10 Fabulous 2024 Wedding Trends to Try on Your Big Day

10 Fabulous 2024 Wedding Trends to Try on Your Big Day

Are you ready to learn all about the upcoming 2024 wedding trends? This year is a great time for branching out and having a wedding that no one will ever forget. Here are a few things you’ll see trending in weddings during 2024.

10 Fabulous 2024 Wedding Trends to Try on Your Big Day

Wedding trends are always a lot of fun because they’re introducing a concept that typically isn’t common to weddings. Therefore, 2024 will be a great year to shatter some of those old wedding traditions.

Include these 2024 wedding ideas to make sure that your wedding is unique and fun in its own way. Here are some creative 2024 wedding trends to keep your eye out for.

2024 Wedding Trends to Elevate Your Big Day

1. Unique Looks for Bridesmaids

This is a good thing! This means that bridesmaids will no longer be forced to wear matching dresses. Plus, they are able to choose dresses that complement the flow of their wedding and their own body styles.

The thought process that one dress has to fit everyone in your bridal party in a flattering way, no matter what their body shape looks like, is one trend that we’re happy to see shifting for 2024.

Bridesmaids by Debbie Ringle as seen on Hill City Bride

2. Colorful Wedding Dresses

White wedding dresses are lovely, but there are so many great colors that should be an option.

Light pink, purples, and, let’s not forget, adding in some black and white coloring, too. If the bride wants to add a pop of color on her wedding day, let the color shine bright.

Pastel Wedding Colors | Purple and Blue Wedding Ideas

3. Personalized Items

Written words of love and affection should be shown. Add your favorite love sayings to napkins, on your veil, or even print them on the wedding announcements.

Floral Bow Tie Made from Flowers

4. Fun Wedding Reception Activities for Guests

Everyone loves having family and friends be a part of their big day, so be sure to add creative elements to your reception.

This could be having a photo booth for memory making or disposable cameras at the tables for guests to take silly pictures. You could even have karaoke at the wedding reception to have everyone belt a tune together.

Surprise Wedding in Virginia

5. Colorful and Tall Cakes

Bright cakes are in! Wedding cakes that are full of fruit flavors or are unique and brightly colored are perfect for 2024 weddings. This is a great way for the bride and groom to showcase a delicious cake option and a fun way for a cake decorator just to relax and be as creative as they want.

Colorful and fun cupcakes are also a great option in 2024 wedding trends. Having a hand-held treat at the wedding reception really goes hand-in-hand with dancing, drinking, and moving about.

Bridgerton Wedding Cake

More Relaxed 2024 Wedding Trends

6. Smaller Flower Bouquets

Large bouquets of flowers are still lovely, but small and mini bouquets are gaining popularity. A gathering of a few of their favorite flowers is all that bouquets need to adhere to 2024 wedding trends.

Eucalyptus and Rose Summer Bouquet

7. Simple Hair and Makeup

Brides no longer need to spend a ton of time on their hair. A simple and natural look is the way to go!

Hairdressers are still needed, but the pressure is off. Feel free to wear your hair natural or down. You can even have minimal makeup and nude nails to capitalize on the minimalist trend.

Black Bride with Veil

8. Live Plants

Forget about flowers everywhere. Add some fresh plants to give the wedding a bright and new look. Live greens are great for a natural aesthetic and an earthy look.

Greenery Bridal Session | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

9. Casual Looks for Groomsmen

Ties and suits are fine, but letting the men be casual is important as well. Button-down shirts and khakis are a great idea for outdoor weddings.

Plus, it’s one 2024 wedding trend that offers a much more affordable solution than renting suits for everyone.

Pink and Blue Wedding Groomsmen

10. Couples Prepping Together

Why waste the last few minutes of being a couple getting together apart? Spend the morning hours before the wedding relaxing together, having coffee, and starting the wedding prep.

This also makes for super cute wedding photos You can always get ready most of the way and then separate to get dressed if you want to add an element of surprise.

Steel Blue and Burgundy Virginia Wedding | Hill City Bride Wedding Ideas Blog Bride Groom

Save our 2024 wedding trends!

As you can see, 2024 offers some really fun and unique wedding trends that aren’t that hard to pull off. Many brides want to make this year one to have fun. Couples also want to showcase their likes and personalities while still making it a day that they’ll never forget.

Use the following wedding trends to help plan out some amazing wedding details that anyone can easily do with an upcoming wedding. Who knows – your wedding just may be the trendsetting wedding of the year!

10 2024 Wedding Trends to Try2024 Wedding Trends