7 Practical Methods That Work

7 Practical Methods That Work


f you can’t stop biting your nails, let’s start this off with a chuckle, shall we? I have a sibling who can relate to this predicament. She would sit in a crowded room, engrossed in a riveting conversation and suddenly I’d tap her hand and say, “Stop biting your nails.” I guess you’ve been there too — biting your nails with the enthusiasm of a squirrel discovering a hidden acorn stash. It’s embarrassing, isn’t it? If you’re interested in tips for how to stop biting your nails, read on as we cover proven methods that work.

Why do people bite their nails?

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Let’s begin with the ‘whys.’ Why on earth do we gnaw at our nails? Is it confusion, curiosity, or just an irresistible habit? Well, folks, it’s a bit of all those things. We nibble when we’re nervous during exams, lack focus during a boring meeting, or simply wondering about life’s mysteries. Plain and simple, it’s a nervous tic.

See 7 practical tips to get you to stop biting your nails…

  • Figure out why: Understanding why you’re biting those nails is the first step. Are you doing it when you’re anxious, trying to recall facts in a stressful situation, or just plain bored? Identifying the triggers is key.
  • Keep short nails: Trim those nails! Short nails leave less to chew on, making them less accessible to your teeth. Bonus: Keeping your nails short is also better for your hand hygiene.
  • Get an expensive manicure: Invest in a luxurious manicure. You heard me right! Let’s face it: when you spend a small fortune on your manicure, you’re less likely to mess with it. My sister did this because good ‘ol DIY nail polish couldn’t stop her. The more money she spent on her nails, the less she wanted to eat her investment. Works like magic.
  • Use bitter nail polish: Have a chat with your manicurist and request to use that foul-tasting, bitter nail polish or hard acrylics that make your nails unappetizing. It’ll help your manicure last longer and curb the nail-biting habit.
  • Need a distraction? Chew gum: Sometimes, your mouth simply craves a little workout. Instead of nibbling on your nails, grab your favorite flavored gum and give your teeth a task. Your nails will thank you.
  • Keep your hands engaged: While you’re enjoying that gum, put your hands to good use. Find a hobby that keeps your hands occupied — whether pottery, baking, changing tires, or making soap. Idle hands are the devil’s playground after all.
  • Consider bandages, gloves, chili…anything: Some folks go old-school with gloves, bandages, or even rubbing a little chili or vinegar on their fingertips. Just remember, don’t let it get too close to your eyes.
  • Bonus – Be patient: Now, here’s an important thing to note about nail-biting: these methods won’t work overnight. Bad habits are stubborn, but consistency is your corked rifle. Give yourself time to adjust and don’t beat yourself up over slip-ups. Your nail didn’t grow in a day, and your nail-biting habit won’t disappear overnight either.

What are the disadvantages of nail-biting?

If you realize how consequential nail-biting is, you’ll know it’s not just a quirky habit. So it’s my pleasure to remind you that:

  • Biting your nails can introduce harmful bacteria and fungal infections into your system.
  • Constant nibbling can leave your nails looking uneven and unsightly.
  • Nibbling your nails may lead to chipped teeth, alveolar destruction, and gum injuries. I know you don’t want that. What’s going to happen to your smile?
  • It’s not a pretty sight when caught in the act; as we’ve all experienced. You’re going to get people giving unsolicited advice.
  • Over time, you can weaken and damage your nail beds.

Learning to stop biting your nails is not an easy journey. But with some determination and a few tricks up your sleeve, you can pave the way to healthier, happier nails. Remember to be patient.

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