Episode 426: 5 Ways to Use ChatGPT and Other AI Tools For Social Media Growth with Blair Kaplan Venables

Episode 426: 5 Ways to Use ChatGPT and Other AI Tools For Social Media Growth with Blair Kaplan Venables

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If you’ve been wondering how best to use AI to improve your connections and content creation, you’re going to love this podcast episode.

You’ll meet Blair Kaplan Venables, the founder of Blair Kaplan Communications and the Global Resilience Project. Back in 2008, when she was only 23 years old, Blair took a bold step and left her job at Lululemon to embark on a remarkable entrepreneurial adventure. At that time, social media marketing was still in its infancy, but Blair saw the potential it held for her public relations business.

Pioneering in the Digital Space

Blair didn”t shy away from the challenges of this uncharted territory. When asked whether she knew how to utilize this new phenomenon called “Social Media for PR” or “Facebook for marketing,” she confidently replied with a resounding “yes.” Armed with her expertise in public relations, Blair applied her knowledge to the digital realm, long before specialized courses like Train Your Customers to Buy Online were available.

Becoming a Social Media Coach and Trailblazer

Fast forward 15 years, and Blair remains a trailblazer today, helping her entrepreneur clients become thought leaders and leading experts on social media. Through group and 1:1 coaching, she empowers her clients to elevate their social media skills, craft compelling stories, and establish themselves as voices of authority in the online space.

AI and the Future of Content Creation

As the world continues to learn about and embrace AI, Blair recognizes its power and the role it plays in content creation. During the podcast, she shared some of her favorite AI tools, including Chat GPT, and provided 5 valuable tips on how to use AI effectively for social media and blog content creation like:

  • Writing Detailed Prompts: Crafting clear and specific prompts ensures better AI output.
  • Assigning AI a Role: Giving Chat GPT a role helps generate more relevant and tailored responses.
  • Combining AI with Canva: Integrating AI with design tools like Canva streamlines content creation.
  • Using AI for Creative Direction: AI can be a powerful tool for shaping your content strategy.
  • Reverse Engineering Social Media: Analyzing top-performing content can inspire new engaging posts.
  • And so much more!

AI’s Role in Building Connections

While the AI landscape is still evolving, the basic principles of business haven’t changed. Forging meaningful connections with your audience is still about telling stories and growing relationships. Posting and ghosting is still frowned upon and social media is about engaging with people authentically, now more than ever. AI doesn’t replace the human connection, it’s simply a tool for making content creation more manageable and time-efficient.

Blair beautifully summarizes: 

“Every time you show up on social media, you’re planting seeds, and those seeds eventually turn into leads.”

Here’s a Quick Overview of Episode 426: 

  • [7:49] Using AI to be seen as a thought leader on social media
  • [9:48] Being at the forefront of emerging technology
  • [14:16] How to use ChatGPT for social media copy
  • [16:54] Reverse engineering social media
  • [18:29] Trial and error and AI prompts
  • [23:07] AI tools to generate images
  • [24:53] The importance of engaging with your audience

Don’t miss this insightful episode as Blair Kaplan Venables shares her expertise and experience and to discover how AI can be your greatest ally in crafting compelling content and cultivating genuine connections with your audience! 

xo, Tracy

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