10 Signs You Are Being Fooled By Someone You Love: What To Do

10 Signs You Are Being Fooled By Someone You Love: What To Do

Being fooled by someone you love can be more painful than ever imagined. People say that love is blind, and it is pretty accurate especially when you are in love, you tend to ignore the negative aspects of your beloved. However, ignorance is not always bliss because sometimes the signs you ignore can indicate your partner’s lack of seriousness and commitment.

So, here are 10 signs that you are being fooled by someone you love:

what to do when you are being fooled by someone you love

He/She is keeping you as a ‘Secret.’

 Many couples wish to keep their relationship low-key or private before engagement or marriage. The privacy should not be a problem if it happens with mutual consent. But do you feel that your intimate relationship seems to be too private? Not disclosing your romantic relationship with someone at an early stage is perfectly okay. However, after several months or years of dating, consider it a red flag if your partner has kept you a ‘secret’ from their loved ones like family or friends.

He/She prefers to ignore conversations about the future.

 Have you ever tried to converse with your partner about future plans for your career or relationship? What was their reaction? Did they constantly shift the conversation to some other topic?  If it has occurred too often, you should understand that your partner is interested in something other than a long-term commitment. It signifies that your partner is not serious about the relationship or doesn’t consider the equation a relationship. Ignoring conversations about the future indicates you are being fooled by someone you love.

Constant lying is all that they do.

Trust is the backbone of every relationship; one lie can ruin everything. Although in today’s day and age, nobody asks their partner about their constant updates. However, if they lie to you about their whereabouts, they bear hidden secrets they don’t want you to know. Also, you will notice how your partner uses fake concerns to fill in the gaps in their lies.

You are blamed for all the wrong things in their lives.

The moment you try to show them their wrongdoings in the relationship, they start blaming you for all the mishaps of their lives. They will narrate a manipulative story about how they have always planned to lead the relationship in the right direction, but it could never happen because of their mistakes. They will also tell you how your incorrect actions have made them choose the path of betrayal.

Your messages have one-word replies.

 Do you feel like you are always the one who initiates the conversations over text? Then it is time to realize you are being fooled by someone you love. Read the textual conversations between you and your partner. Once you check the responses, you will get a hint of their thought process. If one-word and delayed replies are all you get, then you are being exploited in the relationship. Such responses indicate your partner’s consistent lack of interest in keeping a romantic bond with you.

Your partner never calls you.

Besides the poor texting patterns, your partner hardly gives you an audio or video call. These rare habits of calling may indicate their unseriousness about the romantic relationship. Unluckily, it can also hint that they are not mentally prepared to invest in a romantic relationship.

If there have been days, weeks, or even months when you tried to dial them up or contact them, but they cut or did not respond to your call, then it is high time you understand that you are the sole person making efforts to keep the relationship. Your partner is not even there on a serious note. They perceive the relationship as a casual time pass or fling.

Your partner often forgets about the dates and ghosts you at the last moment.

Date nights are always special but is your partner forgetful about those romantic date nights? Then it is a definite indication of being fooled by someone you love. If the plan about the date night has skipped your partner’s mind or you have been ghosted on the spot, it is your time to move on from such an unhealthy attachment.

You should contemplate how disrespectful such behavior is and clearly show that your partner is not ideal for a romantic relationship. They may not be mature enough to handle a serious relationship or keep in touch with you for their advantage.

You never get an invitation to your partner’s place.

A long time has passed since you, and your partner started dating. However, you have yet to be invited to your partner’s place for dinner or a special occasion. Then, honey, they are not taking the relationship seriously. Also, if they visited your home several times and still have not considered inviting you, it is evidence of being fooled by someone you love.

There is a lack of emotional attachment in your relationship.

It is the emotions that bond two people together in love. But if your partner lacks emotional attachment to you, you are nothing but a fool in love who is putting effort into the wrong person. If your partner is not interested in knowing your feelings, memories, likings, traumas, and all the little details about you, then your relationship is hollow from the inside. Also, does he avoid you instead of uplifting you when you are upset or going through a bad day? Dear, it is the right time for you to understand the need to get out of this relationship.

There are sudden showers of love and attention out of nowhere.

Is your partner suddenly clingy or showering an overdose of emotion on you out of nowhere? A healthy, stable relationship nurtures love and cares 24*7. But if your partner does that on specific days, they express fake love for fulfilling their selfish interest and signify that you are being fooled by someone you love.

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What to do if being fooled by someone you love

Accept – The first step is to accept that there is a problem in your relationship. And whatever is happening is not a sign of a healthy, fulfilling relationship.

Don’t keep it inside – If you are feeling overwhelmed by the sudden discovery of such signs then don’t keep it bottled up inside. Please let it come out. Try talking to a close family member or simply cry out and let your emotions free.

Move On – After you cleared your emotions and are done thinking about the situation you will feel much in control This is the time to try to do something different and divert your mind consciously. Go for a regular walk in a garden or take a trip somewhere. Take out more time for self-care-related activities. 25 Self Care Sunday Ideas To Brighten Up Your Day

Forgive – Learn to forgive and avoid keeping a grudge. Just remember to learn your lesson properly and never go back to that person again. Simply move on and mingle with a new group of friends.

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If you have recently confirmed being fooled by someone you love, don’t break down. Try to hold yourself strong in this challenging phase of your life because, like other tough times, it will also pass gradually. Be honest and confident about yourself to move out of your unhealthy relationship and proceed towards the better romantic future you deserve.