What To Wear Under Graduation Gown

What To Wear Under Graduation Gown

As the big day is just around the corner, no doubt you want only the best look as you walk across that stage with your head high and diploma. While it’s easy to focus on what your graduation attire looks like on top of the gown, with photos taken by friends and family to mark this special occasion, remember what lies beneath!

Whether you’re graduating from high school or college, wearing the proper outfit underneath can make all the difference in creating a polished look, you’ll be proud to show off during this momentous occasion.

Ensuring you have the proper apparel under your cap and gown will help create a perfect finale for this milestone moment. Read on to discover how to pick out pieces that look great and feel comfortable throughout the ceremony!

Understand What Will Be Visible Under Your Graduation Gown

Even though graduation gowns cover most of your wardrobe when zipped up during your school’s graduation ceremonies, part of your apparel may still show depending on the cut of your dress, shirt, skirt, or pants.

Most men wear collared shirts that show over the lower-cut collar of the graduation gown, an easy way to look sharp and professional for this solemn event. However, if you wish to wear a dress under your gown, chances are your top will not show through your zipped-up graduation gown.

It’s normal if your undergarment doesn’t show beneath your graduation gown throughout the ceremony!

And don’t worry about losing your distinct style. You can still make your graduation outfit stand out by adding jewelry and other accessories!

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing Your Graduation Outfit?

Your graduation is approaching, and you are probably getting ready to figure out what to wear under your graduation gown. But can you choose the proper attire for yourself? Comfort is critical when selecting an outfit that will suit the occasion.

  1. Weather

Consider the weather on the day of your graduation temperatures can fluctuate greatly depending on location. If it’s a hot summer day, you may opt for light and breezy clothing, such as airy cotton fabrics and thin linens that won’t stick to your skin. For colder climates, think of warm materials like wool or cashmere.

  1. Comfort

Comfort is also essential when deciding on the type of clothing. Looser-fitting clothes are preferred for maximum comfort, like an oversized shirt or dress with a belt or loose trousers and flats. If you prefer more fitted garments, pair them with lightweight fabrics like chiffon and silk to avoid feeling too constricted by the outfit. Avoid wearing items that have rough textures, as they might be itchy under the graduation gown and impact your overall comfort.

  1. Formality

Lastly, remember that it is a formal occasion and you should dress accordingly. Avoid clothing that is too casual or flashy, as they may not fit the brand voice of the event. Stick to timeless pieces such as a classic shirt-and-trouser ensemble, an elegant shift dress, or a chic midi skirt and top.

When in doubt, opt for comfortable and classic pieces that will keep you looking polished and relaxed during your big day. These tips make finding the perfect outfit under your graduation gown a breeze!

What Men Should Wear Under Graduation Gown?

Choosing what to wear under a gown for guys usually boils down to picking a beautiful shirt and formal trousers. Neutral colors are good, and dark trousers complement any color gown.

Ties are not required in most situations, but they provide another formal element that can assist in improving your look.

Under a graduation gown, blazers or suit jackets can get exceedingly warm. If you want to wear a blazer for photos, have someone carry it while wearing your gown.

To look sharp, make sure your attire is pressed; wrinkled garments can detract from an otherwise polished appearance. A T-shirt that is worn or crumpled is not ideal.

Men’s shoes should be closed-toed, clean, and polished formal shoes. Even trendy trainers aren’t usually appropriate for graduation, so avoid them.

What Women Should Wear Under Graduation Gown

There are several options for what to wear under a graduation gown for ladies, including skirts, dresses, trousers, pantsuits, and playsuits. There are some guidelines to follow:

If you prefer skirts or dresses, make sure they aren’t excessively long or puffy – when combined with a gown, this can cause the outfit to look heavy and shapeless.

Avoid wearing tall, tight heels, or carry a pair of more comfortable shoes if you insist on wearing them. Wedges and block heels are fantastic for getting the lift from the heel while remaining comfy. Choose flats, pumps, or formal sandals to mix style and comfort.

Most graduation gowns favor neutral, darker hues to avoid overshadowing the gown, which is the focal point of the appearance, but if you want a flash of color for contrast, opt for colors that match your university’s colors. Look for facts and photographs on your institution’s graduation pages, or ask the robemaker.

What Accessories To Pick On Your Big Day?

As we all know that accessories are game-changers!

Begin with a striking necklace to elevate your look from “meh” to “hell yeah.”

The earrings come next. Not too huge or small, just enough to indicate, “I’m fancy, but I’m not trying too hard.”

Finally, a wristwatch. It’s functional and fashionable, and you want to be focused on your phone throughout the ceremony – that’s just plain rude.

Choosing the Best Pair of Shoes

As you may know, walking at graduation necessitates, well, walking. And, to walk correctly, you’ll need to pick the appropriate pair of shoes to go with your graduation gown.

Your graduation should be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible; the last thing you want to do is trip as you walk across the stage to get your hard-earned diploma. While heels are fashionable and will undoubtedly complement the extra length of your graduation gown, be sure you are comfortable walking in them. It’s also important to remember that while you’ll spend most of the graduation ceremony sitting. At the same time, you listen to speeches and watch everyone else go across the stage to collect their diploma; you won’t be sitting the whole day.

Whatever you choose to wear, remember that your graduation day is a celebration of you and all your hard work and an opportunity to thank everyone who has supported you.

Last words

Graduating is an exciting accomplishment, and choosing the right look on graduation day can be as fun. Whether you’re planning to dress up with nice accessories or relax in more casual attire, the first step is deciding what to wear under your gown. Make sure to find comfortable and stylish clothing; this will help you look your best and make your special day even more memorable. Now that you have some ideas of what to wear underneath your graduation gown, it’s time to explore other creative options for styling yourself on graduation day. Think about accessorizing with jewelry, shoes, hats, and more to complete your outfit and show off your unique style. Happy Graduation!