🚀 Who Benefits from Site Visits?

🚀 Who Benefits from Site Visits?

Retail audits, store visits and hotel assessments are proven to protect the brand, drive brand standards, increase customer satisfaction and mitigate risks in multi-unit retail and hospitality.

How exactly will retail audits conducted with Bindy benefit you?

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from regularly visiting and auditing your sites with Bindy.

C-Level Executives

On time, in full, at every site

Boost business at every site

Regional Vice-Presidents and Directors

  • Track and measure in-store execution…in real time!
  • Track the performance of programs, regions, stores and individuals. Identify outliers and opportunities for further training.
  • Complete oversight and collaborative workflow involving the district manager and franchisee. Reduce communication overheads and costly back-and-forth. It just works.

District Managers

  • Simplified, time-saving actionable data collection on any device (phone, tablet and PC), both online and offline.
  • Around-the-clock access to historical store data, including notes, signatures, photos and videos at any of your stores, anywhere, on any device. View repeat unacceptables, trends and store-to-district comparisons.
  • Utilize performance data to inform, engage and advise franchisees on driving their business and the brand forward.
  • No more Excel, fewer emails, fewer follow-up phone calls! Free up your time to do what you do best: help the stores achieve better results!

Franchisees and Managers

  • Around-the-clock access to historical store data anywhere, on any device. View the district manager’s notes, recommendations and photos.
  • Close issues and include verification photos.
  • Easy-to-use reports showing historical best and worst performing areas, trends and notes from all prior visits.


  • Consistent execution of service, merchandising and health & safety standards improve the customer experience, reduce customer complaints and improve same-store sales.
  • Customers have a way of thanking stores that are well run…they come back!

Retail audits have sizable, measurable benefits inside and outside of the organization. They help drive in-store execution, protect the brand and have strong return on investment.


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