12 Collared Shirt Accessories to Give Your Favorite Button-Down New Life

12 Collared Shirt Accessories to Give Your Favorite Button-Down New Life

It’s time to spice up this basic staple.

Very few articles of clothing operate as a blank canvas the way a button-down collared shirt can. While starched collars in stark colors might evoke bland, business-casual vibes, the right collared shirt accessories can turn this corporate outfit staple into a fashion powerhouse. From necklaces layered just so to adding an entire additional collar to your ‘fit, there are so many ways to give your favorite button-down shirt its own fashion moment in the sun.

Much like pairing necklaces with V-neck dresses, finding the right accessory to wear with a collared shirt can be a bit of a riddle, You don’t want to distract from the neckline in question, but you also don’t want your collared shirt accessory to blend into your top and be rendered invisible. When choosing accessories to wear with collared shirts, it helps to think of the accessory in question like a party playlist: It sets the tone and tells a story. Ahead, we’ve rounded up a dozen collared shirt accessories that tell very different stories, each with its own unique vibe.

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A Second Collar

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Looking to add some edge to your favorite collared shirt? Layering a second collar under the first is guaranteed to create a main character fashion moment. When choosing a mock collar, you’ve got tons of options. Look for one that creates contrast with interesting textures like lace, sequins, or vinyl. Better yet, go hard and grab the most embellished mock collar you can find.

Shop similar: Current Air Embellished Collar, $15 (Originally $48)

Double-Strand Pearls

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There isn’t a single collared shirt accessory out there that’s more timeless than a double strand of pearls. If you’re aiming to look fully put-together, this is definitely the way to go. To keep the overall vibe from being too monotonous, try pairing your pearls with an outfit in shades of nude, neutrals, and browns.

Shop similar: Japanese Akoya White Pearl Double Strand Necklace, $799

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A Bolo Tie

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This Western-inspired accessory is a great way to radically transform a business casual outfit starring a collared shirt into a look that works for brunch or happy hour. To create an even more exciting contrast, look for a Bolo tie in a color that will stand out against the rest of your outfit.

Shop similar: Prada Saffiano Leather Bolo Tie, $525

Layered Choker Necklaces

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To draw attention to a particularly lovely collar on a collared shirt, a multi-strand choker necklace is the way to go. Not only does it give a ‘fit depth and visual interest, but it creates a level of cohesion that other collared shirt accessories can’t necessarily deliver. If you don’t think a multi-strand choker necklace is something you’d reach for often, you can double or triple a longer necklace around your collar for a nearly identical vibe.

Shop similar: 8 Other Reasons Camilla Layered Necklace, $84

A Pinned Tie

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Even if skinny ties are irrevocably tied to the emo boy bands of the Y2K era for you, you can still incorporate a tie into your collared shirt accessories lineup. Rather than tossing on a tie and calling it a day, add a tasteful tie pin. Thanks to this tiny detail, your collared shirt and tie combo will go from My Chemical Romance at Warped Tour to Maison Valentino Fall 2023 in under 30 seconds.

Shop similar: Strike Gently Co. Floral Knife Tie Pin, $10

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A Corset Top

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Sure, a corset top might seem out of place in an accessories roundup, but hear us out. If we’re defining accessories as an item that changes up the vibe of an outfit then these trendy tops definitely count. A corset top over a button down or collared shirt adds a level of sultry sophistication while highlighting your curves.

Shop similar: Good American Suede Fleece Corset Top, $70

A Statement Necklace (Over the Shirt)

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Wearing a statement necklace over a collared shirt is the more traditional approach to pairing bling with a button-down. Since this look keeps the collar crisp, you should feel empowered to be a bit more extra than you normally would be — think bright colors, spikey details, or contrasting textures.

Shop similar: Baublebar ‘Kew’ Crystal Collar Necklace, $68

A Statement Necklace (Under the Shirt)

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For a look that’s glam but slightly undone, slip on a statement necklace under the collar of your collared shirt, leaving the top few buttons open. This approach to wearing a statement necklace as a collared shirt accessory serves big free-spirit energy, allowing you to play up more structured details in other areas of your look (like a tailored blazer or pleated pants), without the overall vibe veering towards stuffy.

Shop similar: John Hardy Legends Naga Lariat Necklace, $1,335

An Oversized Bow-Tie

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Bring menswear inspo into your wardrobe by softening the edges of a traditional bowtie with a soft fabric like velvet and going oversized. An extra-large bowtie is definitely a statement maker, but you can dress it up with other black tie adjacent details, such as a high-waisted pencil skirt or slacks, and even make it more casual by pairing it with mixed prints and an oversized blazer.

Shop similar: Saint Laurent Maxi Bow Tie in Velvet, $295

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Stacked Necklaces

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Wearing a few stacked necklaces over a collared shirt is a great way to express your aesthetic and use a white button-down as a blank canvas. Try mixing pendant necklaces with contrasting chains in similar, but not exactly matching lengths for a look that’s chic, yet singularly you.

Shop similar: Missoma Lucy Williams Roman Coin Malachite Necklace Set, $498

Extra-Long Necklaces

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If your vibes are more boho than business and you prefer flow to edge, you can channel your airy energy into a collared shirt look by adding several strands of waist-skimming beaded necklaces. As far as collard shirt accessories go, extra-long necklaces do the absolute most to transform the vibe of a collared shirt from buttoned up to ethereal.

Shop similar: Banana Republic Multi-Strand Bead Double Strand Necklace, $60 (Originally $115)

A Statement Choker

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A collared shirt can add inches to your throat and create gorgeous long lines. You can accentuate those lines even further by adding a mesh choker-length necklace to your collared shirt outfit.

Shop similar: Emma Pills Escape Choker, $129

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