Jewelry making tools that won’t break the bank — Sharon Z Jewelry

Jewelry making tools that won’t break the bank — Sharon Z Jewelry

Purchasing jewelry resources is exciting, right? Getting a new tool for a check push is my preferred. And they can also take a chunk out of your finances.

Pondering waaaaay back again, I keep in mind that there was a fellow pupil in a jewellery class I took a long time back who was also a machinist. His know-how of equipment past the jewellery environment was a must have and he would shake his head and chuckle at the price ranges we ended up having to pay. 

When it is value it to splurge, and when it is not

You see, some jewellery resources are thoroughly truly worth the selling price* and other individuals, effectively, you do not always require the fanciest software to just get started off.** Tons of resources can be repurposed from other makes use of. 

For occasion, I have a hammer that was not originally manufactured for jewelry use, but I appreciated the way the handle felt, it was at a thrift shop, and I realized that a little elbow grease and polishing would turn it into a great hammer for metalsmithing.

At times you just need to know where by and how to search for the alternatives.

Right here is a limited listing of applications/provides that I have identified every day replacements for:

Wax Kleen vs. Goo Gone

I really like this wax solvent for sharpening wax and removing scratches right before casting. In fact, anyone in my wax carving lessons has witnessed me use it and heard me go on about how valuable of a device it is. And I enjoy the orange scent of it. But you don’t have to shell out $15-20 on a little cannister when you can just go to any hardware store and acquire Goo Long gone.

Yup, Goo Absent. That solvent that gets stickers off of glass and normally takes wax off of candle holders also functions just like Wax Kleen. Now you may have Goo Absent for $4-6 and you’ll know it can do double responsibility.

File handles vs Corks

Certain, there are some documents and tools where by I may favor the rounded agency wood deal with that you have to hammer your file into, but for my needle information? I use wine corks. Make sure you, Be sure to dry them out very first, even though. I have made use of wine corks on my needle data files since 2005.

Sticky wax for stone environment/wax molding vs. Babybel Cheese Wax

Certain you could acquire some moldable sticky wax OR you could preserve and cleanse (remember to thoroughly clean it!) the purple wax from about those people mini cheese wheels. 

Yes I am really serious. That red wax can make the perfect sticky wax and arrives in a coloration that most jeweler’s wax producers never have, so it adds color to your bench prime.

How about you, have you found a device that wasn’t designed for jewellery-generating but you designed it perform anyway? Fall your favorites in the feedback!

* I did a Software Communicate about why my Lucas foot pedal for my flex shaft is an invaluable software in particular for stone setting. I also considered it was effectively-value the funds to enhance my bench pin.

**I made one more Resource Converse about why I even now use the low-priced wax pen.