7 Stylish Haircuts with Layers for Women

7 Stylish Haircuts with Layers for Women

layered hairstyles

Layers can transform your haircut from blah to fabulous in an instant. Hair with layers simply refers to hair that features multiple sections of different lengths. Some layered hairstyles have lots of different layers, while others are more subtly layered and only feature two or three different lengths.

Layers serve many different functions for your hair. They cut excessive weight out of ultra-thick hair to help prevent a heavy or bulky finish. They also create more movement, volume, and dimension in your hair, which creates a more flattering finish for your entire hair look. Layers are also very diverse. Different types and lengths of layers create different effects on your hair. There are long layers, short layers, soft layers, face-framing layers, etc. etc. Different types of layers are especially flattering for different face shapes, hair lengths, and hair types, so it’s important to take your own face shape and hair length and type into consideration before you choose a layered haircut for yourself. Your professional stylist should also be able to guide you toward a layered hairstyle that will be flattering for your unique hair and face.

Many women don’t realize what a big impact getting layers can have on your hair–in a good way. If you want a change without actually cutting any length off your locks, consider getting layers. These 7 stylish haircuts range in length from short chin-length bobs to long, cascading locks–and all of them are layered. Check out these 7 layered hairstyles for inspiration if you’re considering getting your own locks layered no matter what length they are.

1. Medium-Length Curly Hair with Auburn Balayagehairstyles with layers

Medium-length hair is perfect for layers. It’s not too short that the layers look choppy, but it’s not so long that the dimension of the layers gets lost in the length of your hair.

This gorgeous curly hairstyle features subtle, soft layers that add gentle volume and dimension to this hair look. Its auburn balayage incorporates light copper and warm blonde tones into this style to give it a bright, luminous finishing touch.

2. Medium-Length Curly Strawberry Blonde Hair with Highlights

hairstyles with layers

Long layers like the ones you see in this beautiful, bright strawberry blonde hairstyle are the most dramatic type of layers. These layers are layers that create several inches between the shortest and longest ends of your hair and have the biggest impact on your hair look.

This curly, medium-length hair look features long layers that give it body and dimension. A curly style and a bright strawberry blonde color with lighter blonde highlights adds even more dimension and a bright, lighthearted finish to this gorgeous hair look.

3. Curly Shoulder-Length Auburn Bob

hairstyles with layers

You won’t be able to look away from your own hair if you copy this double take-worthy bright auburn bob.

This curly, shoulder-length bob is full of volume and dimension thanks to its multiple types of layers. Face-framing layers in front bring definition to this cut and help it flatter your facial features. Soft, subtle layers throughout this hair look give it a flattering wispy, piece-y finish.

4. Curly Shoulder-Length Brunette Bob with Blonde Balayage

hairstyles with layers

Layers help prevent bobs from coming off as too heavy or bulky. This shoulder-length brunette bob features subtle, short layers that give this haircut volume and dimension without disrupting its length.

Blonde balayage adds a bright finishing touch and added dimension to this curly shoulder-length brunette bob hair look.

6. Bright Auburn Lob

hairstyles with layers

This bright auburn lob falls just past your shoulders in a classic long bob style. Its all-over fiery auburn color helps this cut grab your attention and hold onto it.

This gorgeous lob only features shorter layers close to the ends, which allows this haircut to fall neatly no matter how you style it while maintaining flattering movement and dimension at its ends.

7. Long Curly Dirty Blonde Hair with Platinum Highlights

hairstyles with layers

This eye-catching, gorgeous blonde hair look features a natural-looking dirty blonde foundation with lighter blonde highlights that give this hairstyle a brighter finish.

Featuring a combination of different types of layers, this blonde hair look is designed to show off the multi-dimensionality of your hair–which makes it perfect for curly and wavy styles. It includes both wispy fringe layers and more dramatic longer layers, which blend together seamlessly to create this attention-grabbing hair look.

8. Medium-Length Wavy Warm Blonde Hair

hairstyles with layers

Blending together a natural-looking dirty blonde shadow root with brighter blonde highlights, this warm blonde hairstyle looks naturally sun-kissed. It is especially flattering for women with naturally warm undertones in their skin.

This medium-length wavy blonde hair look features primarily face-framing layers. Face-framing layers are designed to–as you might have guessed from their name–frame your face. These layers flatter your facial features and draw more attention to your face with a balanced, streamlined finish.

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