How To Get Smooth Legs – Complete Guide By Rasalla Beauty

How To Get Smooth Legs – Complete Guide By Rasalla Beauty

Have you ever been bowled over looking at those sexy glossy legs and wondered what the reason for those shiny, smooth legs? Well, we all like to carry those awesome well-toned smooth legs. Smooth and defined legs help to enhance one’s personality. It can add an x-factor to your look. 

Getting those smooth sexy legs is there on almost everyone’s bucket list. With proper care and maintenance, one can have those legs. 

Ways To Get Smooth Legs:

  1. Exfoliation:
    Exfoliation is the key to getting a soft, smooth leg. It helps to remove dead skin cells from the body. Regular exfoliation with a scrub or even dry brushing can get a smoother texture. Wet the desired area with little warm water to open up the pores, and use your favorite scrub to get rid of the accumulated dead skin. Scrubbing twice a week with a scrub can be tremendous and dry brushing can be opted for regular use.
  2. Use of Hydrating Body Wash Or Gel:
    Look out for products that do not strip off the skin’s natural oil. Opt for hydrating body wash or soap bar which contains glycerine or other moisturizing ingredients. That way, you are not putting extra harshness on the skin.
  3. Application of Correct Body Lotion
    Once you are done with the shower routine, please use some good moisturizing body lotion enriched with vitamin E, shea butter, and other hydrating agents. The use of good body lotion helps keep the moisture content of the skin balanced. Appy while your skin is still a little wet to get it absorbed better into the skin.
  4. Proper Shaving
    Regular and proper shaving helps to get those smooth legs. Lather your skin with warm water and some shaving gel. Use a sharp razor to shave your legs. Use a razor in the direction of hair growth. Try to avoid using soap while shaving. Shaving gel works better to get a smooth finish. Clean off with cold water to close the pores. Apply some moisturizing oil or lotion to finish off. If opting for shaving, be careful with your razor. Regular change of razor is a must for proper smooth functioning.
  5. Waxing
    If you are not a fan of shaving and regular maintenance is not getting possible for you waxing is another way you can opt for. Waxing can go a long way. You don’t have to worry on a day-to-day basis about your hair. Opt for a wax designed to suit sensitive skin as waxing involves pulling the skin, so many get rashes and bumps. Do a patch test before the final proceeding. If appropriately done with all care, Wax can give a perfect result to smooth skin. Apply a cooling antiseptic gel once your Wax is done to avoid inflammation or irritation.
  6. Laser Hair
    Another great and sort of permanent treatment one can opt for hair removal of legs is laser hair. It’s a clinically treated process and involves medical expertise. It is also on the costlier side and requires 5-6 sittings depending on hair growth to get rid of hairs. It is a permanent solution for hair and requires just time to time maintenance. If done correctly helps in dealing with smooth skin
  7. Usage of Body Oil:
    Body oil is used to provide extra hydration and moisture to your skin. You can apply body oil after lotion while going to bed at night time this sort of deep moisturization helps to penetrate the deep layer of skin and provides extra moisture and glow.
  8. Using of Sunscreen
    While traveling outdoor, we all are being used sunscreen. But often, we forget to apply it to our legs. Application of sunscreen on our legs while going out is a must to avoid unwanted tanning and skin roughness. 
  9. Use of Hyaluronic Acid in Your Skincare
    Suppose your leg looks like a rough and patchy one with wrinkled. Opt for hyaluronic acid solution moisturizer and lotion. These help to even out the skin and provide a smooth finish.
  10. Cosmetic Makeup
    And finally, for that extra added glow and smoothness, one can opt for bronzer and other cosmetic products which can bring the added glow and shine to the skin.

Our Takeaways:

Smooth legs are something we beauty lovers like to carry. So, suppose you are also someone who gets carried away all the time with the celebrities carrying smooth and shiny legs and wonder for the solution. You have the above solution that you can try to incorporate into your daily beauty regime and have a smooth leg.  It’s not a quick fix like how you take care of your facial skin; the similar way one needs to work for the leg skin to achieve those smooth textures.