How To Beat Tonberry King – Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Guide

How To Beat Tonberry King – Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Guide

However, we all know we came here to snatch the crown, so make sure to have the Steal materia on any of your characters, preferably at least two of your characters, in case, one falls while the crown is ready to be stolen.

Another particularly quite helpful accessory to equip your characters with, is the Safety Bit accessory which will make you immune to its instant death one-hit attacks such as Tantrum. This will make it much easier to attack it fast enough to pressure it as soon as Tantrum hits.

You can obtain the Safety Bit inside a treasure chest during Cloud’s section in the Coal Mines in Chapter 7. Check out our Chest and Materia guide to know more on where you can find this helpful accessory!

For this fight, we found Cloud, Tifa and Yuffie the best trio to tackle this boss, however as long as you have at least one ranged character to attack when he is staggered or pressured, then you can choose as you fit. Make sure to also equip at least some Revival Earrings on the ones that don’t have the the Safety Bit accessory.

Some attacks to look out for are:

  • Tantrum (one-hit kill) – too fast to be dodged if you are too close to him
  • Bone-Deep Grudge – casts a small explosion within a small radius and freezes anyone within it.
  • Rancor – Shoots small orbs towards the player
  • Call for Friends – calls small Tonberry for back-up; the more time you take to pressure him, the more he will call out for them.
  • Hopping Mad – Calls out pans out of the air.

You can start out casting out some debuff spells, such as debrave or even petrify, so that when you stagger him, it’s health will be lower and you can take him out faster.

His initial attack Royal Treatment in unavoidable, so worry about trying to dodge it out. Do not focus too much on having high health since most of his attacks either immobilize you or kill you with one hit. Better yet, have someone with the Revival materia equipped so you can easily revive them if they fall.

We found that waiting for the Tonberry King to use Tantrum against the character (in this case, Cloud) that has the Safety Bit accessory, was the most effective to pressure it. As soon as it hits you with Tantrum, you hit it him back since Tantrum won’t stun you at all.

Other alternatives would be to avoid the pans from his Hopping Mad and hit him as soon as it stops raining pans.

As soon as it it pressured, it will drop the Pristine Crown. Steal the crown with the Steal ability as soon as it drops it. If you wait too long, the Tonberry will grab it again and it will take away his Pressured condition. Defeating him with the crown on, will give you a Marred Crown, which won’t give you the full points for Johnny’s related side quest.

The good news is that after you steal the crown, it will stay pressured the entire time, even after being staggered! So the fight from then on is just attacking him with powerful Synergy attacks and elemental spells like Firaga. Take the chance to him with some sweet team-up Synergy Attacks.

When you finish him, it will also drop the Tonberry King’s Robe for item transmutation.