3 accessories to enhance your experience on the golf course

3 accessories to enhance your experience on the golf course

Stock your coolers and create your playlists… we’re going golfing.


Stock your coolers and create your playlists… we’re going golfing! Double your fun by adding these fun accessories to your golf checklist. We all know to bring balls, shoes, tees and a glove – duh, of course.

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But, simple additions like bringing a speaker can be an easy way to have a better time during your round.

I’m surely a fan of a quiet walking round, but rare are the days that most of us are satisfied with bringing only ourselves and golf clubs to the course.

No matter where you’re playing, you’re 100% welcome to bring along a few extras like the Bushnell Wingman View GPS Golf Speaker to enhance your time on the course.

When it comes to bringing your own drinks, you may need to check the course rules. But, just in case your course allows, you’ll want to bring the cooler I’m featuring below.

3 Fun Golf Accessories

Keep scrolling for 3 golf accessories you’d be smart to bring along on your next round. You and your friends can thank me later!

1) Rangefinder & Speaker Combo

Bushnell Wingman View GPS Golf Speaker: This is my all-time favorite way to listen to music and get my distance readings on the golf course for more than a few reasons. First of all, it pairs with the Bushnell app on your phone, and its battery life and music-playing abilities will last you over 36 holes.

And since it’s a GPS and that info is also tracking on your app, you don’t even need to have the device with you on the course to get your range. The app is incredibly helpful. Sometimes I just pull it up to check out aspects of courses I’m planning to or want to play to help me get a feel for the course structure.

Bushnell Wingman View GPS Golf Speaker


The Wingman View allows you to listen to your favorite tunes and get both audible and visual distances around the course. It features high quality audio combined with a viewable LCD screen that provides distance and music information.

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Second, once you stick the Wingman View on your golf cart, that baby isn’t going anywhere with the super-strong magnet it uses. This magnet and device is bumpy golf course safe! Along with that, it’s durable enough to throw in your bag and not worry about any damage next time you need to pull it out and use it again.

The screen is large and easy to view, but you can also toggle the settings to have the device read your yardages to you aloud. You need the Bushnell Wingman View. You’re going to *love* it.

2) A lightweight cooler (featured on Shark Tank)

Kanga Coolers Woody 6/12-Pack Pouch: Featured on Shark Tank, you don’t even need any ice to keep your drinks cool with this smart cooler.

The inconvenience of traditional ice chests is exactly what inspired Clemson University classmates Logan LaMance, Teddy Giard and Austin Maxwell to co-found Kanga Coolers, an ice-less solution to keeping an entire case of beverages cold for a seven-hour day. You can read more about these coolers and the creators’ 30-under-30 journey here.

Kanga Coolers Woody 6/12-Pack Pouch


The Pouch is the all-purpose, compact, and convenient cooler made to be used with or without ice so that no matter the road ahead, a cold one’s always within reach.

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You can use this versatile cooler in three different ways. You can slip in a full 6- or 12-pack that’s still in the box straight into the cooler with confidence that your drinks will be cool throughout 18 holes. But you also have the option, like traditional coolers, to fill it with loose ice and sprinkle in an array of any drinks your heart desires.


Lightweight and machine washable, this cooler is perfect for the golf course, beach, tailgating or even boating adventures! No matter what your plans are, pack your Kanga cooler and enjoy the day with your friends.

3) An on-course card game

Fore! Cards On Course Golf Game: Cards are picked on each hole and determine how the hole will be played. Fore Cards incorporates a variety of popular golf formats with non-golf elements like using your own rules to sweeten your bets or even the playing field for less skilled golfers. It’s some of the most fun you can have on a golf course! It shouldn’t slow you down too much. Just be respectful and don’t stall anyone playing behind you.

Fore! Cards On Course Golf Game


Fore! Cards is an on-course game you can bring to your next round to spice things up.

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Check out these expansion packs to spice up the game even more!

Fore! Golf Game Not Suitable For Golf Expansion Pack Bundle Set ($34.99) – tap here to shop

Fore! Golf Game Not Suitable For Golf Expansion Pack ($14.99) – tap here to shop

Rapidly growing in popularity, ‘Fore! Cards’ has also expanded its variety of games. Along with the original “Fore! Cards” set, you can also play “Fore! Drinks” and “Fore! Money.” There’s even a Club Dice game (super fun, check it out here).

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