Dior Addict Lip Maximizers – New Formula + Colors

Dior Addict Lip Maximizers – New Formula + Colors

Dior Addict Lip Maximizers new formula and shades 2023

Dior recently reformulated their Addict Lip Maximizers ($40 each) and I am thrilled with the new formula and colors. Their Lip Maximizer formula has been one of their best selling glosses and according to Dior they’ve reformulated this to have ingredients that are more natural in origin and revamped the colors to include more opaque shades with different finishes in the classic jelly finish, holographic, shimmer and intense versions.

I am a huge fan of the original formula and I’m happy to find the new ones are just as good. To me feel pretty much identical. They have the same smooth texture, slightly minty cooling sensation, subtle plumping effect, medium lasting power. The main difference is many of the colors have better color payoff with more opaque pigment. They still don’t have super long lasting power but they will stay put for several hours. The bonus of the glossy formula is that they fade nicely and evenly so you don’t have a ring around the edges of your lip. I don’t mind reapplying!

Dior brought back a number of their classic colors and added quite a few new ones. Every single color I tried is beautiful. A few of them are on the sheer side so my natural lip shows through. If your lips aren’t as pigmented as mine are the colors will pull more true to tube on you.

Dior Addict Lip Maximizers new formula and shades 2023

I have 18 of the shades. While you can find this new formula at all Dior retailers and counters like Nordstrom, Sephora, Bloomingdale’s, Ulta Beauty etc. some of them appear to be exclusive to Dior.com. I compared a few of the original shades to their new formulation and the colors are almost identical. Pink and Coral are the same. The new Rosewood pulls a little more neutral. The new Holographic Pink has a slightly less duochrome quality. The new Beige has a bit more pigment compared to the original.

  • 001 Pink – sheer light pink
  • 002 Opal – sheer opal sheen
  • 003 Holographic Lavender – holographic light purple
  • 004 Coral – jelly milky coral peach
  • 005 Shimmer Strawberry – pigmented strawberry pink with a hint of shimmer
  • 006 Berry – soft plum with medium pigment
  • 007 Raspberry – jelly raspberry
  • 009 Intense Rosewood – warm pigmented rose
  • 010 Holographic Pink – shimmering iridescent pink
  • 012 Rosewood – classic soft rose
  • 013 Beige – sheer light beige
  • 014 Shimmer Macadamia – gorgeous rose beige with a hint of pearl
  • 016 Shimmer Nude – shimmery beige nude
  • 018 Intense Spice – creamy warm spice (this is the only one I didn’t swatch on lips)
  • 019 Shimmer Peach – warm coral peach with gold shimmer
  • 026 Intense Mauve – stunning mauve with a bit of shimmer
  • 030 Shimmer Rose – pretty shimmery pink
  • 038 Rose Nude – perfect nude pink cream

Swatch set 1:

Dior Addict Lip Maximizers new formula swatches

Swatch set 2:

Dior Addict Lip Maximizers new formula swatches

Lip swatches below of almost all the shades. I didn’t get to Intense Spice but it pulls true to tube and what you see in the arm swatch. Also wearing their Natural Bronzer in Shade 05, Backstage Blush in Pink and Eyeshadow Palette in Wild Raffia. Sweater from Jenni Kayne. Nail Color is Static Nails Liquid Glass Nail Lacquer in Mademoiselle.

Dior Addict Lip Maximizers in Pink, Opal, Holographic Lavender, Coral, Raspberry and Berry

Dior Lip Maximizer in 001 Pink and 002 Opal

Dior Lip Maximizer in 003 Holographic Lavender and 004 Coral

Dior Lip Maximizer in 005 Shimmer Strawberry and 006 Berry

Dior Addict Lip Maximizers in 007 Raspberry, 009 Intense Rosewood, 010 Holographic Pink, 012 Rosewood, 013 Beige and 014 Shimmer Macadamia

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer 007 Raspberry and 090 Intense Rosewood

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer in 010 Holographic Pink and 012 Rosewood

Dior Addict Lip Maximizers in 013 Beige and 014 Shimmer Macadamia

Dior Lip Maximizers new shades

Dior Lip Maximizers 016 Shimmer Nude and 019 Shimmer Peach

Dior Lip Maximizers in 026 Intense Mauve, 030 Shimmer Rose and 038 Rose Nude

I think the shade range is beautiful and they’ve seemed to launch shades to suit every color preference from neutrals to bolds, shimmers to creams and sparkles too! It’s tough to pick favorites and even though I splurged on so many there are other shades I would have liked to try too. If you’re a gloss girl then you’ll be thrilled with this formula and the color extensions.

If I could only pick 5 they would be: 038 Rose Nude, 26 Intense Mauve, 014 Shimmer Macadamia, 007 Raspberry and 030 Shimmer Rose.

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Bottom line love and highly recommend. You can find these out now available at Dior, Nordstrom, Sephora, Bloomingdale’s, Ulta Beauty and all other Dior retailers.

Have you tried these yet? What did you think?