Top 30 Aquamarine Rings Under 00

Top 30 Aquamarine Rings Under $5000

The dazzling blue March birthstone, aquamarine, is a favorite to many. This gemstone symbolizes happiness, honesty, and clear communication, which makes it perfect for engagement rings. What’s more, there are plenty of gorgeous aquamarine rings under $5000 for you to choose from.

If you want to surprise your bride with an aquamarine engagement ring without spending a fortune, then read on for the top 30 aquamarine rings under $5000. 

1. The Arosa Ring

Top 30 Aquamarine Rings Under 00

Price: $4,950. Learn more about the Arosa Ring. 

This ring centers a 1.86-carat step-cut aquamarine gemstone surrounded by two smaller step-cut aquamarines with a total weight of 1.05 carats. The three gemstones have a stunning teal saturation, and their colors blend flawlessly. To add to this platinum ring’s elegance, three diamonds embellish each shoulder and make way for a simple band. 

2. The Avenida Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Avenida white gold Aquamarine Ring

Price: $4,800. Learn more about the Avenida Ring.

A 5.80-carat emerald-cut aquamarine is featured as the center stone of this 18k white gold ring. Five round brilliant-cut diamonds adorn the shoulders, creating geometric patterns. Additionally, eight round brilliant diamonds are set along the shank on each side. Stylish openwork patterns decorate the under-gallery and make this ring beautiful to look at from every side. 

3. The Plymouth Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Plymouth Aquamarine Ring With Halo

Price: $4,800. Learn more about the Plymouth Ring.

This handcrafted platinum ring centers around a 1.20-carat oval-cut aquamarine stone set in yellow gold prongs. It’s surrounded by a stunning halo of old European-cut diamonds interrupted on either side by two baguette-cut diamonds leading to, and on, each shoulder totaling 0.92 carats. The final touch on this spectacular ring is the bold openwork decorating the under-gallery.

4. The Clifden Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Clifden Aquamarine Rings under $5000

Price: $3,200. Learn more about the Clifden Ring. 

If you want to leave your bride speechless, then this vintage-style ring is the perfect choice.

The center stone is a 0.89-carat emerald-cut aquamarine. The wide shoulders certainly make this ring stand out. Unique patterns of old European-cut diamonds cover the top face all around the center stone from shoulder to shoulder and emphasize the center stone’s rectangular shape. The finishing touch is the under-gallery decorated with subtle openwork. 

5. The Tide Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Tide Geometric Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Price: $3,500. Learn more about the Tide Ring. 

A fabulous 0.80-carat aquamarine with excellent saturation is the center stone of this ring. What’s more, it’s encompassed by a diamond halo. The octagonal shape of the halo certainly adds to the ring’s bold, vintage look. In addition, both shoulders are adorned with diamonds, drawing attention to the intricate under-gallery. To sum up, the total diamond weight is approximately 0.45.

6. The Wigan Ring

Price: $3,500. Learn more about the Wigan Ring. 

It’s hard to decide which detail is more impressive on this handcrafted platinum ring.

Firstly, let’s begin with the center stone: It’s a 0.78-carat rectangular-shaped aquamarine with a lively color. Secondly, a halo of old mine-cut diamonds and openwork creates complex patterns that are bound to catch everyone’s eye. The diamonds stretch over to the tapered shoulders and total approximately 0.20 carats. 

7. The Tagus Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Tagus Aquamarine Ring With Diamonds

Price: $2,500. Learn more about the Tagus Ring. 

If you want a classic ring with exquisite details, then this is it. The center stone is a 1.54-carat aquamarine with a lovely shade, set in four prongs. Diamonds adorn the shoulders and down the shank, creating contrast and highlighting the gemstone’s saturation. If your lady loves elegance and simplicity but still enjoys a few extra details, she’ll be dazzled by this ring. 

8. The Black, Starr & Frost Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Black Starr and Frost Ring

Price: $4,500. Learn more about the Black, Starr & Frost Ring.

If you’re set on aquamarine, but still want a classic look, then why not a solitaire? This minimalistic ring features a 9.28-carat aquamarine gemstone with an asscher cut and set in prongs. Granting fantastic contrast, this vintage ring has been handcrafted in 14k yellow gold and is certainly more breathtaking for it.

9. The Claremont Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Claremont Aquamarine Rings under $5000

Price: $4,800. Learn more about the Claremont Ring.

If a variety of stones appeals to you, then the Claremont ring should be on your radar.

This ring features an asscher-cut center aquamarine weighing approximately 1.97 carats and surrounded by two halos. Firstly, the inner halo of French-cut sapphires is quite striking. Secondly, the 0.51-carat halo of round brilliant diamonds elevates the ring emphasizing the other stones. Lastly, additional round brilliant diamonds are set on the shoulders and the under-gallery is decorated with stylish openwork.

10. The Bellport Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Bellport Aquamarine sapphire shank Ring

Price: $2,500. Learn more about the Bellport Ring.

This platinum ring is certainly striking. The main stone is a round-cut aquamarine set in prongs and weighing approximately 1.24 carats, however, that is immensely enhanced by the bold sapphires. The natural French-cut sapphires channel set along the tapered shoulders and down the shank are a darker blue, thus providing an alluring contrast. Additionally, the gallery displays several more sapphires.

11. The Roosevelt Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Roosevelt Aquamarine Double Halo Ring

Price: $2,600. Learn more about the Roosevelt Ring.

If you want aquamarine without missing out on diamonds, then this ring is the perfect choice.

The bezel-set aquamarine is 0.53 carats, oval-cut, and surrounded by a dazzling double halo of round brilliant diamonds. Meanwhile, between each of these elements is a gap and their perimeters are embellished with fine milgrain. Additionally, there are round brilliant diamonds set on the shoulders bringing the total diamond weight to 0.47 carats. Finally, heart pattern openwork decorates the gallery.

12. The Rhine Ring

Price: $2,500. Learn more about the Rhine Ring. 

If you’re looking for elegance with a bit of sparkle, then this ring may be the perfect choice.

This stunning piece of jewelry is like a chameleon: It blends well with any outfit, whether fancy or casual. The center stone is a 1.58-carat aquamarine set in prongs and the shoulders are paved with small brilliant-cut diamonds that cover the visible part of the shank. An intricate under-gallery that also features small diamonds adds to the ring’s beauty. 

13. The Watertown Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Watertown Aquamarine Rings under $5000

Price: $2,000. Learn more about the Watertown Ring. 

This flower-shaped ring is certainly perfect for ladies in love with nature and simplicity.

A lively 0.80-carat round aquamarine is the main character of this ring, however, the standout feature is the surrounding cluster of fabulous old European-cut diamonds forming petal shapes. The beauty of this halo ring is further highlighted by the small diamonds on each shoulder and a thin band. Delicate patterns featured in the under-gallery make this ring even more dazzling. 

14. The Tallis Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Tallis Aquamarine Sapphire Halo Ring

Price: $2,400. Learn more about the Tallis Ring. 

This stunning ring will certainly catch everyone’s eye. Everything revolves around the 1.00-carat natural, teal-colored aquamarine. A lively halo of French-cut calibre sapphires wraps around the center stone, thus putting the spotlight on its clarity and hue. Finally, three diamonds are set on each shoulder, and you’ll discover a gorgeously decorated under-gallery on this platinum ring. 

15. The Tiber Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Tiber Aquamarine Vintage Engagement Ring

Price: $2,800. Learn more about the Tiber Ring. 

This breathtaking dome-style piece of jewelry was handcrafted circa 1950 and holds a 1.64-carat aquamarine set in eight prongs. Even though the gemstone’s beauty is undeniable, all eyes are on the impressive shoulders. They are decorated with diamonds and subtle milgrain. Ladies that love bold jewelry will fall in love with this ring as soon as they see it. 

16. The Aber Ring 

Estate Diamond Jewelry Aber Aquamarine Rings under $5000

Price: $2,500. Learn more about the Aber Ring. 

An exquisite 1.07-carat Asscher-cut aquamarine with impressive saturation is the center stone of this square-shaped ring. A halo of eight old European-cut diamonds surrounds the center stone, following its shape. Each shoulder is embellished with small diamonds that cover the visible portion of the narrow band. The square shape is unusual, so this ring is perfect for brides that like to be unique. 

17. The Easton Ring

Price: $3,200. Learn more about the Easton Ring.

If the Claremont ring interests you, but you would prefer a different shape, then consider the Easton ring.

The overall shape is floral, as inherited from the outer halo of brilliant-cut diamonds. The 1.13-carat natural oval-cut aquamarine centering this ring is surrounded by an intermediate starburst-shaped halo comprised of 0.90 carats of French-cut sapphires. Finally, additional brilliant-cut diamonds adorn the shoulders, bringing the total diamond weight to 0.16 carats.

18. The Sardinia Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Sardinia Aquamarine Ring With Diamonds

Price: $2,800. Learn more about the Sardinia Ring. 

A 1.20-carat asscher-cut aquamarine set in double prongs is the center stone of this certainly impressive ring. The under-gallery and shoulders are adorned with small diamonds that guide the eyes toward the center stone. Intricate hand engravings on the band add a special touch to the overall appearance and make the ring perfect for ladies that appreciate authenticity. 

19. The Denver Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Denver Aquamarine Double Halo Ring

Price: $4,800. Learn more about the Denver Ring.

If you want a bold and attractive ring, then the Denver ring has got you covered. The center aquamarine’s beauty and color are certainly enhanced by the surrounding double halo. In short, the inner halo consists of French-cut sapphires, and the outer one is comprised of round brilliant-cut diamonds. Additionally, diamonds adorn the shoulders and geometric openwork decorates the under-gallery.

20. The Aspen Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Aspen Aquamarine Double Halo Ring

Price: $3,800. Learn more about the Aspen Ring. 

This octangular ring centers on a 1-carat natural aquamarine with a deep teal color. The center stone is emphasized by a halo of natural calibre French-cut deep blue sapphires and a halo of round-cut diamonds. You’ll notice fine openwork filigree on the under-gallery and two diamonds set in each shoulder. A narrow triple-wire shank contributes to the elegance of this impressive piece. 

21. The Colorado Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Colorado Aquamarine Rings under $5000

Price: $3,800. Learn more about the Colorado Ring. 

This ring features a round aquamarine that weighs approximately one carat. The first halo is comprised of calibre French-cut natural sapphires with a deep blue color that weighs around 0.70 carats. The second halo features old European-cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.40 carats. This stunning platinum ring is entirely handcrafted. 

22. The Woodlands Ring

Price: $3,900. Learn more about the Woodlands Ring. 

Yet another double halo of sapphires and diamonds, but this time the center natural aquamarine is round and the overall shape is octagonal along with the halos.

That exciting combination of shapes and patterns makes this ring perfect for ladies that like chunky jewelry. The aquamarine is approximately 1 carat. The shoulders are also embellished with sapphires and diamonds and cover the visible part of the band. It’s all about the details with this ring, so it’s no surprise the under-gallery is decorated with intricate patterns. 

23. The Ramea Ring

Price: $4,300. Learn more about the Ramea Ring. 

This classic looking platinum ring centers on a stunning emerald-cut aquamarine that weighs approximately 1.55 carats and has deep saturation. A halo of single-cut diamonds encompasses the center stone, creating a gentle contrast and emphasizing its size and shape. The shoulders are also embedded with diamonds, complementing an intricate under-gallery that features leaf-shaped patterns. 

24. The Seine Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Seine Top 30 Aquamarine Rings Under $5000

Price: $4,500. Learn more about the Seine Ring. 

This ring unique and elegant ring is a perfect example of how to cohesively mix of shapes and colors. The arrangement of diamonds create breathtaking reflections without overshadowing the aquamarine.

The center stone is an impressive aquamarine weighing approximately 2.00 carats, but the side stones make it much more special. Four vertically placed baguette-cut diamonds and a horizontally placed one in between is the alluring arrangement found on each side. What’s more, the shoulders are decorated with additional small diamonds.

25. The Dewsbury Ring

Price: $4,500. Learn more about the Dewsbury Ring. 

A 1.70-carat rectangular cushion-cut aquamarine is the center stone of this mesmerizing ring. Its shape is followed by a halo of old European-cut diamonds with a baguette-cut diamond on each side where the shoulders meet. Speaking of the shoulder, each one is embellished with a single baguette-cut diamond and additional old European-cut diamonds.

26. The Coram Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Coram Sapphire Shank Aquamarine Ring

Price: $2,500. Learn more about the Coram Ring.

This striking ring is perfect for those looking to get a ring that’s elegant and unique- something different, but not complicated. The main feature of this platinum ring is the asscher-cut aquamarine set in double prongs and weighing approximately 1.43 carats. However, what makes this ring so bold and unique is the calibre French-cut sapphires filling the tapered shoulders and shank. Truly immaculate and effective.

27. The Roberston Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Robertson Aquamarine Rings under $5000

Price: $4,500. Learn more about the Roberston Ring. 

Aquamarine can be combined with numerous stones, and this ring proves it. The center stone is a 1.08-carat asscher-cut aquamarine with impressive saturation. An onyx halo wraps around the gemstone and is surrounded by a diamond halo. Old European-cut diamonds decorate the shoulders, which lead to a triple-wire shank. The total diamond weight is approximately 0.33 carats 

28. The Nevez Ring 

Estate Diamond Jewelry Nevez Aquamarine And Diamond Ring

Price: $4,700. Learn more about the Nevez Ring. 

A top-quality rectangular emerald-cut aquamarine weighing 2.50 carats is the main part of this platinum ring. Its shape is emphasized by three old-cut diamonds that form a triangle on each shoulder. The diamonds weigh approximately 0.30 carats in total and are decorated with delicate milgrain.

29. The Delaware Ring

Price: $4,800. Learn more about the Delaware Ring. 

This elongated platinum ring features a combination of aquamarine and diamonds. The center stone is a 1.62-carat aquamarine with deep saturation. Its darker shade is emphasized by an impressive halo of old European-cut diamonds and delicate milgrain that subtly contributes to the ring’s elegance. Looking at the ring from the sides, you’ll notice the impressive openwork under-gallery. 

30. The Thames Ring 

Estate Diamond Jewelry Thames Aquamarine Rings under $5000

Price: $2,600. Learn more about the Thames Ring.

This classy and stylish ring features a 1.00-carat aquamarine stone surrounded by a halo of French-cut sapphires weighing approximately 0.54 carats. Adorning the shoulders are diamonds, which continue up to the sapphire halo. As far as halo rings go, this one is certainly quite elegant in that it features several elements but doesn’t compromise it’s beauty by overdoing it.

The Perfect Aquamarine Ring under $5000

Examining an aquamarine ring with a loupe

In conclusion, choosing the right ring may be more complicated than it seems, especially if you have a limited budget. Fortunately, aquamarine rings are very affordable and there is a wide range of beautiful designs, shapes, and styles to choose from. 

Now that you’ve seen our top 30 aquamarine rings within $5,000, we hope that you’ve found the right one. If that isn’t the case, then don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll help you find the perfect match.