10 Places You Should Not Take a Woman to on a First Date if You’re Hoping for a Second Date!

10 Places You Should Not Take a Woman to on a First Date if You’re Hoping for a Second Date!

As a guy, going on a date these days can become too much homework and calculations. You want to do everything right and at the same time, you don’t want to do too much. Well, we’ve got the right tips just for you.

In this article, we’re unveiling the places you might want to think twice about taking a woman on that initial rendezvous. So, buckle up for a whimsical exploration of the top 10 places you should probably strike off your first-date list. It’s not just about where to go; it’s about setting the stage for a memorable and comfortable encounter. Ready to dive in? Hold fast to your cup of tea and let’s embark on this dating escapade together.

1. Your Ex’s Favourite Restaurant

It’s not just about avoiding memories; it’s also about creating new ones. You don’t want your date associating you with someone else’s taste in food. So, try and discover new places.

2. A Family Gathering

First dates are for getting to know each other, not navigating the dynamics of your family. Save the introductions for a later, more comfortable time.

3. A fast-food joint

Even though “Mama Yusuf’s” restaurant along your street sells very delicious food, First impressions matter. Opt for a place that shows you put some thought into the date, even if it’s casual.

4. Church

Taking someone to church on the first date can be a bit too intense, especially if you haven’t had the chance to get to know each other yet. It might feel like diving into deep waters before testing the temperature. After all, a first date is about establishing a connection, finding common ground, and enjoying each other’s company. Save the sacred spaces for a time when you both feel more comfortable sharing those aspects of your lives.

5. Zoo

Animals are great, but not everyone is comfortable around them. You don’t want your date to be more focused on avoiding goats than getting to know you. But wait first, why the heck would you want to go to a zoo in the first place?

6. An Expensive Restaurant

A midrange restaurant strikes the right balance between showing effort and not putting too much pressure on the budget. It allows for a comfortable atmosphere without the risk of feeling like you’ve emptied your wallet on a date that might not go as planned. Plus, a quiet and cosy setting provides the perfect backdrop for meaningful conversation. It’s all about creating an environment where you both can relax and enjoy each other’s company.

7. A Wedding

Unless it’s a casual affair and you both enjoy weddings, this might be too much too soon. Weddings can stir up thoughts of commitment and the future, which can be overwhelming on a first date.

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Weddings, with their romantic ambience and commitment symbolism, can add an unexpected layer of intensity to a first date. It’s like jumping into the deep end of the emotional pool right from the start. Better to wade in slowly and explore the shallows of connection before diving into the deep waters of weddings and commitments.

8. A Horror Movie Date

Scary movies can be a real mood killer if your date isn’t into them. Plus, it’s tough to chat and connect when you’re both gripping the armrests in fear.

While a scary movie might be your idea of a thrilling time, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. The goal of a first date is to connect and get to know each other, not to see who can endure the most terrifying scenes. Opting for a movie that allows for some lightheartedness and conversation is usually a safer bet.

Movie date

9. Your Place or Hers

Keeping the first date in a neutral, public setting is a wise move. Intimate settings like homes can indeed create a different atmosphere, potentially sending mixed signals. It’s crucial to have the space to focus on getting to know each other without the distractions or expectations that come with a more private environment. Plus, starting in a public space adds a layer of safety and comfort for both parties.

10. A Sports Bar During a Championship Game

If sports aren’t her thing, taking her to a sports bar during a championship game might make her feel like she’s competing for your attention with a bunch of athletes on the screen. Opting for a place where you can have a more intimate and focused conversation is a smart move. After all, the goal is to connect and enjoy each other’s company, not to get lost in the excitement of a game.


Choosing where to go on a first date matters. Skip the awkward spots to keep things fun. No ex’s favourite places, no horror shows. Save serious talks for later. Pick a good spot, and you’ll make a great first impression. If you get rejected, here are 5 reasons she rejected you.