22 Free-Spirited Boho Wedding Bouquets – Dreamiest Ideas

22 Free-Spirited Boho Wedding Bouquets – Dreamiest Ideas

Planning a bohemian-style wedding? Then I am certain you will be on the search for wedding flowers and a boho wedding bouquet too!

The boho trend has been huge and for good reason, it’s just so beautiful!

What makes up a boho bridal bouquet? You can expect to find at least one of these features in a boho bouquet:

  • Wild unstructured shape
  • A mix of flower shapes and sizes
  • Dried flowers
  • Natural elements such as grass, palm leaves or feathers
  • Large and oversized
  • Earthy colours such as browns, oranges and greens
  • Greenery and foliage galore

After all, a bohemian wedding is one that links to nature and a free-spirited attitude. It’s a vibe and one you can certainly create with your flowers of dreams!

22 Boho Beautiful Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Now we’ve looked at what a bohemian wedding bouquet consists of, shall we check out some gorgeous florals? Get set to dive into the striking inspiration gallery below.

1. Dried Palm Leaves

Adding dried palms to a bouquet brings architectural shape and a heck of a lot of style.

Boho Wedding Bouquet Pink White Dried Iris and Ivy Photography Photo: Iris and Ivy Photography via Glewstone Court Wedding Florist: Etiquette Events


2. Warm Tones

How heavenly is this warming sunset-tone wedding bouquet? It oozes a bohemian feel.

Boho Wedding Bouquet Leaves Grass Feather Rebecca Carpenter Photography Photo: Rebecca Carpenter Photography via Boho Beach Elopement Florist: Maia Sellen Floral Designs


3. Oversized

More is more when it comes to flowers at a boho wedding. Go bold, go big!

Boho Wedding Bouquets Oversized Wild Ellie Gillard Photo: Ellie Gillard via Indian Lithuanian Wedding Bouquet: Starry Eyed Weddings


4. Dainty Stems

Using lots of different, small flowers in a bouquet brings a wonderfully wild look.

Boho Wedding Bouquet Pink Cream Bubear Photography Photo: Bubear Photography via Farmhouse Redcoats Wedding Florist: What The Fleur


5. Small Bouquet

Or, you could opt for a smaller bouquet but choose a wild mix of flowers with beautifully spindly stems.

Small Boho Wedding Bouquet Holly Rose Weddings Photo: Holly Rose Weddings via Magenta Pink Wedding Florist: Enchanted Floristry 


6. Eucalyptus Bouquet

Eucalyptus has been a firm favourite with boho brides, plus it smells amazing!

Boho Wedding Bouquet Eucalyptus Two Cheeks Studio Photo: Two Cheeks Studio via The Meadows Stirling Wedding Floral Designer: MQ Florals


7. Trailing Ribbons

Add natural fabric ribbons in neutral tones for a whimsical touch.

Boho Wedding Bouquet Idea Terracotta Eastlyn & Joshua Photo: Eastlyn & Joshua via Tennessee Lake Wedding


8. Personalised Ribbon

Alternatively, how about a personalised ribbon with a hidden message?

Boho Wedding Bouquets Personalised Ribbon Helen Rose Photography Photo: Helen Rose Photography via Dusky Pink Taupe Wedding Florist: The Flower Fox Studio Ribbon: Abigail Rose Embroidered Veil & Ribbons


9. Orchid

Orchids add a tropical feel to a boho day, alongside Anthurium and pampas grass and you’re onto a winner.

Boho Wedding Bouquet Ideas Orchid Couple Cups Photography Photo: Couple Cups Photography via Hawaii Wedding Florist: Flower Me Pretty


10. Terracotta

Terracotta is a popular boho wedding colour, especially paired with greens and creams.

Boho Wedding Bouquet Orange Greenery Sam Sparks Photo Photo: Sam Sparks Photo via White Skye Fields Wedding Florist: Dittany Entwined Floral Design


11. Pampas Grass

This bouquet uses the same colour palette with a variety of dried grasses and seeds. The result is beautifully textural.

Boho Wedding Bouquet Dried Grass Jenny Rose Photography Photo: Jenny Rose Photography via Orangery Ingestre Wedding Florist: The Lanes Floristry & Styling


12. Bright & Happy

Bright, happy blooms can have a boho look too!

Boho Wedding Bouquet Ideas Colourful Sunflowers Maddie Farris Photography Photo: Maddie Farris Photography via Yorkshire Village Hall Wedding Florist: The Petal Studio


13. Seed Heads

Seed heads teamed with fresh flowers add a gorgeous height and shape to bouquets.

Boho Wedding Bouquet Protea WhitneyBre Photography Photo: WhitneyBre Photography via Romantic Fall Wedding


14. Pretty Pink

You don’t have to shy away from pretty feel flowers if you’re planning a free-spirited wedding theme.

 Photo: Two Pair Photography via Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Wedding Florist: Persephone


15. Preserved Flowers

Beleive it or not, this stunning bouquet is made from preserved flowers. So you can keep your flowers forever!

Boho Wedding Bouquet Ideas Pink Blue Dried Kerry Ann Duffy Photography Photo: Kerry Ann Duffy Photography via High House Wedding Florist f.o.l.k.y.d.o.k.e.y


16. Toffee & Cream

Toffee and cream tones sound good enough to eat! But also look stunning together.

Boho Wedding Bouquets Toffee The Light Painters Photo: The Light Painters via Cockliffe Country House Wedding Flowers: Sophie’s Flower Co


17. Modern Shape

I love how this bouquet uses statement leaves to create a gorgeous modern shape.

Boho Wedding Bouquets Modern Pink Camilla Andrea Photography Photo: Camilla Andrea Photography via Modern Pink Wedding Flowers: Ivy Floral Events


18. Autumn Leaves

Pairing autumn leaves with seasonal dahlias and orange roses is a match made in boho heaven.

Boho Wedding Bouquet Idea Dried Brown Photos By Hash Photo: Photos By Hash via Digbeth Wedding Florist: Emma Cox Floristry


19. Wildflower

A wildflower bouquet evokes a feeling of, “just wandered through a field and picked up these flowers“. It sums up the bohemian ethos to a T.

Boho Wedding Bouquet Wildflower Photo Freya Raby Photo: Freya Raby via Oakwood At Ryther Wedding Florist: The Petal Studio


20. Winter Flowers

Lashings of greenery and grasses make for the perfect winter bouquet.

Boho Wedding Bouquet Ideas Christmas Winter Mini and Me Photography Photo: Mini and Me Photography via Christmas Wedding Ideas Shoot Flowers: East Kent Flower Company


21. Sage Green

Sage green has to be one of the most popular colours I see at weddings. And, it always looks so chic.

Boho Wedding Bouquet Ideas Sage Green Amy Cutliffe Photography Photo: Amy Cutliffe Photography via Sage Green Wedding Ideas Flowers: Bloomantic


22. Macrame Wrap

Tie your boho bridal bouquet in the most bohemian style, with macrame!

Boho Wedding Bouquets Macrame Wrap Lola Rose Photography Photo: Lola Rose Photography  via Beach Boho Wedding Florist: Dorset Flower Co


And that’s a wrap! All the boho wedding bouquet ideas you’ll ever need to inspire your own florals. Hooray!


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