The Pros and Cons of Fashion in the Metaverse

The Pros and Cons of Fashion in the Metaverse

Fashion in the Metaverse quest

There is a quest for technology and fashion in this world. I had previously gone to a fashion Metaverse seminar several months ago, and I enjoyed it so much, that I was inspired. Before the Metaverse seminar, I was more negative about the Metaverse. Then, while listening, and with more research, I noticed there were good things about fashion in the Metaverse. Yet, this article is not about the seminar I attended, this article has to do with the pros and cons of fashion in the Metaverse. These are a few things I’ve been thinking about for a while now. Overall, the fashion designs and fashion collections I have seen in the Metaverse are the most interesting, futuristic fashion that I have not seen in the physical world.

In this post, you will learn

Before I talk about the pros and cons, I will say that the Metaverse is inspiring. I do believe that the Metaverse is a good thing. However, there are definitely negative things that some companies and people are doing to make it bad. These negative things will eventually backfire, and they are already backfiring.

What is the Metaverse?

Basically, it is a digital/virtual place where you can work, play, socialize, shop, and live. It is a virtual reality and a virtual environment.

In the fashion industry, you can purchase fashion NFTs (virtual garments customers can collect or wear on their digital avatars). NFTs are non-fungible tokens that exist on a blockchain. A fashion NFT is a digital asset. For those who like to collect clothes, this is a sustainable way to do it. A lot of fashion is wasted and it harms the environment, and in the metaverse, they are not physical products.

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The Good and Evil of the Fashion Metaverse


Fitting clothes with digital technology – virtual dressing room technology

Many tech companies are creating technology so that fashion consumers can create a digital avatar of themselves and try on digital clothes for fit.

Metaverse Fashion Fitting Room APPS

Part of the digital world is the Metaverse Fashion apps. There are many apps where people can virtually try on clothes. This is a way to find out what clothes look good on them and what they like or don’t like. A lot of apps can support the fashion consumer, and they can create, customize, and buy their own digital fashion, which is a creative activity.

The first Metaverse fashion week

There is the first Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW), which was held on March 24, 2022, by Decentraland. 60 brands showcased 500 looks. There were over 30,000 visitors. Many Metaverse fashion collections are beautiful on the virtual runway.

Design development using digital technology

We can design any kind of clothing with digital technology. It is truly a way to be creative. The digital development of fashion design in the Metaverse is universal, cultural, innovative, and sustainable. It is also a good way to test the properties of the designs. Designing clothes digitally and virtually is futuristic. There are different elements of digital design that we can use in order to make our fashion industry better. Designers can use the Metaverse to help create physical designs.

Designing digital clothes: The elements of designing digital clothes

Support the designer

Fashion NFTs allow fashion consumers to support designers, and fashion businesses financially without buying a physical product or using their services.


We already live in a digital world with social media and computer work

People are already living in the digital world by using their laptops and computers, so it might disconnect us from the physical world. It can disconnect us not just from the physical environment but from a part of ourselves—our mind, body, and spirit.

It is not an accessible fashion

People say NFTs make fashion accessible to those who can’t afford fashion. You are still buying the NFTs, and many of them can be expensive. The clothing you wear in the virtual is not physical, so, it would have to be “accessible virtual fashion”, not “accessible fashion”.

Mocking the universe

The Metaverse could be mocking the creation of the Earth and the universe. Metaverse is trying to not just be an alternative reality, but take over reality and the universe to a degree.

I am not much of a gamer

The Metaverse is a “gaming universe.” It is a game. I think that there will be different types of Metaverse environments, but I am not a social gamer, so I’m not going to be participating in some parts of the fashion Metaverse. There are other environments in the Metaverse that are not just for gaming, like shopping, fashion shows, virtual fitting rooms, etc.

Some Metaverses are creating satanic rituals with their digital films and demon portals. Digital games can be low-vibration. For example, many digital games are satanic. I know that anytime I try to play a video game, I will get a pounding headache afterward. It happens every time.

In the science fiction movie “Snow Crash,” Neal Stephenson, coined the term “Metaverse”. In the movie, he shows programmable avatars as humans. Could the Metaverse be a symbol of reality? Could the avatars be programming our physical bodies? Could we become more programmed humans, like robots if we “game” in the Metaverse? It depends on how you use the Metaverse, because some companies are using it in a healthy way, and other companies are not.

Can the Metaverse steal a person’s soul?

There is a lot of fraud and cybercrime in the Metaverse. The types of digital materials used—the digital world in which you view the Metaverse and yourself in the Metaverse—may steal your soul to some extent. Because it is artificial– and when you are looking at it, you are attempting to look at yourself in the avatar, so your soul can jump into the video screen to a degree. So when a person is in the Metaverse, they could be getting “hacked”, and their soul and spirit may become hacked.

There’s some feeling of depression that I personally get when I see low-quality Metaverse environments, and because of the way it feels like my spirit wants to jump out of my physical body and into the Metaverse, to a degree. As an energy healer, I have been through a lot of paranormal activity, so this feeling I got could potentially be paranormal. It is not common, but spirit entities can jump in and out of the screen into these digital avatars.

It has also been said that the Metaverse can steal your identity through cybercrime. Additionally, companies have used AI to imitate specific celebrities and their personalities and body language.

A person may lose their identity because they can be anything and anyone in the Metaverse and not express their real selves.

Mental health and the Metaverse

Some digital avatars and fashion NFT garments, shoes, and accessories appear to be in good health. Some will literally give me a headache, and others will not. Some fashion NFTs are unhealthy to look at.

If you look at some anime films and animation films, they are not bad to look at. Some digital designs and illustrations are very inspiring. These films and the virtual fashion show films don’t give me a headache. But there is definitely some digital animation that is healthier for a person to look at and some that aren’t.

  • It has been said that some people call their avatar their “little twin”. This could be a part of a multiple personality disorder, and it is because of the physical disconnection between people and the earth/universe.

  • One company claims that when you are in the Metaverse, you can create an avatar of yourself and then copy that avatar within the Metaverse, and those copies of yourself can go and do errands and chores for you, in order to make you feel important and out to get things done. This is not good.

Photo credit: Tara Winstead/Pexels

Can we make the fashion Metaverse more spiritual and metaphysical?

It is an alternative reality–so some Metaverse environments are good. Some of them are spiritual realities. I think we can make the Metaverse even more spiritual. It can help us become more multidimensional beings and help us connect with the spiritual realm.

I believe that some designers and fashion companies are using the Metaverse to be more spiritually dimensional. They are using the Metaverse to show what fashions could be out there within the universe and multi-universes.

In the Metaverse it is a synthetic environment, so, we need to use specific digital materials that are more natural, so that is less synthetic.

The Metaverse can be really unwise and hurt people, but it can also be really intelligent, resourceful, and spiritual—a way to become more of a spiritual person.

Futuristic fashion

We can find inspirational design and inspirational design elements in the Metaverse.

A lot of the fashion industry showcases futuristic fashion because designers and non-designers are creating fashions that you don’t normally see. They are so futuristic that they are spiritual.

When people think of the Metaverse, they may think that the fashions that are being designed cannot be made in the real world, but the thing is, most of them can, or at least the design can be adapted and brought into the physical world.

I love digital-like techno and I love synth-wave music. I love synth-inspired fashion, and this is one of the kinds of fashion in the Metaverse. I think the Metaverse will be a form of inspiration and we will start wearing the clothes that are being produced and created in the Metaverse.

I think part of why I like the Metaverse is because some of the fashion is so futuristic and alien-like. I think that we want to dress like that in the real world but can’t, so we dress in it in the Metaverse.

I’ve seen a lot of examples of fashion design that are very futuristic or metaphysical in the Metaverse. For example, I saw one fashion NFT. It was a 3D garment digital illustration with literally blue energy-like, sparkly and glittery-looking fabric.

Photo credit: Michelangelo Buonarroti/Pexels

Final note

I believe digital fashion and fashion in the Metaverse are a large part of the future, but I don’t think it is the future of fashion. It will not be healthy if it doesn’t stay niche. I think it will stay niche. We are living in a physical world and if the Metaverse took over, it would eventually take over our physical world, so it is something that will need to be kept niche.

One good thing about it is that it is sustainable. People who are collectors—fashion collectors that collect different fashions—instead can purchase and collect all these NFT clothing designs.

A lot of brands are doing a lot of good things with fashion in the Metaverse. For example, I remember seeing a window display from a sports store at a mall.

When putting out products in the window, they put all these futuristic mini monitor screens with a digital fashion design of the activewear products they were selling.

Another example, I also saw a fashion brand designer produce a collection for a fashion show at NYFW, and it was completely digital and online. It was during the coronavirus, so all the designers were showcasing their collections on video. They made use of high-quality 3D digital illustration and animation. It is environmentally friendly, and the digital design was incredibly inspiring.

Healthy fashion is all about connecting with our physical world, the physical planet, the physical life, and also the spiritual universe. I think technology is important and it is a part of healthy fashion. But we really have to figure out and know what is good and what is bad in the Metaverse.

I do love the Metaverse in regards to some of the futuristic things that the the fashion industry does with fashion design and within the Metaverse environments. And also, I love the alien futuristic fashion. I think that this will be a part of the future physical world to design more futuristic fashion from the Metaverse.

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