Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Expenses Couples Always Forget To Plan For [Episode 81]

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Expenses Couples Always Forget To Plan For [Episode 81]

Let’s be honest, weddings cost money! Last week we spoke about genius ways to save money on your wedding. One tip is to know exactly what you’ve got to spend and what you need to purchase. The tricky thing is that there are a few wedding expenses couples always forget to plan for. I’ll list them so you don’t forget these!!



Your pre-wedding outfits

You’ve probably included your wedding day outfits in your budget, but have you considered anything you’ll wear to pre-wedding events? We’re talking about what you’ll wear to your engagement party, hen or stag party, and engagement shoot.


Wedding party gifts

You know, those awesome bridesmaid proposal gifts you’ve had your eye on? Factor these into your budget along with anything you’d like to give to the wedding party on the day of the wedding too.



If you’re printing and posting invitations, you could spend about €1 per envelope, depending on the size and weight. Add it all up and you may have €30 – €250 to consider.


Pre-wedding food

Think about the morning of your wedding and be prepared to cover the cost of everything you and your wedding party will eat and drink.


Underwear and accessories

Your wedding day outfit is sorted, but have you considered a veil, shoes, bra and shapewear, a garter, and jewellery? And for the boys, consider your shoes, socks and cufflinks.


Beauty treatments

Take a peek at your wedding beauty plan and add up the cost of any treatments you’d like. There are the obvious ones like your hair and makeup, a mani and pedi. Don’t forget about any other costs, like your spray tan, teeth whitening and a massage.


Hair and makeup trials

We always recommend that you get a hair and makeup trial. It’s part of knowing what you’re going to look like on the day and you’ll feel a whole lot more comfortable knowing that this aspect is sorted! Keep the costs of these in mind.



If you’re planning on dieting and exercising, you will probably need to get your dress taken in. Others may need to get theirs hemmed up. Often, alterations like this are an extra cost.


Wedding stationery

You’re probably already mindful of the cost of designing and printing your invitations. Don’t forget about Save the Dates, Thank You cards, Menus, Mass Booklets, Place Cards and a Table Plan.


Delivery, set up and breakdown

Consider each item of your wedding. It all needs to get to your wedding, be set up and then broken down again. Find out what the cost is for each of these items from all suppliers involved.


A sound system at the ceremony

Lots of venues have a basic PA system, but sometimes you’ll have to hire one in. Speak with your Band/DJ to see if the equipment and setup is included in their fee or if this is an additional item.


Your Plan B

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, consider having a tent as a backup if the weather doesn’t play along. Think about a tent floor too!


A meal for your suppliers

Your suppliers won’t need the same three course meal that everybody else is eating, but they will still need to eat and drink something. You won’t need to worry about a fancy table setting, but each supplier will need somewhere to sit.


Tax and service charges

There may be lots of little hidden costs that can add up. For example, does your venue include service charges for staff or are these extra? Have your suppliers included tax in their quotes? Take a look at all your contracts and work out what any hidden costs are.


Extra hours

If your party is going so well that you don’t want to cut it at the agreed upon time, what will that cost? Consider your venue, all staff required to continue the party, your Band/DJ, wedding coordinator and any other suppliers who are needed to keep the party going.


Include yourselves in the headcount

Don’t forget to count yourselves when thinking about meals, a table setting, any individual items like cutlery, crockery, chairs and so on. You’d be surprised at how many couples forget to include themselves in the headcount.