The BFCM is the most lucrative golden opportunity of the year. Shoppers are most active during this time, making it a crucial time for your business to thrive as a retailer. Are you ready for a surge in footfall and sales this holiday season?

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Consumer demand for online shopping increases during the BFCM, and whether you’re a start-up or a seasoned retailer, you need to capitalize on this opportunity, and with careful preparation, your online store can share in the wealth of the BFCM.

So what do we all need to prepare in advance?

The first step to meet the increase in traffic is to optimize the website, the website is the first step for the user to come, only the website is smooth, and the user experience is better to keep the user coming. The specific to do what aspects?

  1. Optimize mobile priority purchases. According to statistics, mobile devices accounted for more than 70% of users during Black Friday, a statistic that shows that consumers prefer to browse the internet on their smartphones. So make sure you prioritize optimizing the user experience on mobile devices.
  2. Improvement of website navigation. The website is like a physical store, the user will come in according to the layout of the store to understand the store hot and the main promotion of goods, the website is the same, but we need to optimize the navigation bar, in this traffic volume of the key moment so that users can be direct and clear to see the main promotion of goods, to increase the sales of the website!
  3. Optimize the customers’ path to purchase. During BFCM, users have a lot of choices, and every store is doing everything it can to attract customers; as retailers, we need to constantly optimize the user’s purchase path. Since the top of the market is largely different, at this time only the entire path of the user to place an order is humanized and simple enough, then the store has captured the customer.
  4. Highlight key messages. Regardless of the time of year, information that is prominently displayed attracts the attention of customers, and this also applies to website marketing. During the BFCM, there are many attractive Black Friday Offers and Cyber Monday Deals, this is also the time when users pay the most attention to discounts. Therefore, we need to highlight our website offers and place them on as many pages as possible for users to navigate to.
  • Adequate stock and guaranteed logistics

High demand means that there may be supply bottlenecks or logistical delays, and that’s the last thing customers want. Therefore, we need to analyze historical data and market trends and accurately forecast customer demand in advance. We also need to work closely with reliable and experienced suppliers like Nihaojewelry to ensure that you have enough stock to meet the expected demand. It is also important that the logistics work smoothly.

  • Provide Attractive Discounts

Sufficiently large discounts are really attractive, but as retailers, we must also ensure that we make a profit. Besides direct full discounts, you can also consider bundle offers, free gifts, and some other marketing methods with exclusive features.

After developing a marketing strategy, one of the most important aspects is public relations. We need to get warm up front by utilizing social media, ads, emails, and a variety of other methods that can expand our audience.

In conclusion, BFCM may take a lot of effort, but if we are well prepared, then we will reap the benefits of BFCM.

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