10 Of The Best Ties Brands That Will Instantly Improve Your Wardrobe in 2022

10 Of The Best Ties Brands That Will Instantly Improve Your Wardrobe in 2022

The best ties for men are chic, understated, and elevate the tailoring it accessorizes. King Louis XIV of France knew this. During the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648), he noticed Croatian mercenaries using a neck fabric to keep their jackets tied up. Allegedly, he liked their neckties so much that he made them compulsory for royal occasions and nicknamed them “le cravate.” Hence, the term cravat today.

This timeworn accessory will tie up (oh dear) the loose ends in your tailoring and bring a sprinkling of sartorial panache. Consider the equally mundane and profound moments you’ll be wearing your best ties—weddings, funerals, offices, holidays, birthdays, boardrooms, airport waiting lounges, and fancy restaurants. Do yourself a favor and get a good one.

But which one(s)? While they’re not the most complex accessory in your wardrobe, there are certain things to know before bulldozing into the haberdasher. Join us on a walk through an HTML closet of digital best ties where we hope you come out at the other end with a real one in your hand. Keep reading. 

It’s important not to deconstruct life too much–it’s a matter of health. However, when it comes to the best ties, it’s very important. At its most basic, a tie is just fabric. Good tie? Good fabric. Drake’s has long since evolved from their inception as a haberdasher and became a global purveyor of vintage tailoring in a relaxed, modern way.

For all of these reasons, this tie is universally applicable. It’s not too smart nor too informal with the navy and rust color palette, imbuing it with the calmness of water and the naturalness of the Earth. These are two highly versatile colors when it comes to tailoring, and the quality of the wool is second-to-none, being handmade in London.

Material: Wool | Type: Slim | Colors available: Navy & Rust Broad Stripe | Length: 147 Centimeters | Width: 8 Centimeters

Drake’s Navy and Rust Broad Stripe Wool Tie

The sumptuous luster of velvet fabric is a thing to behold. Here, Gucci utilizes a deep burgundy hue for even more velvety depth. This bow tie has bold, large wings tempered by the soft shape and material. It’s stylish but accessible. 

Some puritans in the fashion scene suggest that you haven’t achieved sartorial greatness until you know how to tie a bow tie yourself. This Gucci bowtie dismantles every single argument in favor of that notion through sheer stylishness. But if the velvet piece doesn’t do it for you and you simply must know how to tie your own bow tie… fine.

Material: Velvet | Type: Pre-tied Bow | Colors available: Burgundy | Length: 9 Centimeters / 3.5 Inches | Width: 12.5 Centimeters / 4.9 Inches

Gucci Pre-Tied Velvet Bow Tie

The slenderness of a skinny tie is an elegant adornment for your tailoring. Brunello Cucinelli presents this soft-hued off-white tie in a glorious striped silk fabric. Manufactured in Solomeo, a 14th-century Italian village in the region of Umbria, this is rustic-Italian fashion at its most authentic. 

We suggest styling with similarly slim, tailored fit suiting. Just imagine, for a minute, what a skinny tie would look like on a baggy suit fit. It would be comical, so it’s best to avoid it. The off-white lends itself well to the lighter tones of spring/summer, and the elegant dual-stripes give an easy platform to style from.

Material: Silk | Type: Skinny | Colors available: Off-white, Gray | Length: 59.6 Inches | Width: 2.8 Inches

Brunello Cucinelli Striped Silk Tie

We love the multi-colored patterning on this Shoryu tie. Reminiscent of eighties boldness, the style comes to fruition through a super smooth ribbed silk material. This tie will tweak your tailoring in a modern direction announcing you as a fashion-forward, highly sophisticated man of taste. Or, that’s the plan, at least.

Due to the boldness and its aesthetic verve, these best ties should be the centerpiece of your tailoring. Pair it with a pink or white shirt and a simple black, charcoal, gray, or navy suit. You’re sure to be met by the jealous eyes of other men and the swoon of potential lovers. Again, that’s the plan, at least. Shoryu can handle it?

Material: Silk | Type: Slim | Colors available: Multi-colored

Percival Shoryu Tie

There are two main factors urging my cursor towards purchasing this tie. First, just look at it—the chic geometric patterning, the silk fabric, the desirable brown-blue-navy colors, and the slender sharpness of its shape. It’s almost irresistible.

Second, it has been, and I quote: “Meticulously recreated using the original patterns and receipts from the Bond and Turnbull archives.” Film history has never looked so good.

Material: Silk | Max Width: 9.5 Centimeters

Turnbull & Asser Tomorrow Never Dies Silk James Bond Tie

Hermès began life as leather makers and became renowned for that. But in 1937 and 1947, respectively, they released silk scarves and silk ties using a vibrant screen printing technique. The vertical production from the silkworm plantations in Brazil to the point of sale means quality is at a maximum. This is one of the main reasons Hermès silk products are still revered to this day.

This particular silk tie presents a maze of geometric beauty. Due to the miniature size of the hand-sewn pattern, when viewed from afar, it gives the illusion of a single blue-white tone—making it a great choice for formal styling.

Material: Silk | Colors available: 6 Colorways | Width: 3.15 Inches

Hermès Minotaure tie

Want to know something crazy? The Ascot tie is banned from Ascot. Well, okay, that’s slightly true. The casual Ascot tie is banned from the royal enclosure at Ascot because it became too popular and not exclusive enough for the higher echelons of society. These days, the casual Ascot is a wonderful go-between scarf and tie. You get panache and an aesthetic difference that’ll let you stand out from the crowd. 

You’ll want to slide this “extra soft” silk cravat through your fingertips every minute for pure sensory pleasure. And the copper, brown, and white geometric designs look as sophisticated as TS Eliot’s poetry reads.

Material: 36oz ‘Extra Soft’ Silk Twill | Type: Ascot Tie (day cravat) | Colors available: Blue, Black | Length: 120 Centimeters | Width of Blade: 15 Centimeters | Width of Neck: 5 Centimeters

The Cravat Club Daniel

Like Stella Bugbee in her piece for The Cut on bolo ties, she isn’t 100% sure why she wants to wear one. It’s just that she saw someone wear it so incredibly well, and now she wants one. I get it. The bolo tie really shouldn’t look good, but it really does?

This brand-heavy Prada bolo tie in Saffiano leather is of the finest going, and it’s guaranteed to look chic as any conventional best ties for men as an alternative paired with a plain white shirt. Sure, it’s not as formal as a traditional tie, but as a smart-casual accessory, it packs a lot of fantastic character. 

Material: Leather & Enamel | Type: Bolo | Colors available: White, Yellow, Black, Blue | Length: 90 Centimeters | Width: 0.6 Centimeters

Prada Saffiano Leather Bolo Tie

The best ties, especially for weddings, are elegant, formal, and unpretentious. But there’s something else they don’t tell you about wedding ties. Weddings are mostly in the summer, so it pays to be set up for sunshine and warmth. 

That’s why this linen tie by Reiss is one of the best ties for men attending a union. The dusty musted pastel pink tone situates it in the realm of spring/summer tailoring. If you can don it with a white linen shirt, pastel linen suit, and brown oxfords, you’ll look très bon indeed. Expect one, but probably multiple wedding proposals to come your way when wearing that set-up.

Material: Linen | Type: Slim | Colors available: Pink, Blue, Mint

Reiss Barrow Linen Tie

These ties have expensive flair, but they’re very affordable. They’re practically designed for that summer wedding you know will be in the sunshine. Add to the wholesomeness of the affair with your dainty and skinny floral tie, subtly giving off an “approachable good-natured” vibe. Not like the guy wearing the skull and crossbones tie—don’t be like him. 

This tie pattern comes in a huge range of colors, so the right one for you is there, somewhere. Our choice? The beige blue option. It matches floral exuberance with the versatility and neutrality an off-white shade gives you.

Material: Cotton | Type: Skinny | Colors available: 36 Options| Length: 58 Inches | Width: 2.5 Inches

Belluno Floral Skinny Tie for Men

Christmas ties are meant to be full of festive cheer, so they don’t always define themselves by their sharp style or impeccable taste. Mainly, they’re preoccupied with stunning you into cheery submission through bright colors, lights, or terrible quips. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

This silk tie by Cufflinks Inc. is different. While it still displays awesome little pugs in Christmas hats (very fun), they’re small enough to be almost respectable. The sort of best ties for men that might get a little chuckle and a nod of approval in the boardroom around Christmas time. That’s the sort of aspiration we’re aiming for here—style with a chuckle. 

Material: Silk | Type: Slim | Length: 59 Inches | Width: 3 Inches

Cufflinks Inc. Pug Men’s Tie

When it comes to “tried and tested,” it doesn’t get much more objective than 4.7 stars out of 5 from 891 amazon reviews/ratings (at the time of writing). The crisp color options, unique animal/dinosaur patterning, and voluminous berth give this tie a magnetic sense of confidence. It even comes with a matching pocket square. That’s another good way to define the best ties for men—they come with bonus gifts.

Material: Polyester | Type: Slightly Wide | Colors available: 9 Animal Patterns | Length: 59 Inches | Width: 3.4 Inches

Hisdern Animal Ties for Men

Dark red is a versatile tie choice because it goes with navy, charcoal, gray, and black with ease. Nothing says “classic” like refined pure silk fabric woven that lends a luxurious feel to even the drabbest of tailoring. 

While versatility is a strong point of the dark red tie, we suggest going with a matching navy suit with black leather or very dark brown leather shoes. Don’t forget a crisp, well-ironed white shirt. Classic tailoring. You can’t go wrong, even if you tried.

Material: Silk | Type: Skinny | Width: 8 Centimeters

Suit Supply Dark Red Tie

The pattern on this silk-cotton blend tie by Paul Smith brings a smile to our faces. Perhaps, because the palm tree graphics conjure up dreams of living an easy life in a Caribbean beach shack, fishing for sustenance, and waking up far too late. 

At the rear of the tie, you’ll find the classic Paul Smith “stripe” through which you can stow the smaller end through. These best ties for men are also lined with a floral black and white print for yet more visual stimuli. Because of the vibrant nature of this design, keep it classy with a charcoal suit and pink/white shirt to boot. Basically, make everything else the background for this foreground-worthy neckwear.

Material: 62% Silk, 38% Cotton | Type: Slim | Colors available: Mauve | Length: 144 Centimeters

Paul Smith Silk-Blend 'Getaway' Tie

It’s crucial with a floral tie not to be too floral. That’s a visual onslaught best avoided. They’re a nightmare to style, and the 7-year-old art-project aesthetic doesn’t look particularly flattering.

Now, onto good floral ties. Here, Hugo Boss has arranged floral motifs via careful symmetry presenting a neat, garden-like aesthetic. The pink and blue meld nicely together through the silk jacquard weave to create a sophisticated and desirable tie.

Material: Silk | Type: Skinny | Colors available: Light Purple, Light Blue | Length: 150 Centimeters / 59.1 Inches | Width: 7.5 Centimeters / 3.0 Inches

Hugo Boss

What To Look For When Buying The Best Ties for Men

Tie Knot

Personally, I’ve only ever used one type of knot. I learned it at school, never knew its name, and it’s done me well through the years. I exist at one end of the spectrum. On the other is the Fashion Beans’ comprehensive “eight tie knots every man should master.” It’s definitely worth checking out since different knots are more appropriate for certain width/length/materials of the best ties. Get some real sartorial kudos and master the fishbone knot, which mimics a herringbone pattern.


Benjamin Franklin said, “Nothing can be said to be certain except Death, Taxes, and tie width should always match lapel width.” Mr. Franklin was a wise man. If you want an example, notice how tailoring trends in the eighties/nineties sported baggy fits with big lapels, and the tie width expanded with them. This lapel width-tie width rule is the way of the world.


The main roster of materials includes silk, cotton, wool, linen, and polyester. Silk is the most luxurious, while polyester is the most affordable. Linen is lightweight and breathable, making it great for summer, while wool is generally more insulating and better for winter. Cotton is a good all-rounder.


    • These days formal neckwear is seldom for practical purposes (unless you count proving a judge of your innocence), so why are we still wearing ties nearly 400 years on? It all boils down to style and presentation.

      Ties offer men a chance to show some flair in otherwise drab attire, and the addition of one can quite literally tie a look together. Of course, they’re not just for formalwear. Wearing a tie can instantly upgrade a more relaxed outfit too, indicating that you’re a man knows how to truss himself up even when the dress code doesn’t require a lounge suit.

      “Men still love raising the game sartorially, and British men take much more pleasure in the smart-casual look,” says Jermyn Street master shirt and tie maker Emma Willis. “This often includes less structured, plain, textured ties that de-formalize silk with blends of linen or cashmere.”

      A tie is also a great way to subtly change up your look day-to-day, particularly if your job requires you to wear a suit. “I always imagine I have a heads up on the day’s current affairs choosing BBC newsreader Huw Edwards’ tie with him depending on the headline story,” adds Willis.

      • When deciding on the tie, consider the shirt, the shoes, the fabric, and the color of the suit. Remember the golden rule of tailoring: balance. A tie can add zest to a less exciting assortment, or it can help mute a more wild outfit. Think of it as the garnish to your meal. You want to choose the right herb, and you want the right amount of it.

        • They’ve done it. They really have invented everything now. The travel case for ties will protect your precious fabrics and even give space for accouterments such as tie bars or cufflinks. If this seems needless (it is), simply fold the tie in half, roll it up into a sartorial cylinder, and place it in one of your shoes like a good resourceful human.

          • Generally, 57-58 inches is normal. However, tie lengths can extend as far as 67 inches or over for especially tall men. A larger man might want a longer than normal to account for extra torso length too. 

            • We’re aware there are more pressing issues in the world than what style of neckties are currently in favor. And while there’s a lot to be said for not giving a damn, what’s the harm in knowing? Tailoring trends suggest baggier fits and wider lapels. So, it makes sense to apply our earlier advice of matching lapel width to necktie width and suggest: that wide ties are so hot right now.

              Other styles to note are pastels, which are lovely for the summer, and knitted fabrics since they’re a nice departure from the traditional. I would avoid classic paisley, floral, bright, or plain colors for anything too staid or conventional.