How to Wear a Chore Coat: A Guy’s Guide

How to Wear a Chore Coat: A Guy’s Guide

By Gabi Meyers | Last Updated: Feb 27 2024 | 6 min read

Remember that workwear jacket that your grandpa always wore around the house? The one made of tough canvas with tons of roomy patch pockets, that seemed impervious to anything life threw at it? That, my friend, is a chore coat, and it’s due a spot in your own closet in 2024.

Ditch the flimsy fast fashion jackets and invest in a piece of outerwear with heritage heirloom aspirations. From established workwear brands to new takes on the classic style, there’s a chore coat out there waiting to become the hardest-working garment in your closet. It’s more than just a jacket; it’s an investment that will see you through countless seasons, and maybe even become a future hand-me-down for your grandkids.

In this guide:

What is a chore coat?

Originally designed for laborers in France, these jackets were built for durability with lightweight functionality. Today, they transcend their workwear roots and translate seamlessly into everyday wear. Whether you’re layering it over an oxford button-down for a casual Friday or throwing it on over a t-shirt for weekend errands, the chore coat adds a touch of rugged charm to any outfit.

It’s perfect for fall, and heavy enough to throw over any summertime-fun looks you’re not ready to let go of quite yet. Whether you’re looking for a laid-back yet stylish coat to wear with jeans or an over piece to transform your everyday chinos and button-down uniform, a chore jacket is the piece for you.

What colors does a chore jacket come in?

In the last few years, you’d typically find chore coats in blue or navy, and a variety of shades of tan. But with the explosion in popularity in this style of coat, there’s way more colors available than there used to be.

When you get down to the #SGapproved shopping recommendations at the bottom of the post, you’ll see exactly what I mean.

What material is a chore coat made of?

Typically you’ll find chore coats in sturdy cotton or a cotton blend (cotton linen! cotton seersucker!).

However, now that they’re so popular, designers have started getting more creative, with less expected fabrics like corduroy and more being used.

What to wear with a chore coat?

You can wear a chore coat pretty much the same way you’d wear a field jacket, Harrington jacket, or denim jacket.

That is to say, casually.

Wear a chore jacket with jeans. Wear it with chinos. With a sneaker, or a boot. This workwear essential isn’t meant to be treated preciously.

Below, how to wear a chore coat:

Look 1: sneakers and a beanie

stylesurlaville chore coat outfit
image: @stylesurlaville

Can’t you see yourself wearing this on a weekend, or to a casual office? Yeah, I can see that for you, too.

Look 2: Workwear pants with a hoodie

perezgarments men's chore coat outfit
image: @perezgarments

A monochrome look that’s kept from veering into boring territory thanks to the combinations of layers, textures, and those pop of color red socks.

Look 3: bright blue with wide-leg trousers

super.simbo blue chore coat outfit
image: @super.simbo

Wide-leg pants aren’t for everyone, but if you’re looking to try the trend, this chore jacket outfit is a great place to start.

Look 4: denim chore coat

kennth_sylvester denim chore coat outfit
image: @kennth_sylvester

Ready to try something different with denim up top? Opt for a chore coat made from the material. Sure, a trucker jacket style will always be in style, but this twist is fun and fresh for 2024.

Look 5: olive green chore coat

billyarundell chore coat outfit
image: @billyarundell

The neutrals combine to make for an easy to wear, sophisticated off-duty outfit.

Shop stylish men’s chore coats

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