Capture the Right Wedding Candid Moments

Capture the Right Wedding Candid Moments

Orchestrated wedding photos are important, but it’s the candid images that capture the essence of the event and tell your unique story. The rawness of these fleeting, unguarded moments evokes emotions because they provide us with glimpses of real feelings within.  

To ensure you have your in-the-moment happenings documented on your big day, emphasize to your photographer that you want a good part of your wedding photos to be about your spontaneous moments. Provide them with a list of candid must-captures so they can be more prepared and on their toes to watch out for these scenes and get perfectly timed shots of them.

Here are some of these special moments that deserve to be captured and framed. 

The First Glimpse

Bride and groom looking at each otherPin

This has to be captured by two photographers, simultaneously clicking the reactions of both bride and groom as they see each other for the first time at the wedding. This moment traditionally happens on the aisle as the bride appears on the scene and walks down to meet the groom. 

This is a highly emotional moment. With the right click, you can capture the couple’s expressions of joy, awe, happy tears, or even those gasps of admiration for each other. 

These moments encompass the hope and love they carry in their hearts as they begin their new life together. 

The Couple’s Quiet Gazes and Gestures

Newly Wed Coupe Standing Near Body of WaterPin

Many a time, it’s the small gestures that speak volumes about the love shared by the couple. The gentle hand on the back, the sweet stares, quiet smiles, and other unguarded moments are a beautiful testament to their joy in each other. 

These precious scenes should be observed and captured as they make the heart melt. After all, this is what they will look back to when the adrenaline of the busy, hectic wedding day is done — unfiltered love.  

Family’s Reactions

Father's Emotional Pass OffPin

Capturing a dad in his most emotional state as he leads his daughter towards the waiting groom is just priceless. Or a mom smiling with tears as her son makes his vows highlights deep love and joy within the family. 

These are the moments snapped in photos worth revisiting as the years pass.

Expressions During the Dances

Capture the Right Wedding Candid MomentsPin

The couple’s dances as a husband and wife during the reception are a graceful expression of a union worth celebrating. It would be great to get snaps of their smiles and laughter as they waltz away or do their happy dance together – being silly, romantic, or sexy.

Reactions During Speeches

Speeches can be heartwarming, profound, or just downright straight out of a comic sketch. It would be great to capture the reactions of the couple, their parents and families, and the guests as the speeches are made.  

Kid Moments

Bride With Her Children EntouragePin

Kids are great subjects for candid shots because they are always unfiltered with their actions, almost begging to be captured with their funniest and silliest antics. 

Kids showing wide-eyed wonder at the giant wedding cake, closing their eyes during the couple’s kiss, or putting the icing on their cheeks are some moments just too cute not to include in the wedding’s unguarded highlights. 

Moments Frozen in Time

Couples may also ask a few of their close guests to capture moments as they happen, filling in for what the photographers may miss. For the couple, the key is to simply be in the moment and allow their real emotions to tell their wedding story. 

A good tip for photographers is to allow themselves to immerse in the flow and feel of the wedding so they can anticipate candid moments and capture them. They should be a fly-on-the-wall observer whose mission is to quietly take snaps and tell a story of love and commitment happening around them, preserving precious moments one shot at a time.