super shiny and super pink! So you’ll definitely stand out to cars which is a plus! I got a size medium in both the jacket and sports bra with your my normal sizes.


And then also linking the leggings. I love love love these leggings. The print on the side is in the perfect place that I actually think creates the illusion of your thigh being slimmer, because of how it’s cut. I just think these leggings are super flattering and I love them. I’m wearing a size medium, which is my normal size but all of the stuff comes in size is XS to XXXL!


Sparkly Plus-Size Top

Even though this top doesn’t come in my size, I ordered it anyway cause I was just so curious what the quality would be like and I’m always trying to find items for all different body types and sizes so that anybody can come to my blog and find something for them. So when I saw that this top comes in size 14 up to size 28 I really wanted to check it out. Oh my gosh, it is amazing! And not only comes in this beautiful gold/champagne color, but it also comes in black. I have the size 14 on and even though it looks nice in these photos. It drapes a little long in the back because it’s too big for me and I had to tie the neck part around my neck because where it would button was too large.


The reason I’m telling you guys this is I don’t want you to think that the size 14 would be my normal size even though it kind of looks like it in these pictures. I can’t really say if it’s true to size for that reason. But what I can say is it’s absolutely stunning and so so so well-made! It also has some amazing reviews to check those out. I’m honestly super sad that this doesn’t come in my size because I have a holiday party today and I would totally be wearing it to the holiday party if it was in my size. In general check out this brand Eloquie. It’s a plus size brand at Walmart and I love everything they make! I frequently find myself jealous that the items they make don’t come in my size.

Go-To Turtleneck

This looks below however is what I am likely wearing ot my holiday party today! And ff you’re looking for a good turtleneck, get this one! It comes in 15 colors so definitely go check out all the colors and prints. And read the reviews! There’s over 85 reviews and they’re almost all 100% positive. It just fits so well and it’s super stretchy and ribbed which makes this turtleneck really flattering. I’m wearing a size medium which is my normal size.


To be honest, sometimes I’m against paper bag pants. I just feel like sometimes they’re super unflattering. But I got these just to see because the reviews were so positive, and they are so great! I gave them a little steam when they arrived because they were a little wrinkled but after that, they looked perfect! They’re under $25 and really pretty! I’m wearing a size medium, which is my normal size and they come in both black and a rose wine color. And once again I love that Walmart has so much size inclusivity because they come in size extra small to XXXL.

Expensive Looking Sweater for $35

This next sweater surprised me. I think it surprised me because it looks and feels so so expensive! It reminds me of something, that someone would wear in Aspen while skiing or something. Ha! And I also surprised me because the fit is smaller than I thought. I got a size medium, which is my normal size and I actually really like how it fits. But I thought it was going to be a lot bigger. So I would say if you plan on wearing this with jeans with a little half tuck, I would get your normal size. But if you want to wear it with leggings, it have it be a little bit more oversized I would size up one. But it’s really truly beautiful and only $35. It only has two reviews but they’re both five stars and it looks like they agree that if you want the oversize look size up. But it’s comfortable, super well-made, has a festive print, and looks super super super expensive. I can’t stress that enough. You’re gonna be blown away by the quality when you get the sweater.


Green Dress

I’ve weirdly had this obsession with green dresses lately. I think this is the third one I’ve shown you guys this week. So I almost left this green dress out of this Affordable Friday just because I didn’t want to overwhelm with you guys with too many green dresses but once I got it and tried it on and just saw how cute the fit was I had to share it! Plus it’s only $36, so why not. I’m wearing a size medium, which is my normal size and the fit is great. It’s got some good structure to it which I don’t think I was expecting that. I really love. And it’s got really good length. So if you’re the type of person that really doesn’t like a short dress, you’ll love this. Plus the fit is just really flattering. And I really love the color. I just think it’s darling and festive, and in general, I love a high collared neckline. The only thing I will say is that I thought the sleeves were a tad bit short however, I prefer them rolled up anyway so it doesn’t bother me. This is also the type of dress that I think looks really cute with over the knee boots, so it’s easy to wear in the fall and winter.




Black Skirt & Top

I ordered this top and both this top version and the dress version of it. Honestly, I didn’t like the dress version. I just didn’t think it was flattering on me so I didn’t share it with you guys. But oh my gosh do I love the top! The sleeves are what sold me on this top. They are so beautiful and intricately detailed that I am seriously so shocked this top is only $17! It’s from a juniors line of clothing, and I usually size up when I buy juniors but I did not this time and got my normal size medium and it fits absolutely perfectly. I got the red, but it also comes in black, green, and white! Oh my gosh, the white with a white skirt would be stunning for a bride!

1. TOP | 2. SKIRT | 3. FLATS

I paired it with this black skirt that I have posted about multiple times in my Affordable Fridays. I just always come back to it to style outfits cause it’s such a great basic and it’s only $24 so if you didn’t get it from a past Affordable Friday Now is your chance before it sells out. There are only a few sizes left!


And last, but not least how beautiful is this coatagin. I love these silly names that people are making up for everything. But I just love this cause I’m always just kind of throwing out a cardigan and running out the door and I love that this sort of doubles as a coat and a cardigan. It’s easy to throw on with a pair of leggings in the morning for car line drop off, but you can also really dress it up with leggings and heels and jewelry for a beautiful item to wear on a night out for the girls or your significant other! And it’s only $24.98! It’s got a bunch of reviews if you want to check those out. They’re mostly all positive. I only saw one that was slightly negative but I couldn’t disagree with a negative one more. It’s fabulous!


A special Affordable Friday Review from Kevin!

Hi, guys. It’s Kevin. I’m gonna take over for a quick minute. I don’t usually spruce up my wardrobe… but when I do, I blog about it. I set out with the singular intention of getting myself a new winter jacket. I haven’t really gotten a proper coat since we moved from Los Angeles to Nashville. It was time.


I really love this jacket and highly recommend it for any guys you may be shopping for. I know what you’re thinking, “Kevin you look great in everything!” That’s very sweet of you to think, but the truth is, I don’t! This jacket just happens to be really flattering. Not only is it super warm and practical for the winter months, but it fits my style well. Plus, best part, it’s reversible! People are gonna think I have two coats! Nope… the jokes on you. One coat!

In my search for a jacket, a hoodie caught my eye. The temperature has drastically dropped here in Nashville recently and I felt like a nice, soft hoodie would be a good buy. I get pretty chilly in the mornings when I’m up recording my 5-star rated daily news podcast. It’s called First Thing with Kevin Manno & it’s available everywhere. I’m getting distracted. This hoodie is super comfortable. Soft? Check! Good color? Check! Reflective strip for if you go on a run? Bonus Check! Whether you host a very popular podcast or not, I highly recommend both of these items!