Top 5 MagSafe Accessories for iPhone You Should Buy [List]

Top 5 MagSafe Accessories for iPhone You Should Buy [List]

Bought an iPhone 12, 13 or 14 with MagSafe? These are the 5 best MagSafe accessories you should consider getting and skip everything else.

There are a Ton of iPhone MagSafe Accessories Out there, But these are the Only Ones You Actually Need

Apple solved a huge wireless charging problem with MagSafe on iPhone. Instead of waking up to a partially charged or completely dead iPhone in the morning, those array of magnets make sure your compatible MagSafe charger stays firmly attached to the back of your iPhone.

Of course, MagSafe is not about charging only. Those magnets can be used to attach stuff on the back of your iPhone. Whether it’s an iPhone 12, iPhone 13 or iPhone 14, you can buy some of the craziest accessories out there to enhance the overall functionally of your phone.

There are so many accessories to choose from at this point, you’ll end up buying things you don’t need at all. Those things may include a cooling fan, a leather wallet that turns into a kickstand, a power bank and so much more. What should you buy, exactly? We have picked out 5 of the best MagSafe accessories for iPhone that are immediately worth buying, starting off with the most obvious thing out there – a charger.

Belkin MagSafe Wireless Charger Pad

Apple’s very-own MagSafe charger is super vanilla and that’s the only reason it didn’t make it to our list. But, we have something way, way better from Belkin.

Belkin’s MagSafe Wireless Charger Pad comes with a lengthy 6.6-feet cable, which is twice as long compared to Apple’s. This lengthy cable means more freedom to use your smartphone while it is charging and you can always sit far from the wall charger if you wan to, all thanks to that extra 3-feet of cable.

This Belkin charger is ‘Made for MagSafe’ certified, which means it will give you the full 15W charging speed. Just make sure to buy a 20W USB-C charger to get those speeds otherwise the wireless charger will fall back to the slower 7.5W charging speed.

Rather than being just a regular MagSafe charger, this one has a kickstand built into it. The means you are not limited to keeping your phone flat on the table. Just prop it up whenever you feel like it if you want to keep that video call or TV show marathon going.

The cable on the charger is also braided which minimizes the chances of damage and fraying. If you hate cables biting the dust after a few twist and turns, Belkin has your back in this area.

For a price of $49.99 and available in three colors, this is the only MagSafe charger worth getting for your iPhone.

Buy Belkin MagSafe Wireless Charger Pad

ESR MagSafe Battery Pack

Carrying a power bank and a cable has become extremely normal these days. What if you don’t have to carry that cable and let wireless charging take care of things?

There are plenty of great MagSafe compatible power banks out there but the best power bank is the one that holds a ton of charge, allowing you to top up your iPhone multiple times when needed. Even if it isn’t multiple, at least one full charge is a priority. That’s where this MagSafe battery pack from ESR completely shines.

This power banks holds a massive capacity of 10,000mAh. This is enough to charge an iPhone 14 1.7 times, an iPhone 14 Plus 1.3 times, an iPhone 14 Pro 1.7 times and an iPhone 14 Pro Max 1.3 times. This is a wild amount of capacity given how Apple’s own MagSafe Battery Pack completely dies after charging an iPhone 50% at best in most cases.

Charging an iPhone using this power bank is super simple. Just attach it to the back of your iPhone and charging will begin instantly. You don’t have to press any button as it is all automatic. But it gets even better, you can even charge your iPhone using a USB-C to Lightning cable at full 20W speed. You can even charge two iPhones at once with this – one will charge wirelessly at 5W speed while the wired one will get 10W of power.

Available in two different color options – white and black – this ESR accessory will only cost you $29.99. If you always find yourself on the road, just toss this inside your pocket for a quick top-up whenever needed.

Buy ESR MagSafe Battery Pack

Spigen Smart Fold (MagFit) Magnetic Wallet

If one accessory can do two things at the same time, apart from its primary function, you already know it’s going to be a great thing to own.

We have come across a ton of MagSafe wallets. They’re available in different material types and are good for holding a card or two. They all stick to the back of an iPhone like they should, and that’s about it. There’s nothing exciting about them, unless they are designed to do one extra thing.

The Spigen smart wallet is a very high quality accessory that is designed to give you quick access to your cards – 2 of them, to be exact – right from your iPhone’s back. But it does that while transforming into a kickstand whenever needed.

Bet you didn’t see this one coming, did you?

Using an interesting tri-fold mechanism, you can either keep your iPhone upright in portrait position or give the wallet a twist and make things landscape. It’s a kickstand that stays with you at all times. If it ever bothers you, just yank it off from your iPhone and put it in your pocket.

Available in two finishes and priced at $39.99, it’s cheap and a high quality wallet that does two things at once.

Buy Spigen Smart Fold (MagFit) Magnetic Wallet 

Nillkin Magnetic Shower Phone Holder Magsafe Wall Mount

We are going into the weird category of products that utilize MagSafe. This thing is something even I didn’t know I needed until I saw it. I can already sense you are going to find a million use-cases for it.

This thing is just a ring of magnets that will stick on any surface as long as it’s flat. You can stick it on your shower wall, your window, your mirror, the back of your car seat, the car dashboard – literally anywhere as long as there’s a surface you can attach this to.

Once you’ve decided where this holder will go, just attach your iPhone to it and it will stick to it using the MagSafe magnets. The days of holding your phone or propping it up against the sink just to look at the display are long gone. Just put those MagSafe magnets to work.

This Nillkin phone holder comes in a pack of 2 and costs just $14.99. This is one of those products which you can spread across your house and even your car, or cars.

Buy Nillkin Magnetic Shower Phone Holder Magsafe Wall Mount

PopSockets Phone Grip Compatible with MagSafe

PopSockets has been around for quite some time and with the iPhone 12, the accessory got the MagSafe upgrade, allowing you to take it off or put it back on in a snap, quite literally.

If you love using your iPhone for a long time, and we know you do, then grabbing one of the countless PopSockets available in the market makes sense. It goes on the back of your iPhone, giving you the grip which you always wanted. No more latching onto your iPhone no matter what position you are in.

Since there are a ton of MagSafe compatible cases out there, you can attach the PopSockets accessory to them as well. You are not limited to sticking the holder on the back of your iPhone semi-permanently. The freedom you get using MagSafe is simply outstanding here.

There’s an entire ecosystem of PopSockets, from mounts to stands to tripods, you name it. It’s entirely up to you how you end up using it. With prices starting from as little as $24.99, and available on sale all the time, it’s pretty cheap to become with, too.

Buy PopSockets Phone Grip Compatible with MagSafe

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