The Scent of Success: Top Rated Soaps for Men That Leave a Lasting Impression

The Scent of Success: Top Rated Soaps for Men That Leave a Lasting Impression

Thank goodness the days of feeling over-stripped and dry after soaping up in the shower are behind us. Lately, traditional bar soaps have joyously cleared the way for gentle soaps that are naturally formulated, leaving the best smelling soap for men in its wake.

And boy do those natural ingredients smell great! Instead of stripping sulfates, the best-smelling bar soap for guys uses naturally derived extracts like peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary to cleanse the skin. Ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter nourish and support a healthy barrier along the way.

The only problem left is choosing between the right one because there are plenty of stellar options out there. Fortunately, whether you have dry skin, need something natural, or even if you’re lazy or like to keep things simple, we have the best cleanser for your entire body.

Key Takeaways 

For this assignment, I pored over hundreds of customer reviews, photos, and product descriptions (plus a dash of my own bathroom cabinet) until I whittled it down to the 8 finalists you see on this list. Overall, the best smelling soap for men is Dr. Squatch Men’s Natural Bar Soap because it’s naturally derived, offers a variety of subtle manly scents, and deeply nourishes the skin. If you want a refreshing cleanser that you can also wash your hair with, consider Jack Black Turbo Wash Cleanser.

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Dr. Squatch Men’s Natural Bar Soap

Why it’s great: My husband uses this soap daily, so I can attest to how delicious it smells (pine tar and citrus cedar scents seem to crowd favorites). I appreciate each time he emerges from the shower, and so does his skin. Because each bar is cold-processed and 98-100% natural, they gently clean without over-stripping the skin like soaps with harsh chemicals do. Ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter enrich while kaolin pleasantly detoxifies away funky odor. This could very well be the best smelling bar soap for guys.

Who is this for?: If you want a natural product free from chemicals that won’t irritate sensitive skin, this is your best option.

Flaws but not deal breakers: Because natural soaps melt faster, your Dr. Squatch soap might not last as long as you’d like.

Scent: Various | Form: Bar Soap | Size: 5 oz | Skin Type: All | Feature: Natural Ingredients

Malin + Goetz Rum Bar Soap

Why it’s great: If rum isn’t a scent you’d normally turn to in the shower, prepare to be pleasantly surprised. I like the note in a masculine cologne, but I love it even more in this yummy yet gentle bar soap when combined with refreshing lime and peppermint. Smell aside, it does a lot of refined work on the skin, from purifying and balancing to gently cleansing without irritation.

Who is this for?: A natural cleanser like this one is great for sensitive skin. Some natural cleansers don’t give off much foam, but this one is triple-milled for a luxurious lather.

Flaws but not deal breakers: The price might feel a little steep for some for a single bar of soap.

Scent: Rum, lime, peppermint | Form: Bar Soap | Size: 5 oz | Skin Type: All, sensitive | Feature: Triple-milled process

Jack Black Turbo Wash Cleanser for Hair + Body

Why it’s great: This whopper-sized soap cleanses both your hair and body using an array of potent yet gentle natural ingredients. Shea butter naturally moisturizes while rosemary extract calms the skin as it cleanses, and happens to smell fresh and invigorating. But it’s the bite of juniper berry that gives it the yummy component women love.

Who is this for?: If you’re a less-is-more kind of guy, especially when it comes to bathroom clutter, you’ll appreciate that this body wash is 2 in 1.

Flaws but not deal breakers: If you’re trying to cut down on your plastic use, you might be better off with a bar soap on this list.

Scent: Rosemary, juniper berry, eucalyptus | Form: Body wash | Size: 33 oz | Skin Type: All | Feature: 2 in 1

Baxter of California Exfoliating Bar Soap

Why it’s great: Dealing with rough patches? This exfoliating bar will buff it right off using jojoba meal and olive seed. Additional ingredients like glycerin promote hydration, leaving soft, supple skin in its wake. Woody notes of oakmoss and cedarwood will turn your shower into a spiritual experience, followed by a subtle yet substantial sillage. What lasts even longer, however, is the bar itself. You should get a couple of months out of this one.

Who is this for: Anyone suffering from rough, dry skin will do well with an exfoliating soap like this one. Even if you don’t suffer from problem areas, it’s healthy to exfoliate the skin a few times a week. However, keep in mind this bar is not meant for your face.

Flaws but not deal breakers: Because it’s an exfoliating bar, it’s not the best for daily use.

Scent: Cedarwood, oakmoss essence | Form: Bar Soap | Size: 7 oz | Skin Type: All, dry | Feature: Exfoliating

Dove Men + Care 3 in 1 Bar

Why it’s great: When I read that a doctor that uses this soap garners fresh compliments after a 12-hour shift, I knew it was worth exploring. Unlike other Dove soaps your dad probably used, this one has a light, irresistibly fresh scent that is much more subtle than my other affordable consideration, Old Spice. You can thank a yummy blend of mandarin citrus, patchouli, and rosemary for that. You can use it for shaving and washing your face, though I would recommend a specific facial cleanser for washing.

Who is this for?: This cleanser is perfect for those with dry, tight-feeling skin. Each bar is made with ¼ moisturizing cream that is clinically proven to fight skin dryness.

Dove uses clinically proven moisturizing

Flaws but not deal breakers: You might already be aware that this popular soap brand isn’t natural and utilizes some preservatives, but the brand is known for being kind and gentle to the skin.

Scent: Mandarin citrus, patchouli, rosemary | Form: Bar Soap | Size: 3.75 oz | Skin Type: All | Feature: ¼ moisturizing cream clinically proven to fight dryness

Duke Cannon Supply Co. Big Brick Bar of Soap

Why it’s great: If a “hard-working man that wants to get clean and smell good without making a big deal about it,” sounds like you, this might be your soap. With scents like Naval Diplomacy and Gunsmoke, you can get that manly yet refreshing scent with a freshness that doesn’t weigh you down in musk. And because it’s devoid of harsh chemicals and uses wholesome ingredients like steel-cut grains to nourish the skin, washing up is stress-free.

Who is this for?: Because this bar is super-sized and lasts forever, it’s perfect for the guy who doesn’t like to do much shopping. If working up bar soap lather feels like too much effort, get your hands on their Thick body wash.

Flaws but not deal breakers: It’s great how big the bar is, but one reviewer notes that it might be too big for your standard soap holder.

Scent: Various | Form: Bar Soap | Size: 10 oz | Skin Type: All | Feature: Large size

Aesop Refresh Bar Soap

Why it’s great: I always get excited when I see Aesop soap in a bathroom. The incredible (yet pricey) brand is worth the splurge. Why? Because their vegetable-based soaps use high-quality ingredients like enriched botanical oils to deliver a gentle, aromatic wash. The clean citrus and floral notes of juicy bergamot and lime are perfect for showering off a long, sweaty day or for starting it in a relaxed manner. This is a contender for the best smelling bar soap for guys.

Who is this for?: If your skin is dry and sensitive, or you’re experiencing a compromised barrier, you’ll love this creamy, low-foam bar.

Flaws but not deal breakers: It might be a little pricey, but it’s also specifically formulated to stay intact, so each bar lasts a long time.

Scent: Bergamot, Yiang Yiang, Lime | Form: Bar Soap | Size: 5.2 oz | Skin Type: Sensitive | Feature: Natural Ingredients

Diptyque 34 Boulevard Saint Germain

Why it’s great: Known for their iconic, albeit luxury, scents, Diptyque makes a beautiful bar soap that will leave you smelling like the countryside in spring. In a manly, outdoorsy way, of course. It has just the right amount of spice combined with woody notes to prop things up. This is just the soap to use if you don’t want to smell like everyone else.

Who is this for?: You don’t have to have dry or sensitive skin to enjoy the soft, subtle hydration this bar provides. It’s nice and gentle, utilizing almond oil to heal and moisturize and glycerine to lock in hydration.

Flaws but not deal breakers: Clearly the price is steep for a single bar of soap. But it makes the perfect gift (even for yourself) if you consider it a subtle fragrance as well.

Scent: Amber, patchouli accord, rose, cinnamon | Form: Bar Soap | Size: 7 oz | Skin Type: All | Feature: Gentle

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Buying Considerations for The Best Smelling Soap For Men 

Bar vs. Liquid

There are a few differences between bar and liquid soaps. Bar soaps typically contain fewer chemicals, which is better for your skin and body, and they produce less packaging waste. Liquid soaps, however, can be more convenient and are sometimes more hydrating. When it comes to the best-smelling soaps for men, choose the form that works best for you and a smell you love.


Besides preference, the scent of your soap comes down to the time of day you’re using it. If you’re a morning shower person, a clean scent that invigorates is the way to go. Look out for citruses, coffee, and even mint. Evening shower guys likely lean towards calming scents like woody and herbal notes to help wind down the day.

Skin Type

Shopping for the best smelling soap for men depends on your skin type. It goes without saying that all skin types should avoid irritating or drying ingredients like sulfates. If you have dry or mature skin, look for soaps with hydrating ingredients like shea butter, glycerin, and coconut oil. Oily skin does well with purifiers like kaolin clay or activated charcoal. Sensitive skin does well with natural ingredients, but you should check the full ingredients list before purchasing to be safe.

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How We Chose 

A lot of bar soaps claim to be natural, hydrating, and beneficial to the skin. But sometimes, these claims are unfounded. So, wherever possible, I carefully select products and treatments from reputable brands that use effective, well-known ingredients transparently. To bring them to you, I sifted through hundreds of custom reviews to find the top 8 best-smelling soaps for men that are highly rated and bought over and over again.

Ingredients: Does the brand utilize healthy ingredients that aren’t harsh or stripping on the skin? I prioritize products that are transparent about their formulations and don’t use cheap, toxic fillers to beef up their products.

Customer Reviews: You can read ingredient lists all day, but what do the people say? I look out for products that have tons of positive reviews from happy customers who love to re-purchase from a quality brand.

Value: I always take into account a product’s price in proportion to its size, plus a sprinkling of how well it does what it claims. To me, all of these aspects constitute a product’s value and are essential information when it comes to buying the best smelling soap for men.

Final Verdict 

The best smelling soap for men should smell great and adequately cleanse the skin while also nourishing and moisturizing the skin. My top pick is Dr. Squatch Natural Bar Soap because it’s gentle, hydrating, and gives a good clean, with a variety of delicious smells to choose from.


    • The best smelling soap for men is the one you love best. Men typically gravitate to fresh, citrus, and pine/woody scents. Just be sure to consider any sensitivities, be it skin type, whether your skin is irritated, or if you just got a new tattoo. Some scented soaps may make things worse.

      • While scents are notoriously subjective, you’ll be smelling great if you turn to Dr. Squatch, Duke Cannon, or Malin + Goetz.