5+ Tips on Organizing Your Personal Jewelry Studio Space

5+ Tips on Organizing Your Personal Jewelry Studio Space

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Spending time creating is a wonderful way to escape and enjoy some time alone, doing something you love. Simply tune out the world for a bit and immerse yourself in all of the supplies and materials you’ve been collecting in your jewelry studio. It’s pure bliss when you can really create with abandon. And, sometimes, the simple pleasure of cleaning up can dust away those creative gaps we all face from time to time.

organize jewelry studio
This is an extreme example but a perfect storm. Projects in process were overlapping and vying for space, new products had just been received, and I had just unpacked from a teaching session. The dust mitt and beverages remind me this was cleaning day!


When I’m on a path to create, no matter the reason, I tend
to get a bit out of hand with the materials I pull out and the space I take
over. And, that’s nothing in comparison to the mess I leave behind as I move to
my next greatest project ever!

Everywhere I look there are remnants of a past project, a previous passion, a long-forgotten favorite lampwork bead, spools of beading wire, an errant toggle bar, and so on. I even have a box of miscellany—pieces and parts that got scooped together when I had to do a photo shoot in my jewelry studio. Some days there is just not enough time! And really, who wants to spend creative time cleaning? It is a necessary, though, as we all know.

jewelry studio organization
After the dust(ing) storm, I was able to set up for a video shoot and have space to work in!

After the Storm

Accomplishing a clean space takes planning ahead, a system, and some time. That isn’t to say the system can’t change as your tools, beading materials, and jewelry-making supplies change. We must always have room for more [insert your favorite material here]! No matter where you are in your creative journey, what your passion is, or how big your space is, we all have to face the music from time to time. And I don’t know anyone who was sorry after they completed a good cleaning day.

jewelry tool organization tips
Towel bars mounted to a wall system help hold pliers at the ready.

My Top 5 Tips for Organizing Your Jewelry Studio Space


Determine how you approach a design then organize your space around that. As an example – do you go for “red beads” or do you start with “size 8/0 seed beads?” Your answer could help guide you to sorting by color or by type.


Label everything! It might take extra time but if you approach this in small bites, before you know it, the job will be complete (until your next shopping trip!) and you’ll have a system that can evolve.


Find creative ways to expand your space. Use the walls, add a bookcase then fill with baskets, anything that works within the area you have and helps contain all the things.


Place your most used supplies within easy reach. Scissors, thread, needles, magnification, beading scoops…whatever your essentials are, place them near your work area or make them portable so you can bring them to your work area.


Find creative ways to dress up your jewelry studio. A cork board for your favorite “pins,” a dress form to hang your latest creation, or a wall of beads. Whatever it is that inspires you, find a way to fit it into your view.

Watch below for more of Tammy’s jewelry organization tips to use in your own space!

More Jewelry Studio Organization Tips

Read “5 Tips for Organizing Jewelry-Making Supplies, Tools and Beads” for more details. And for that popular gelato see bead container, read “Ice Cream to Beads: Free Bead Storage Solutions.”

During a creative rut, in the midst of your next greatest design, or at the end of each day, make time to regroup, sort, and organize your jewelry studio. You’ll be glad you did, and it will likely lead to even more creative space in your mind.

Originally published April 2021. Updated 1/26/2024.

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