Unveiling: A Perfect Gift, The extraordinary Turtle Pendant

Unveiling: A Perfect Gift, The extraordinary Turtle Pendant


In the world of 3D Printing and jewellery design, fascinating stories often unfold. One such narrative involves Vincent Gillespie, who commissioned a distinctive turtle pendant for his wife, Sandra Chapman, a prominent figure at the Natural History Museum in London. This bespoke piece, inspired by a new Pleurodiran turtle species discovered by Chapman in southwestern Niger, came to life through the craftsmanship of Cooksongold3D.

Turtle Fossil

The Inspiration:

Sandra Chapman, the Curator of Fossil Reptiles, Amphibians, and Birds at the Natural History Museum, stumbled upon a remarkable find in southwestern Niger – a new species of pleurodiran turtle named Abalakemys chapmanae. Vincent Gillespie, understanding his wife’s passion, sought to commemorate this discovery with a unique and meaningful gift. Enter the world of 3D print and casting and the artistry of Cooksongold3D.

The Collaboration:

Vincent Gillespie collaborated with Cooksongold3D to bring a tangible representation of Abalakemys chapmanae into the realm of wearable art. The process began with the creation of a detailed CAD (Computer-Aided Design) model that captured the essence of the pleurodiran turtle.

Working closely with the talented designers at Cooksongold3D, Vincent Gillespie ensured that every detail, from the intricate shell patterns to the delicate limbs, was accurately translated into the digital realm. The result was a stunning 3D model that paid homage to the recently discovered species.

The 3D Printing:

Once the CAD design was perfected, the next step was to transform it into a physical object through 3D printing. Utilising cutting-edge 3D printing technology, Cooksongold3D meticulously crafted a prototype of the turtle pendant. The precision of the printing process allowed for an incredible recreation of the CAD design, ensuring that every detail mirrored the beauty of Abalakemys chapmanae.

The Casting Process:

With the 3D-printed prototype in hand, Cooksongold3D moved on to the casting phase. Traditional casting techniques were employed to transform the 3D-printed model into a tangible piece of jewelry. This involved creating a mold of the prototype and pouring molten metal – chosen for its durability and aesthetic appeal – into the mold to form the final pendant.

The Result:

The end result was a breathtaking pendant that encapsulated the spirit of Abalakemys chapmanae. The intricate details of the turtle’s shell was transformed into a wearable piece of art. Vincent Gillespie presented the pendant to Sandra Chapman, who was not only moved by the thoughtful gesture but also deeply touched by the artistic representation of her scientific discovery.


The collaboration between Vincent Gillespie, Cooksongold3D, and Sandra Chapman serves as a testament to the intersection of science, art, and personal expression. Through the marriage of 3D printing and jewellery design, a newfound species of Pleurodiran turtle found its way into the hearts of a couple, forever immortalized as a beautiful pendant. Abalakemys chapmanae now lives on not only in the pages of scientific journals but also as a cherished piece of wearable art, a symbol of the extraordinary stories that can emerge from the fusion of creativity and technology.

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Author: Amarah Mann