King Samejima Boss Battle – Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name Guide

King Samejima Boss Battle – Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name Guide

During Act 4 of Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, Kiryu will be confronted by a group of powerful Coliseum fighters known as the Four Kings. These generals will challenge Kiryu, telling him he has to defeat them all to cement himself as the true leader of The Castle.


In this guide, we’ll run through the second boss fight in the lineup, King Samejima, giving you all the details on beginning the fight as well as how to take down this …

King Samejima Boss Battle


To access the King Samejima boss fight, you’ll first have to reach Act 4, achieve Platinum Rank in the Coliseum and defeat King Dan Brody. After doing so, head to the Coliseum Reception.

Here, you can speak to Dan Brody, who will encourage you to take on the second king, Samejima. You’ll be able to move straight into the boss fight following the conversation.

Unlike last time, you can’t bring a team with you to battle Samejima. Instead, Kiryu and Samejima will battle it out mano e mano, going head to head in a traditional boss fight. The first thing you’ll need to note is that Samejima has access to Booster Shoes, which he’ll frequently use to close distance and attack quickly.

Switch to Yakuza Style (it’s pretty effective at stun-locking Samejima momentarily, giving you a second to deal some damage) and dodge around Samejima’s speedy strikes, catching him in the middle of attack animations and peppering in short combos. Up close, the fight will rely mostly on this tactic. Dodge around melee hits, smack him in the back and don’t be afraid to use a grab or two.


While far away, Samejima becomes a slightly more difficult problem to solve. With two pistols at his side, he’ll try to pick Kiryu apart from range. If you don’t have it already, the roll skill in the Yakuza-Style skill tree is a great way to combat Samejima’s gunfire. While holding R1 / RB, you can double tap dodge to roll towards Samejima, avoiding gunfire and quickly closing the distance. Use it to navigate through his shots and get into striking distance.

Towards the end of the battle, Samejima will decide to unleash his unblockable attack. It has a fairly long wind-up, so be ready to dodge into it when he goes for the attack to counter. Keep dodging and punishing Samejima’s attack animations and you’ll eventually claim victory.

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