Tailoring Your Proposal: How To Pop The Question Perfectly When You Want It To Be A Surprise – The Pretty Pear Bride

Tailoring Your Proposal: How To Pop The Question Perfectly When You Want It To Be A Surprise – The Pretty Pear Bride

The perfect proposal: is it possible? Absolutely! After all, you just need to listen to your significant other to find out what they want the moment to be like. However, you might feel that takes some of the surprise out of the moment. When you want a proposal to be a sweet surprise, that takes someone off guard and makes them happy, suddenly asking a lot of questions about what they find romantic might just tip them off! And that’s what this post is here to help with. 

What’s Their Favorite Place?

What’s the one place they talk about more than any other? Maybe it’s a vacation spot they went to a few years ago? Maybe it’s a castle or grand house they’ve visited a few times? Or maybe it’s your local museum that they never seem to get out of? Whatever fits the bill here, it could be the best spot to propose to them in. Setting the scene and ensuring you have the best backdrop for your proposal will help to build a romantic memory, and it’s the number one element to get right. 

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What Jewelry Do They Love?

When it comes to picking an engagement ring, you should take a look through their wardrobe and jewelry box before doing anything else. You need to see the kind of accessories they wear on a 24/7 basis; you never want them to take this ring off, so it needs to be something they can wear no matter what’s happening! Once you’ve got an idea of style, cut, and color, you can check out sites like Sofia Lior Diamonds to find the perfect piece. Take your time when shopping too; an engagement ring should be extra special. 

What’s Their Favorite Kind of Date Night?

If they don’t have a particular favorite place, but you know they love the romance of the proposal moment, it’s time to recreate their favorite date night! You can do this right from home, if they’re more of a homebody and just love spending time with you, or you can think about recreating a past date that went really well. For most people this is their first date, but whatever special memory pops up when you ask yourself this question, go for it! 

What Memories Do You Share Together?

Speaking of memories, now is also a good time to take a walk down memory lane. What special things have the two of you done together? Printing out some pictures of your favorite times together and decorating the house with them is an amazing thing to come home from work to. Pair this with a food you both love and discovered together and you’ll be good to go!

If you want to propose without your partner suspecting, use these tips to put together the perfect plan. Of course, you should always have a clear idea whether someone wants to get married – then the time and place can be totally up to you! 

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