Chic Vacation Outfits: 8 Outfit Ideas For Your Next Tropical Getaway

Chic Vacation Outfits: 8 Outfit Ideas For Your Next Tropical Getaway

If you’ve booked a tropical vacation, you may be looking for a tropical wardrobe for all of your beachside adventures. If you’re in need of outfit inspiration, we’re here to help! Here are a few of our favorite chic vacation outfit ideas that will definitely keep you fashionable throughout your vacation.

1. Go Basic

You’ll never go wrong with the basics. In fact, basic tops for women are supposed to be the ones filling up your bags. These are the summer essentials that will match anything you wear– literally.

Make sure to pack a few neutral tank tops, tees, and shorts or skirts to mix and match with other pieces of your wardrobe. We suggest choosing pieces that are black, white, and beige. You may even be able to throw on one of these essentials overtop of your bathing suits as you make your way from the beach to the bar or restaurant.

2. Play With Prints

Contrary to being basic, you can spice things up with a little bit of pattern. You’ll see floral prints as a staple in most vacation outfit OOTDs, but not everyone is a fan of it. As an alternative to florals, go with patterns of other nature-related elements. You can try leaf-patterned button-down shirts or a midi skirt with wave patterns. For a wilder look, opt for animal prints. Leopard prints give that sultry look that will definitely make your summer vacation even hotter.

3. Co-Ord Your Way

If you don’t have too much time to plan vacation outfits, we suggest packing a few co-ord sets! These sets are already paired to match, so you’ll only need to think of what shoes and accessories you’ll wear. But if you’re not a fan of wearing matchy-matchy clothing, co-ords could still have a place on your bag. These sets can be worn separately. With Idea #1, you could go with your basic top and match it with the bottom that came with the co-ord set. The possibilities with co-ords are endless! Mix and match it with anything in your closet, and you’ll get a completely different look.

4. Repurpose

You don’t have to follow your clothing tag completely. For example, that swimsuit top you have could be worn as a crop top. Your scarf could also be transformed into a wrap-around dress. If you’re up for it, you could also DIY your existing pieces and turn them into something else. Your old pair of jeans can be turned into a denim pencil skirt. And your old T-shirt can be turned into a beach cover-up.

5. Layer Your Clothing

Who said layering is only for the winter? In hot places, layer your clothing with transparency. Pair a long-sleeve mesh top with a spaghetti-strap crop top underneath. Or, you could go for a sheer dress with a body-fitting dress. You can also play with cut-out and crochet dresses for layering.

6. Get Loose

Loose and flowy silhouettes are very popular during the summer season for a reason. These clothes provide enough air and breathability– making them perfect for the hot weather. Pack some cotton maxi dresses to your luggage, and you’ll surely feel comfortable throughout your entire tropical getaway!

7. Be Beach-Ready

In some tropical beaches, there may be no dressing rooms. So, it may be hard for you to change from your regular clothes to swimwear. In such cases, it’s best that you have a cover-up with you. Your outfit should pass as an appropriate outfit for everyday wear– just in case you decide to grab a quick lunch before hitting the pool. We suggest opting for a  stylish cover-up made from crochet, lace, or any sheer fabric. Follow the same principles in Idea #5, and you’re good to go!

8. Level It Up With Accessories

A simple outfit could greatly be elevated with accessories. Pair your T-shirt and denim shorts with an elegant or layered necklace. This could give your “ordinary” outfit a lift. Consider metal, chain, or pearl necklaces to accent your vacation outfit. Don’t forget your shades to keep yourself protected from the sun!

Make Your Next Tropical Getaway Your Runway

People book vacations for new memories and experiences. And what’s a memorable getaway without a lot of photos? Be picture-ready wherever you go with these chic tropical outfit ideas. With an OOTD-worthy outfit, you’ll be able to strut with confidence as you go out with your partner, friends, and/or family!