Teachers, Tell Us The Parenting “Red Flags” You Notice Right Away When Meeting A Parent Or A Kid For The First Time

Teachers, Tell Us The Parenting “Red Flags” You Notice Right Away When Meeting A Parent Or A Kid For The First Time

If you’ve been a teacher for some time, you’ve probably come in contact with hundreds of parents and kids with different personalities, behaviors, and habits.

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While some may exhibit “green flags” of great parenting styles (i.e. the kids have manners or the parents kindly communicate with you about their child’s needs), I’m curious to know: What are the automatic tell-tale signs that a parent or kid’s behavior exhibits “red flags” parenting styles.

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For instance, maybe after teaching for years, it’s a clear sign a kid may be brought up with a toxic-like parent when the child tends to beat themselves up over the smallest things.

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Or maybe parents with a pessimistic viewpoint about their child or their schooling usually means they are highly critical of their children (and themselves).

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Finally, maybe when you see that both parents have hugely different parenting styles, it can indicate that the child will be confused about how to proceed in certain areas in school or friendships.

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Once you notice these parenting-style “red flags,” do you, as the teacher, try to support the child in a particular way? If so, tell us what you’ve done and how it has impacted them — or you as a teacher.

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If the above resonates with you, and if you feel comfortable sharing, please tell us the automatic parenting style red flags you can easily pick up from a kid or parent when first meeting them in the Google Form or the comments to possibly be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.