About Healthy Fashion, Upcoming/ Current Resources + 50 Hashtags

About Healthy Fashion, Upcoming/ Current Resources + 50 Hashtags

About Healthy Fashion, Upcoming/ Current Resources + 50 Hashtags

Healthy Fashion Campaign

If you are new to my site and blog, welcome. My name is Alyssa Couture. I am the founder/owner of Healthy Fashion Campaign. I am a fashion author, fashion entrepreneur, and planetary energy healer. I am the writer of this blog unless it is a guest post. My fashion campaign is a movement. It was created in order to help people build more healthy fashion concepts in their wardrobes and businesses.

This new blog post is about how I can help you, and how my services and campaign can help you.

In this post, I will discuss with you

  • What exactly is healthy fashion?

  • What services do I offer?

  • Upcoming services and resources that will soon be available for you

  • 50+ healthy fashion hashtags/keywords relevant to fashion-for-health

About me

I went to college at the Academy of Art University many years ago majoring in Fashion Design. I have worked in fashion business and fashion retail for most of my adult life. You can read more about me here. I have been working as a fashion entrepreneur on and off since 2014. I have been in several media channels and publications. Check out my press page here.

About the Healthy Fashion Campaign

Healthy Fashion is a creative business because it is a fashion hybrid. It merges fashion with health, new age, self-help, psychology, and several other topics. I have over 15 years of fashion work experience and 10 years worth of new-age, spirituality, alternative health studies, and work experience. I wanted to merge fashion and wellness together in regard to new and ancient concepts of fashion and wellness. In my work, the fashion concepts are spiritually healing, transcendent, and foundational knowledge for everyone that wants to make their wardrobe and/or business healthy.

A lot of people are suffering in the name of fashion. I personally suffered in the name of fashion! So this reason inspired me to create my business– to help people.

I am here to help you with your fashion company and/or your personal wardrobe. Whether you are interested in healthy fashion or you are already a “healthy fashion” practitioner practicing the concepts of healthy fashion, my work is for you.

Healthy fashion is multidimensional—the major concepts of my work “Healthy Fashion” are:

Fashion for the

  • Mental Body

  • Emotional Body

  • Physical Body

  • Energetic Body

  • Spiritual Body

Who is Healthy Fashion Campaign for?

Healthy fashion is a niche topic, but it is also a part of a larger topic– the wellness trend. The global wellness economy was valued at 4.4 trillion in 2020. Healthy fashion adds value to the ‘fashion wellness’ and ‘wellness’ market. Fashion for health and wellness is a fashion trend that fills a gap in the market.

Healthy Fashion Campaign is for those that live a holistic lifestyle. They like to be healthy and live a cultural lifestyle. They are interested in fashion culture.

My fashion business is specifically for those who like to practice fashion as an alternative

health remedy. It is also for people who are interested in fashion for the environment.

I have created specific services for you and your wardrobe, or for you and your fashion business.

Business headquarters

I am located in San Diego, CA. I work from home, so my business address is my home address. However, I do travel. I like to work at libraries, coffee shops, cafes, and co-working spaces.

Photo credit: John Diez

How I started Healthy Fashion Campaign

Did something happen when building my business?

I have several projects and hobbies, like traveling to and visiting energy vortexes. One thing that happened when building my business (relaunching it) was my visit to Mount Shasta, CA in 2018. I started my campaign in 2015, and then had to do other things, and re-launched it in 2020. It was the several visits to Mount Shasta and other vortexes: Lake Tahoe, Joshua Tree, Sedona, Arizona, and more. I have visited hundreds of energy vortexes around California and in the Midwest in these past 5 years.

When I relaunched in 2020 and wrote my book Healthy Fashion, I was driving on road trips and traveling a lot. I think it was when I visited Mout Shasta—known to be a spiritual energy vortex—that was when my business ideas started to be channeled to a degree. I was spiritually guided to write about healthy fashion and start my business, Healthy Fashion Campaign.

Nature and the environment are a big part of why I started Healthy Fashion. Visiting the nature sites, and being connected with the earth and plants made me realize that the concepts of fashion in relation to nature, the spiritual planet, and the environment are so important.

I feel that there is a spiritual awakening occurring, and creating my business is about supporting this spiritual ascension on earth.

My mission

I believe Healthy Fashion Campaign will help people’s health and well-being. The whole goal and mission: to make people feel and look better. I want to help people on their spiritual journey. My whole goal is to make fashion more enlightened and to increase the awareness of humans in relation to fashion.

Healthy fashion is all about taking care of ourselves. When we help ourselves, we can help others. Hanna Kroeger, the late master healer, said: “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves.”

Healthy fashion for you + your wardrobe

For you + your fashion business


(you can also visit my ‘work with me’ page)

I would recommend using my services to help you with your personal wardrobe and fashion business!

Fashion Research

My work is about research. In my book, Healthy Fashion, and in my blog, there is a lot of research. I research information in order to inspire others and myself.

Types of research

  • Fashion Concepts

  • Fashion for health and wellness

  • Fashion for healing

  • Fashion as a therapeutic medicine

  • The fundamentals of fashion

  • Innovative fashion

  • Retail shops

  • Fashion market trends

  • Fashion trends

  • + more

Public speaking

I have publicly spoken on podcasts and at events and panel discussions over 65 times. If you would like to interview me or have me speak at your event, please email me at [email protected] or send an email through my contact form.

Photo credit: John Diez

The Book, Healthy Fashion: The Deeper Truths

The book is available in physical and ebook formats. If you want to learn new ways of fashion—fashion for health, then this book is for you.

Blog/writing articles for my website

The blog is not only a fun and entertaining blog, there are many posts that are research-based and educational.

Freelance Articles

I write, edit, and proofread all of my articles. I also write freelance articles for other businesses.

Topics I write about

  • Fashion for human health

  • Fashion as an alternative health treatment

  • Fashion for the mind, body, and spirit

  • Fashion for the environment

  • Conscious fashion and fashion enlightenment

  • The future of the fashion industry

  • Modern fashion concepts

  • Healthy fashion vs. unhealthy fashion

Social Media platforms

(I provide a lot of content on my social media platforms.)

Follow me:


See my “work with me” page

Upcoming services:

Free consultation introduction meeting

If you are interested in learning more about healthy fashion and/or would like a consultation, please send me an email: [email protected], and I will be happy to send you my Calendly scheduling calendar, to book a 15-30 minute chat. I am not currently available for consultations, but I will be within 3 to 4 months. So, I will be scheduling our meeting after 3 months from now.

Webinars/Seminars/Keynote Presentations

I manage and create seminars and webinars. I have created and presented fashion seminars in the past. I am happy to create a seminar and speak at your next event. I present and prepare information on fashion for the mind, body, and spirit. I am also not available to present seminars until after 3 to 4 months from now. We can schedule now, however.

Photo credit: John Diez

Resources page

100% Instant Download

I have free resources available for you on my resources page.

The four free pdfs and printable pdfs:

  • Mini Fashion Planner Printable

  • 41 FABRIC STORES Modern Apparel Fabric Stores + Textile Companies (Wholesale + Retail)

  • Fashion Journal Tracker Printable


Relevant keywords in regards to healthy fashion:

Please use these hashtags and keywords in your content!

I will be posting a free hashtag/keyword PDF on my Resources page soon.

  1. #healthyfashion

  2. #healthyfashioncampaign

  3. #wellnesstrend

  4. #organicfashion

  5. #fashionforhealth

  6. #ecobeauty

  7. #greenbeauty

  8. #sustainablefashionblogger

  9. #ecofashionblogger

  10. #wellnessblogger

  11. #sustainablebusinessmodels

  12. #circulareconomy

  13. #adaptivefashion

  14. #botanicalfabrics

  15. #craftforwellbeing

  16. #allsizesarebeautiful

  17. #positiverituals

  18. #forpeopleandplanet

  19. #earthpositive

  20. #responsiblefashion

  21. #consciousfashion

  22. #naturebasedsolutions

  23. #ecoconscious

  24. #fashionarchetype

  25. #fashionsouls

  26. #trendspotter

  27. #fashionpsychology

  28. #fashionsociology

  29. #fashioninterpretation

  30. #fashioncommunication

  31. #contemporaryfashion

  32. #modernfashion

  33. #nextlevelfashion

  34. #fashionwellness

  35. #fashioncleanse

  36. #fashioncare

  37. #naturalfashion

  38. #regenerativefashion

  39. #fashionfuture

  40. #cosmicfashion

  41. #fashionrituals

  42. #holisticfashioncycles

  43. #slowfashion

  44. #spiritualfashion

  45. #fashionwisdom

  46. #fashionevolution

  47. #fashionenlightenment

  48. #wisewardrobe

  49. #wellnesslifestyle

  50. #therapeuticfashion

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