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The Made in Mexico Jewellery Blog

Meet Javier Ortega Flores

The Happiest, Proudest Platero

Javier Ortega Flores is a master platero dedicated to breathing life into silver. Every NAJO piece he crafts embodies his deep-rooted pride and happiness. “Taxco has world fame for its silver, and I am part of that,” he says. “I create things in silver. It makes me proud, and I feel happy. I work every day as best I can to make things in silver so that this can continue and I get better. NAJO gets better, and we get better.”

Beyond the realm of silversmithing, Javier takes pride in being a part of a close-knit pueblo where production and consumption seamlessly intertwine. Just as his sister’s delectable chilaquiles embody the joy of shared moments, Javier’s creations mirror the interconnectedness of culture, craftsmanship, and the flavours of life. 

In Javier Ortega Flores, Taxco’s silver heritage finds not only a skilful artisan but also a true custodian of tradition and a harmonious contributor to the town’s thriving ecosystem. The symbiotic growth of NAJO and its artisans like Javier paints a vibrant tapestry of progress while preserving the essence of Taxco’s silver art. The bangle you watch Javier crafting in our Made in Mexico video is the bestselling Oh Honey Bangle.